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  1. theres no way to confirm the authenticity of this screenshot.
  2. Weed is better than no grass at all so...
  3. Please just stop the begging. They are working on it. (pouring valuable development resources into it by the way)
  4. I fully expect images to be blurry for most parts of Asia. That's just the sad truth at the moment,
  5. You only notice it when you are paying attention to it. If you are concentrating on flying an airliner at takeoff (where you are at a really low height) it won't be a problem. Only for VFR flights it could be a problem.
  6. Google Earth is streaming in texture data in a similar way as the sim so... It actually has very much to do with flightsim.
  7. Quick question. Is a healthy kidney accepted as a payment method?
  8. 1$ = 1 hour If I pay the 140$ I have to get at least 140 hours flying it in return. At that point it would be a worthy investment for me.
  9. This expansion seems quite late. Hope there won't be huge delays.
  10. That might be their plan. Kill the hype to avoid leaks... Or not...
  11. We have already seen an example of that with Renton and KSFO. They blend in perfectly. That's something I always missed from other scenery
  12. Well yes. That's how it is at them moment. In an ideal scenario though, Microsoft will push optimization for every piece of modern PC hardware. Take Overwatch as an example. It's one of the best optimized games I know.
  13. I don't understand all the people asking for system requirements because they want to build a new PC based on them. What they seem to forget is that the new sim is built on an engine optimized for current PC-hardware. Just buy the most modern hardware you can afford! More means better in our case. That's all. Thoughts? EDIT: Some people seem to have misunderstood. It's not that you should build a pc right now. Never said that at all.
  14. I'm sure we'll get more information soon™️
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