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  1. It's like a first person shooter. I was waiting for some bad guys to pop out of that shed and start shooting. I do wish they were not going to give up on larger airports that can fit the NGX. Really the NGX and Orbx scenery make the whole thing a whole different affair.
  2. I was not looking for that on the GPU meter. Yes I would see the GPU load on EVGA and the CPU load on the perf manager. I had both up at the same time. The CPU's last 3 cores were maxed and the first core(last) was not. The GPU was around 70%. I guess I answered my own question here on where the bottleneck was. I have had several people tell me that GPU usage meter is not all that acurate but I do not have anything concrete to base it on. More importaintly I asked myself why in the heck do I have an Affinity Mask in my config file as I watch the results of this on the performance manager for the CPU. It must have slipped in their somehow :Nerd: . So I deleted it and got a nice 25% boost in performance! This is what spurred this post, I could not figure out why my performance had decreased so much over a few months. I think a card will be good but that is not where the bottleneck was, It was the Affinity Mask. I do not even remember putting it in there. I just cant believe how much that was holding my CPU back. Now all cores are being used and total load has dropped, scenery builds in normally now and fps is up by 25%! Thanks
  3. I just did another test with GPUZ and performance manager up for the CPU load. flting over UTX memphis with REX clouds and GEX textures with autogen on 2nd from the top, most sliders maxed or close to it and no bloom of course. GPUZ highes GPU load was averaging around 66%. Memory used is about 600mb (half of whats on the card) Memory controller load never got above 17% The CPU is a very different story. Core 0 = 20% Core 1 = 90-100% Core 2 = 90-100% Core 3 = 90-100% Mostly at 100% with brief downspikes to 90. This is what tells me I may get more with more overclocking vs. an upgrade of the card. I am just afraid to get a new card and still have the same deal more or less. The numbers seem to indicate I am limited by the CPU. Fore some reason the way it is slow to draw under load and the way it is doing it tells me it may be the card as well and by getting a new card I may UNLEASH the CPU. Don't laugh now. I am running Affinitymask=14
  4. Word Not Allowed, I said a feeling because of my distrust of what I am seeing in EVGA precision. During the bog down phases in FSX I am seeing only 70% with ocasional spikes upward but rarely 100% for any length of time. However clockspeeds and RAM are maxed. But the GPU usage monitor I would expect to be firewalled at 100% as I get "video card" related slowdowns, slow texture/autgen loading and skips, hesitations and stutters. I just do not believe 4.8ghz processor cant be better than this so that is my feeling because I do not know for sure. I hope it is simple matter of upgrading the card and I will then probably get the 580 as I am currently running fair levels of AA and would like to do better while some other sliders like autogen go to max vs. one step down. Am I greenhornin it to think that the GPU usage meter is telling the truth?
  5. Yes, I was a little torn between 570 and 580. From what I gather the 570 is just fine for a 1080 monitor such as mine even with SGSS at higher settings. However one would need the 580 to do it at 1200??. A monitor upgrade is a consideration in a couple years due to the fact that I just got this one a couple of months ago. 27" at 1080 was a big step. A 30" at 1200 is a while down the road for me. That is a good deal for that 580 though. Worth the extra few dollars for sure. I wonder would a 570 with 2.5g of ram vs. a 580 with 1.5gb and similar clock speeds be better than the other with FSX. I notice video ram with my card is maxed the whole time during a sim sesh.
  6. over at Microcenter for $350. The price has dropped allot since I built my computer. I know I have posted about this before but I just have this nagging feeling that I am bottlenecking at my video card. I am now overclocked at 4.8 and very stable. I notice the things that slow me down seem to be video card related but I would like to hear others input on that because I am just not sure. I am flying into Vancouver (Orbx) with 1024 rex clouds in the NGX and am on approach am getting not quite loaded texture scenery, landclass textures and mesh(mega blurries). I notice with the Orbx stuff it is hard on my system. The autogen really hit hard in this area and the low fps and stutters are directly related to building in autogen. Reducing to dense really helps the most in this case. So I am running 8sq AA and no TAA. I cant stand the cockpit of the NGX on anything less than 8sq AA so I may need a better card. How many think I am bottlenecked at the GPU? Just trying to justify the upgrade. I would hate to do it and find out it did not really help at all. For this flight I removed the Bufferpools section and really did not notice any difference. It comes a question of can the card draw fast enough as the CPU wants it to, I do not think it can. Also this new 570 has 2.5gb of video memory as well. I notice in EVGA precision when I have it running during FSX the memory is allways maxed at the 1gb limit the whole time. So I think 2.5gb will help allot. Thanks!
