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  1. its a piece of software that I am currently developing. I am nearing the end of the development-cycle, and I am currently finishing up/testing the search feature that lets you search across multiple (AI) flightplans, so I thought I wanted to do a search for all routes served by 747-8 and 747-8F according to these (+400) flightplans
  2. The AIG flightplan have it listed as a pax also:
  3. My data used above are from various AIG (AI) flightplans, where the GTI (Atlas Air) is from winter 17/18. Here flight 100 is indeed from Houston to Luanda however in a 744. But then again AI flightplans is not the all and everything 🙂
  4. Based on +400 AIG (AI) Flightplans here are a few flights to fly in the 747-8/747-8F when it releases 🙂
  5. Its the old 20/80 rule at play. You code the first 80% of the software in 20% of the time, whereas the last 20% of the software takes 80% of the time.
  6. Can't wait to take her out of ELLX. Nice pics, thanks for sharing
  7. In a perfect world the visual gates in the scenery will allign perfectly with both the AFCAD and the charts. When this is not the case (which it is most of the time) I will prefer to rely on the AFCADs: Its relative easy to change an AFCAD (compared to change the scenery). Perhaps sone one already did the work, so you just have to find/download it. When "placing" aircrafts in the SIM, they are placed according to the AFCADs. Many 3rd party tools rely on the gates in the AFCAD (e.g. GSX)
  8. I hope/expect that Global Flight Operations will assign gates according to installed scenery. I would find it odd if PMDG realize the need to scan customers installed scenery for the 747-8 EFB, only to disregard it for GFO? It was from this perspective I mentioned the software I'm working on.
  9. Working on some sofware to visualize flight schedules. As of now I use it primarily to find inspiration of which routes to flight. This software visualize gates on a map. The gates (names/numbers, position, size, heading) are extracted from the scenery (I simply use the output of Peter Dowson's MakeRunway). Perhaps I can turn it into a program just to show gates
  10. Zuendholz you are not the first to make that mistake: http://www.nytimes.com/1983/07/30/us/jet-s-fuel-ran-out-after-metric-conversion-errors.html
  11. Its the other way around. 2 Lbs is nearly 1 Kg ... 0.90718474 according to the site you linked to yourself :-)
  12. Didn't own the 600/700 in the past (only had the 800/900), but i'm sure my credit-card will take another hit, the day the 600/700 is released ... are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? ;-)
  13. OK, Thanks. Can't remeber the last time I extended the airstairs. Just thought it seemed odd :-)
  14. In Pr3Dv4 I parked my - just released yesterday -brand new 737-800w (SAS) at LOWI and opened the door, and extended the airstairs (so long so good). However pressing the LSK button next to "CLOSE AIRSTAIRS" nothing happens. If I press CLOSE DOOR (L-FWD) both the door is closed and the airstairs are retracted. If I DON'T open the door and then extend the airstairs, I am able to retract the airstairs using the "CLOSE AIRSTAIRS" LSK. So its only when the door is open that the "CLOSE AIRSTAIRS" LSK have no function. I'm guessing this is a (VERY SMALL) bug, or is it by design ?
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