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  1. ps1flyer

    747-400 NG-FMC Retrofit

    Hi Paul, if you can guarantee to keep the retrofitted PMDG 747-400 airworthy until BA and Kalitta have retired their last -400 (I guess by the time, we'll have P3D v10 around😅), then you have the deal and I'll rush to the bank. Thanks for the answer, Markus
  2. Hi all, not sure whether whether this question of mine fits better in the general forum or whether it belongs in here. I'll try here... 🙂 Since the release of the 747-8i/8F expansion - again, thanks a lot for a great airplane - most of us are aware that the FMC in the -8 is substantially upgraded compared to the -400, that is, more functions and, in the real aircraft, more memory for the databases. In fact, it's called the NG FMC, for Next-Generation FMC, by Honeywell. Some may know that a few real world airlines, e.g. British Airways or Kalitta, just to name a few, have retroftitted this NG FMC into their existiing -400 fleet. Thus, they have the upgraded avionics in their legacy 747-400 fleets available. This is not necessarily obvious from photos or videos, as the MCDU are still the "old style" green font MCDUs. Now, I just wonder whether this retrofit of the NG FMC from the -8 into the -400 is something that is on a PMDG roadmap for some potential future update? (It'll surely be nice to have that option in the sim as well since it gave the real world -400s quite a bit of extra life... 😎) Thanks, Markus
  3. > And now... on to releasing the 748! The price just dropped to 50% - from $325 million to now just $162.5 million. Nice one. 🙂
  4. ps1flyer

    Routes to fly when the 747-8(F) releases

    If you are looking for a really unusual itinerary, here is one: About 2 1/2 years ago, Cargolux B747-8F LX-VCL did a nice "round the world trip" on Feb 17th - Feb 20th 2016. The route was as follows: ELLX - LEBL - OMDW - WSSS - YMAV - SELT - TJBQ - ELLX, flown as CLX852 (ELLX-YMAV), CLX853 (YMAV-SELT), CLX763 (SELT-ELLX). In particular the leg from Australia to the Northern part of South America is a highly unusual one - it flies across the South Pacific, where rarely, if ever, a plane flies (apart from the usual crossing along Easter Island or the usual YSSY/NZAA - SCEL/SAEZ routes). As an extra to that, the approach to SELT is pretty challenging with very high terrain in all quadrants, especially after a 14 hour trip over the Pacific. Details are still visible on some of the tracking websites UTC (click on the CLX852 symbol to show the complete ELLX-LEBL-OMDW-WSSS-YMAV route) >>> Link to gcmap HERE <<< Markus
  5. ps1flyer


    I have bought and installed it earlier this week and I like it. Like any of the other Technobrain sceneries (I own some of the Boxes and the Osaka downloads for Yao and Itami), it's very well done and at the same quality level. The current install is upgraded for P3D v4 (like Haneda) and installs easily into P3D v4. For the Japan lover, it's a recommendation from my side, in particular with plenty of routes going into Okinawa. For all the others and occasional visitors, if you like the destination, try to get it from Simmarket while it's still on the 25% new-release-discount (until Aug 3rd or so)! Markus
  6. ps1flyer

    Reposition Feature?

    From my point of view, the question is more then valid. l concur that having an instructor station inside the simulation would increase the abilty of the product to use it as a training tool. True, probably not everyone will make good use of this but some will for sure. Just to show how it looks on a Level D sim or most other Fixed Bases Sims / FTDs, this is a photo I found on the net. It shows the multiple options on how to position the sim in various locations. (Source: ) Actually, I have built myself a fixed based sim (747-400) and yes, it has an instructors stations. 😘 Markus.
  7. Great video, thank you! I have a couple of questions, too, but rather focus on the 'inner workings'. I see that a lot of the subtle details changes are their. I had the pleasure of flying the 747-8i full flight sim last year for two hours and worked through the 744 vs. 748 differences course for that. Hence, I appreciate to see all the little details that have changed already compared to the 744 (like the map range selector, the push buttons for the packs or engine start system, not to mention - it's in the video already the taxi maps and the digital stab trim indicator.) I am confident that you modelled more of the difference (e.g. one part of the flight controls - not all - being FBW now). Can you comment on what has been changed (to the 744) systems-wise? As for the FMC - is it more a replica of the 777 FMC we already know or is it accurately modelled after the Next Gen 747 FMC used in the 747-8is and 747-8Fs, with all it's changes to the original 744 FMC? More of joking rather than serious question - some airlines like BA have retrofitted their 747-400 fleet with the NextGen FMC (but keeping their "old" green-coloured MCDUs!) - any chance we will see a NextGen FMC in the PMDG 747-400? 🙂 Cheers, Markus p.s. By the way regarding EFB - good to have one. But quite obviously not every airline is using the Boeing EFB. E.g. Lufthansa 747-8i s use a huge flat screen panel mounted next to the side windows, displaying a Lido Moving Map. And let's see if it's really helpful to have a chart inside the cockpit (I'm thinking of readability here). But anyway - good to have an EFB! I'm happy with what is shown.
  8. ps1flyer


