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  1. just a short question.. do i need another login for the forum? So one for the orders, one for the forum and one for the support system?
  2. So as far as I remember, our oldest 747-8i is 6 years old and the newest is 3 years old. Not sure how this can be obsolete 😄 We also do have the 747-400 which will still fly for a couple of years until its being replaced by the 777X
  3. We do not fly to Narita anymore and Hong-Kong is currently flown by A346. Note that in my post, I was referring to flights from this September. Not flights from last year or the years before 😉 Otherwise I could have added much more flights. You could even see the 748 in Berlin and somewhere in Italy
  4. Frankfurt - Tokio Haneda - Johannesburg - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paolo - Buenos Aires - Washington - New York - Los Angeles - Mumbai - Chicago - Mexico City - Boston - Bangalore - Newark - Shanghai - Beijing all flights from Lufthansa. Some of them might be only temporary (or be flown by 747-400 from time to time), but I checked for all flights in September in our system.
  5. I am working on the 747-8 and I can tell you one thing.. Its an amazing plane.. be it from the outside, from the cabin or from the cockpit view. Totally different than the -400 which I work on as well
  6. Having the NGX, i am wondering what people expect from the NG3? Isnt the NGX already perfect as it is?
  7. i was expecting an MD11 for P3D 😄 😄 😄
  8. i am working on the route FRA-BKK today.. so that means, during my layover, i have to find wifi everywhere, just to stay up to date 😄
  9. Hi, is there a list of options that can be customized for the 747-8? I am working on that aircraft and want to get the real values from my airline. Could share these for the liveries
  10. okay still dont get what you want to tell me :D have you been at the event as well?
  11. :D Yesterday at an event at Lufthansa where the new livery was presented.
  12. Veeeery nice to hear.. especially since i start to work on the 747-8i from today on :)
  13. I have the CS L1011, but its not for P3Dv4 and it also is not PMDG level of detail. It feels very basic (also compared to their B737 and B707)
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