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  1. ChartFox - Free Flight Simulation Charts ChartFox is the best source for free charts. Only downside is no addon plane EFB integration and Vatsim Account is a must. You can even use it in the SimToolkitPro EFB just like Navigraph.
  2. The solution to this is simple. Devs need to add an option in the EFB where you can switch between realistic and immersive sound modes. That way everyone is happy.
  3. I agree. That does not change the fact that the PMDG performs much better though.
  4. I own the 737-700 and love it. Especially how small its performance impact is (looking at you Fenix 😉). If the EFB is really good, I might be tempted to buy the 800 and 900 too once they are available in a bundle.
  5. Aerosofts free Paderborn scenery has people and it doesn’t impact performance too much. Plus it adds to immersion for me at least.
  6. At this point I just need GSX along with more performance optimisation from Asobo.
  7. What I find so compelling about this aircraft is the attention to almost unnecessary detail. Meaning: You can put up sunshades, pull out the tray table, open a window and much more.
  8. I think I'm gonna faint. Hopefully Chewwy doesn't spend the firs 30 minutes of the stream reading out subs and donations.
  9. This project sounds too good to be true. I mean this is exactly what the MSFS devs tried to develop for the sim but failed at.
  10. Would have thought tat sale would go for a week. Two days is a lot of pressure
  11. As far as core features go, my guess is there is a lot that is happening in the background that we don’t know that much about. For example they are working on DX12 which will hopefully have a positive impact on performance, visuals and stability. They are also completely redoing the AI-live-traffic system and aim to release it at the end of this year. Apart from that many resources were used to improve the SDK for third party developers. And Sebastian, CEO of Asobo is constantly working on improving the flight model and atmospheric model. We have helicopters on the horizon and there is VR since launch day (which admittedly can still be improved) All in all the future looks bright. Especially now things are really starting to happen.
  12. Yeah originally planned on buying the 800 too but realised I don’t need it at all. Plus we got 5 extra dollars off on the 700 because of the promotional pricing
  13. Good performance while in the middle of nowhere is one thing. Good and stutter free performance at lets say FlyTampa KLAS is another.
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