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  1. Hello, I use p3d v4, installed the sdk, but when I started the 737 I had a not working cockpit and some screens in the middle are missing. The planes and cockpit worked normal until now. The 747 II is working perfect it is only this type. Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  2. I have the same problem. No possibility the load the tutorial 2 flight. And no flightplans for tutorial 1 Anyone know if I missed something? If I look in the PMDG DC-6 map I see a lot of files, but they are all in txt format. Maybe the wrong format send with the documentation? Thanks for responding
  3. Do I have to say DC-6, Why should I write down or talk about DC-6, no reason to talk about the DC-6, As far as I know the DC-6 is a complete different plane. So if I had to talk about the DC-6 I should start a new threat about the DC-6. Anyway, hoping the new DC-6 for Prepar3d v4 is comming soon. There must be a lot of threats about the DC-6 than. May be we should start a threat about the MD11 instead of the DC-6
  4. Hi, It is a minor problem, but my 747 Prepar3d v4 start with engines running. I can change the panelstate, I can't save the new panelstate. anyone a good idea? Thanks Eric
  5. Yep, autosave could be the problem. I switched it to 1 save in 10 minutes.
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