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  1. Any chance you can provide me with a link for the livery?
  2. Going to try. Weird that I just came back to P3D and now my topic is revived
  3. The plane spawns without interior for me. Anyone know what could be causing the problem? EDIT: Problem solved itself.
  4. I installed the QW 757 in v5 via the P3D v4 installer. That means that the QW757 Dispatcher does not work any more. Has anyone succeeded in installing QualityWings liveries (regardless of product) manually? I would greatly appreciate any help.
  5. I too think clouds look great. Not MSFS great but nice in their own way. Definitely better than what X-Plane has to offer even with addons.
  6. Favicon on the homepage just updated
  7. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford and support all three sims. (P3D MSFS X-Plane) Things are finally happening in this industry since the new competitor stepped in. Looking forward to see where we go from here.
  8. theres no way to confirm the authenticity of this screenshot.
  9. Please just stop the begging. They are working on it. (pouring valuable development resources into it by the way)
  10. I fully expect images to be blurry for most parts of Asia. That's just the sad truth at the moment,
  11. You only notice it when you are paying attention to it. If you are concentrating on flying an airliner at takeoff (where you are at a really low height) it won't be a problem. Only for VFR flights it could be a problem.
  12. Google Earth is streaming in texture data in a similar way as the sim so... It actually has very much to do with flightsim.
  13. Quick question. Is a healthy kidney accepted as a payment method?
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