  7. The sent me a link to the demo extension with the fix for me but the link just takes me to generic domain. No biggie, they are so quick I'll probably have the link again in a couple minutes. It's like there in front of their computers all the time! Hopefully this version will work with RC4 but even if it does not I will still probably buy it just for the FO interaction. Inherit limitations with hand flying with the flight director make it inordinately difficult to keep the FD syched by the MCP due to needing a free hand to change the MCP all the time during a buisy aproach. Being able to tell the FO to set the MCP windows with verbal commands allows a much more enjoyable hand fly experience with the NGX and allows being able to do it with the FD. Before I just turned the FD off when hand flying because sometimes I would not have time to change the MCP and it was disorienting to have it showing erroneouse command indications. This alone is worth 35 bucks.
  8. It is the same. Sounds like they will have the fix for it tomorow. Just a testament to FS++ support, only 2 guys with this problem and they worked to fix it anyway. I am definately going to buy it. You know what else was the coolest thing. I flew an approach into Pheonix Mesa yesteday hand flown from 10,000 while able to use the FD the whole way because I had another hand free to synch the FD to the command bars with the MCP by giving verbal MCP commands to the FO. This was something that was a pain before because of having to mouse click the fields in the MCP while hand flying the aircraft with the FD. Something that is totally easy to do in real life but happens to be a simmism.That in itself is worth the 35 bucks.
  9. Yea, I have read everything. The FO understands me fine so its not an understanding thing. The support guys have had a few with this problem and are working on it.Thanks for the time however.
  10. There is no MCE table per say. I also have the latest RC4 and all keys are default. I think I may have to update from FSUIPC 4.754 to 4.758 and see how that works. One fix was to click use multi line display window which is checked so unfortunately I am one of the fortunate very few with this problem. Got 9 days left to get the demo working before I decide on buying. So far was pretty cool untill I sighed into the mic and the FO turned of both IRS's! But I am sticking with it, I think it has potential.
  11. Thanks for the relies guys. I decided to try the demo and am having some interface problems with RC4. This may not be the best place to put this but see if any of you guys know:Hi,I followed all instructions. Do not have RC4 on a network, have all key commands at default, no shift or ctrl. Added line to MSI use radar contact=1 and it found .exe. Plus all other instructions in your manual. I load RC4 first then MCE and have use RC4 checked. The FO can understand me very well but when I click the mic to call clearance and use the proper phraseology (I am a real corporate pilot), the RC4 controller does not respond. I am holding the mic down and get the tone the whole time. I have the RC4 options screen as per your manual as well. I can say get radar contact info and my RC4 callsign will apear in your UI but no other flight plan info is there. I am loading a RC4 IFR flight plan up but the MCE UI says free flight with VFR and question marks under departure and destination. This latter problem however may not be correlated to the former for this reason: The first time I did have all my flight plan data in the MCE UI and it still did not work.VHF 1 is tuned to correct frequency.Again in a nutshell a 2 fold problem.1. RC4 controller does not say anything back. RC4 screen does not flash, scroll or anything. I still read options for get weather and contact clearance delivery. When I use the number on the keyboard I am able to get my clearance so RC4 is working. It seems that RC4 is not hearing me or sensing mic button PPT press or something. It is totally disconnected from MCE although as I said above it should work because all the other interfaces between MCE and RC4 are working. And the FO totally understands me.2. Cannot get MCE to see my RC4 IFR flight plan but it does see my RC4 callsign.I am using the demo and am very seriouse about buying this. I am not a freebee guy. I just need to see if I can get it to work on my system.Thank youMarcMaybe some of you may know my problemThanks
  12. Thanks.So you mean you tune the radios for him or you do the readbacks and have him do the tuning? I was watching a you tube video and the guy was saying agknowladge to the FO when he wanted the FO to read back ATC instructions. I thought that was a little wierd. I am also thinking of Vox ATC but it sounds like there is a chance it will not work with my system or Mytraffic X judging from many of their forum posts. I'll have to try the demo.Anyway this you tube vide was interesting because RC4 ATC was giving intructions and the actual person was telling the MCE FO to agnowledge the instructions and so the voice was from MCE. So it seems to me they could have coded it to use the MCE voice w/o prompting from the player. I'll have to watch it again to be sure about that.In fact, he even had it rigged so that the FO would pause the checklist to agnowledge ATC instruction, amazing. For me though this is not ideal because in a real airline the FO handles comms on his own and does not need prompting from the captain each time. Unless of course you have 2 different voices going. This actually may not be so bad, I would have to try it out.
  13. I have been thinking of getting MCE (Multi Crew Experience) with a headset to try this stuff out. For anyone that has this setup..My style is to have the FO handle the coms (tuning radios and replying to ATC) the entire flight from cleared for takeoff. If I am running MCE can I hand over the comms to the FO and hear him talk to ATC in the Vox voice or will I hear the RC4 voice I assigned him or worse, both. Reason I ask is that if I am doing the voice communications with the FO like checklists and then I hear a different voice when he talks to ATC it will not be very realistic. This may be something I can live with but I am not sure at this point.Thanks
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