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  1. So what is the verdict? very good sim? yes? no? maybe? I don't know...
  2. Pretty sure they don't want anyone to sign up yet, hence why they have hidden that link. When sign ups are actually open it will be automatically approved via e-mail, the human verification step is only there to prevent people from getting access.
  3. That literally made my jaw drop, looks like a very well done and detailed model. Awesome job Microsoft / Asobo.
  4. You don't understand what insider trading is lol, to answer your question, no it is not insider trading. For starters the information has to be internal to MS.
  5. I don't think so, X-Plane as far as I understand can already model the entire world based on real world data. Asobo is doing exactly the same thing, albeit late and in better detail as they have more detailed data to work with. It works well for flight simulation where you look at the generated objects from great distance, but it does not work well for a first person game, a driving game, etc. The detail level is no where near that and being able to achieve that is going to take a lot more time. It's not impossible but we are still very far from being able to do that (or even having the hardware to be able to handle that).
  6. I'm pretty sure you are not the first person to think of this, devs would have thought and dreamed about this many times. But the truth is, although everyone wants it, it's not so easy to do. Remodelling the entire world in good enough detail is just an insane task, that I think would take more time and money than any company could afford. What MS has done is actually a great step closer to that dream, by utilising bing data, but even that will have massive limitations (especially as you get closer to the ground and realise how much more work it still needs).
  7. The truth is the alpha testing selection was a massive anti-climax. Everyone had a date in their diary and dreamt of what could be, the date came and many didn't get in and even the ones who did still had to wait weeks. Not a critisim of MS, I am glad they have given us target dates and weekly updates. But I guess people realise that they can step back and get on with their lives as it will be a lot longer before they get their hands on this new sim.
  8. I'm Alpha Testing right now. Testing my patience that is. Testing... Testing... Testing... Test failing... Test failing...... Test failing!!!!!!!! TEST FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME ACCESS NOW MICROSOFT!
  9. Basically, anyone who didn't get into Tech Alpha 1 can now expect to be playing MSFS at the earliest in December IF you manage to get into Tech Alpha 2. That's how I understand it anyway. No mention about Tech Alpha 1 but pretty sure it will happen well before 2 as they originally intended.
  10. Think it is MS who release it? Doubt the French will be working at this time.
  11. Lol, calm down. I clearly made the statement bold to show what I was referring to, let me paste it here again: "It is a fallacy to think that making use of unused equipment in a datacentre has no cost associated with it." Who said this and where? You still have not answered this question. You don't like people making generic statements like "It is a fallacy to assume Azure runs at maximum capacity" when you didn't say that? Oh I wonder why I made it 🤔? Isn't that some what ironic? Next time, before you go off on one putting words into peoples mouths and then arguing it, maybe you should read what they actually wrote.
  12. No one said that at any point, way to twist someones words. Also, you clearly don't have a clue what is required to run a platform like Azure, they have to buy and install equipment that has to sit around being unused. The whole point of big corporations putting things in the "cloud" is so they can upscale for those rare moments and descale and not worry about what to do with all the unused equipment in their business as usual. But the data center owners do. The whole concept means that most of the time they have huge amounts of unused extra capcity which is ready for any large upscaling at this very second. You think a full capacity data center can do that? Ha, you don't have a clue. It is a fallacy to assume Azure runs at maximum capacity and as soon as new capacity is added it is immediately being used by something on an ongoing basis.
  13. 1. What is your point with this though? 2. This is an old model and even when they use P2P, it is a hybrid and requires servers to do stuff like matchmaking, so it doesn't cost "nothing". Modern games tend to use dedicated servers as the P2P approach is very vulnerable to client side cheating, revealing other players IP addresses (resulting in DOS attacks), generally local firewall issues, etc. 3. Sorry but what do you think a microtransaction is? Have you ever heard of something called an add-on? It's exactly the same thing. The FS community LOVES add-ons and this would be welcomed. 4. True, it will probably use more data but will also probably have significantly fewer users.
  14. That is true to a certain extent, you do aim to run a lean operation but you must always have lots of idle resources (networking, cooling, storage, servers, etc) - that is just the nature of the business and massive expensive - as the owner of these idle resources they are able to utilize them in more efficient and clever manner than an external customer. In our business, when there is a big event we upscale our services on these cloud platforms massively - when this happens there is no one running around at Microsoft shoving in new RAM sticks into servers for us, the resources are already there and ready to be utilised. But as soon as the event is over, we downscale and those resources are now unused and costing money. To utilize your own resources is a way of effectively paying yourself for your own costs.
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