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  1. I've seen real air traffic, but it seemed to be delayed compared to flight radar, probably about 5 minutes behind. If they actually used flight radar data then they probably would have gotten better results.
  2. Ye doesn't work if you plan a 8 hour flight, but won't be doing that anytime soon anyway :P.
  3. Ok well at least the lag issue is now confirmed as being FSUIPC7 beta, closed that off. Far too laggy.
  4. Literally tried it for the first time today, I saved and closed off flight sim, thinking I was gonna install FSUIPC7. Then realised FSUIPC7 no longer needs to be installed, started everything back up, loaded the flight and experienced three big problems: 1. The FPS just went and pooped itself, don't know if it is FSUIPC or the load that caused that though. Ended up abandoning the flight as it was so bad. 2. Not everything loaded back properly, I had a route planned to Birmingham airport in my Cessana 172 and it just disappeared. There was no pink line anymore. 3. The weather toolbar just disappeared and when I tried to enable it again, it wouldn't let me, I was annoyed because the clouds around me had disappeared and the barometric pressure had changed to 2992, it seems I couldn't carry on using the weather that was there at the time or carry on using live weather right now.
  5. "Rushed" is the word that comes to mind, I got access yesterday for the first time and was very disappointed to immediately notice bugs and issues. The game seems nice though, a significant improvement over X-Plane, but far from perfect. I need a better PC spec to be able to run it on good graphics though.
  6. So as we are close now, I am wondering if anyone knows what time the release is going to happen. I remember Microsoft advertising you will be able to pre-load the game if you pre-order it or get the Xbox Game Pass, but it seems that is not the case anymore? So does anyone know what time we will actually be able to start the download and what time it will actually be playable?
  7. I am wondering, now that add-ons are going to be through the MS Store (I assume this will be the case with all major add-ons like PMDG), if we play multiplayer will we see the add-ons exactly as they should be or will they be replaced by an alternative default aircraft?
  8. Can anyone help explain what the pricing model is? Is it literally just like FSX was, multiple tiers of buy it. There is no subscription right?
  9. Ye I kinda agree with the clouds, they seemed to be much better in earlier previews I've seen, not sure why they look so cartoony in this one. Maybe it's because they are being viewed through the cockpit glass.
  10. Just watching the IFR episode now and is it me or does it seem laggy at times? I guess they are using 2080 Ti's but seems like they still are not powerful enough to handle this sim?
  11. Haven't been up to date with Flight Sim for a couple months, is there better chance of being selected for Alpha now? Looks like I still don't have any e-mail, despite signing up on the first day 😞 - any others in the same position? Also, was there no tech update yesterday?
  12. So what is the verdict? very good sim? yes? no? maybe? I don't know...
  13. Pretty sure they don't want anyone to sign up yet, hence why they have hidden that link. When sign ups are actually open it will be automatically approved via e-mail, the human verification step is only there to prevent people from getting access.
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