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  1. Hello, I use p3d v4, installed the sdk, but when I started the 737 I had a not working cockpit and some screens in the middle are missing. The planes and cockpit worked normal until now. The 747 II is working perfect it is only this type. Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  2. I have the same problem. No possibility the load the tutorial 2 flight. And no flightplans for tutorial 1 Anyone know if I missed something? If I look in the PMDG DC-6 map I see a lot of files, but they are all in txt format. Maybe the wrong format send with the documentation? Thanks for responding
  3. Do I have to say DC-6, Why should I write down or talk about DC-6, no reason to talk about the DC-6, As far as I know the DC-6 is a complete different plane. So if I had to talk about the DC-6 I should start a new threat about the DC-6. Anyway, hoping the new DC-6 for Prepar3d v4 is comming soon. There must be a lot of threats about the DC-6 than. May be we should start a threat about the MD11 instead of the DC-6
  4. Hi, It is a minor problem, but my 747 Prepar3d v4 start with engines running. I can change the panelstate, I can't save the new panelstate. anyone a good idea? Thanks Eric
  5. Yep, autosave could be the problem. I switched it to 1 save in 10 minutes.
  6. And I should advise you to take a look at FS2Crew, not only you get differs styles of checklist, but the copilot as well.
  7. No I 'm using it frequently and I have no problems with framesdrop. Works great.
  8. Yes, it take some time to get used to it. Bit believe me you will. Many panels are clickable so you can get a close look. One thing helped me a lot, a game mouse where you can assign a key to one of the knobs. I assigned the " space" to one of my mouse knobs. (the one under my thumb) So I have to use just 1 hand to look around and use the mouse
  9. Hi Albin, It can be frustrating if things won't work I don't know if this helps, but if you look in your configuration panel under programs, there must be 4 " microsoft flight simulator connect client" entries and 1 Microsoft ESP Simconnect. I don't know if the last one is needed for FS or P3d. But the other 4 I am certain. If you miss some the plane doesn't work ok. And I think no need to tell you but sometimes P3D starts with the new PMDG installed but not asking for an activation. You have to change multiple times different PMDG planes before the activation window start or sometimes it is hidden behind another screen. Be sure you have activated Succes
  10. No, not a p3d issue. I use windows 8.1, 2 monitors and P3D 2.5. This app works great. If you push the buttons of the FMC the mouse switches to the Ipad. So the first time you have to push twice.
  11. Yep, and not only the navigraph program, but the aerosoft navdata has the same problem. You can solve it to manualy place it in the right folder.
  12. Hi Kyle I think I have found the problem for my out of date Navdata message int the FMC Under the directory /PMDG there is a NAVDATA directory. If I install the navdata from aerosoft I point the programm to the directory pmdg/navdata . Navdata pro installs the right data but makes a new directory in the PMDG/NAVDATA directory and calls it navdata. There I find the right data. ( in pmdg/navdata/navdata) But one level higher the old navdata still exist. So I have to point the aerosoft navdatapro programm to the directory PMDG. Then it is ok. So simpel. Why do I see this now??? Regards and thanks for helping
  13. I have the same problem with my 737 NGX for P3d 2.5. If I look in the PMDG navdata directory I see the right navdata (Aerosoft) But if I start the 737NGX the FMS says navdata out of date ( or something like that. It look like the NGX engine don't see the right dataset. (and yes I fly in real time)
  14. Every variant of the 777 is ok, but please first the 747 V2. Eric
  15. Jay,Thanks,I give it a try and let you know.Eric
  16. Thanks for the help. The 2 switches didn't make a difference.But again I tried everyting and I found that the problem is the force feedback. If I turn it off the autopilot works perfect.Much easier to fly if you van click around.Eric
  17. Hello,When I fly with the PMDG 747_400 and I use autopilot, after a few seconds the joystick start moving and the autopilot stops. When I hold the stick firmly so it can't move the autopilot stays on and works perfect.What should I do the avoid this problem, what switch do I overlook.Thanks.Eric
  18. Hello,After validating and agree with the terms of agreement, the installer tells me that it ca"t find fs9. (brause it is not installed)There is no problem with my registry, and I can't tell the installer where to go becaus the progra won't go any further. It keep saying tha the fs9 isn't installed.I have to force the program to stop.Can anyone help please ?Thanks Eric
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