    Hi all, just to keep the thread going, here some more screenshots (and I'll just keep my P3D v4 widescreen format) from Technobrain's Osaka-Kansai Int'l Airport CD-ROM. Note that there is both, a Technobrain label and an Aerosim label on the CD-ROM box. From the looks and from what I understand from the Japanese manual, I'm pretty sure that TB and AS partnered here and the TB version of RJBB is actually an upgraded - an better looking version of Aerosim's RJBB. I like it, anyway. Some more updates. I was also able to order - successfully - the Technobrain scenery for Osaka Yao (General Aviation) airport, RJOY on Again, the most difficult part was the user registration, getting the shop system to accept address and my (European) name in the correct Japanes characters. Once that was done, it was a straightforward ordering process. More images on RJOY later on. Then I found that Technobrains RJTT and RJBB are indeed available as download versions - again, on Here is the link: - Technobrain RJTT v2 download It says it's available to customers located in Japan only - you might want to try using a Japanese postal address in the Amazon shop. Last but not least, a couple links with Japanese scenery overviews, not from but from Japanese locals: Nice one, sorted by prefecture, indicates both freeware and payware. Long list of available sceneries Some providers for freeware: or Enjoy, Markus
  9. ps1flyer


    Hi Cesar, sorry that it took me a few days to get back to you, but here are some more screenshots for you. These are unedited screenshots directly from P3D v4, hope you like them. (I have 3 monitors attached to P3D so it's a very wide screen.) By the way, I placed another order with Amazon Japan and the box with Technobrains RJBB (Osaka Kansai Int'l) arrived already (after just 3 days in the mail). This is also a beautiful Japan scenery, more on that later, if you want to see some screens. It turns out that Technobrain partnered with Aerosim - this seems to be effectively an upgraded and improved version of Aerosim's RJBB. Best regards, Markus
  10. ps1flyer

    RJTT Flashing textures?

    As for the night-time crash of Technobrain's RJTT in P3D v4, there is also a solution. (Luckily, I've been able to secure a copy of the RJTT v2 CD-ROM box even here in Europe using Amazon Japan. ) As I've mention in my other post (see here: ) you need to remove four files from the scenery directory: rjtt_sfl_v_22.bgl, rjtt_sfl_v_23.bgl, rjtt_sfl_v34l.bgl and rjtt_sfl_v_34R.bgl As soon as these files are gone, Technobrain's RJTT v2 runs beautifully in P3D v4. Apparently (like in Flytampa) this removes some approach light systems, but so far I haven't found any side effect, I still have fully illuminated runways and approach lights. Enjoy, Markus
  11. ps1flyer


    Hi all, sucess! My parcel from with Technobrain's Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT) v2 scenery on CD-ROM arrived today at my place. It took me a couple of minutes to run through the Japanese language installer (and many more minutes to complete the - optional - user registration on the web page for the members club [not required for installation or updates] but basically RJTT v2 installed just perfectly into my FSX installation. It turns out that Technobrain's RJTT v2 even runs perfectly in P3D v3 and P3D v4. For the installation into P3D v4 there is initially a night-time crash but this is caused by just four files which seem to be related to the approach lights (rjtt_sfl_v_22.bgl, rjtt_sfl_v_23.bgl, rjtt_sfl_v34l.bgl and rjtt_sfl_v_34R.bgl). Removing them from the scenery directory makes RJTT v2 perfectly stable in P3D v4. Apparently, nothing significant seems to be missing, see below. Note that although it is not apparent from the night time screen shot, I still have approach lights for the runways. Below screenshots are from P3D v4 with Technobrain's RJTT v2, Samscene WOW Tokyo (without photo background) and ORBX. Markus
  12. ps1flyer


    Hi Michael, I've just placed an order with Let's see what happens. If I'm not wrong the competitor for RJTT was Wing Creation who announced RJTT on their Facebook page. By the way, at least for Osaka City (not the General Aviation airport RJOY) there is a freeware alternative - which is very good - at . It has some nice models e.g. of Osaka castle and large parts of the city and seems to do an equally good job. If you don't really need the airport (most airline traffic is handled at the other airports, RJOO and RJBB), this freeware package might work, too. They also have a Kyoto scenery... Markus
  13. ps1flyer


    Hallo Michael, sorry, I got confused too. I just checked again and indeed, "Osaka City and Yao Airport" is available for download on (but I haven't done so [yet]) but not RJTT/Haneda. What is available is a Mission scenario based at Haneda which apparently requires RJTT (CD-Rom version) installed. only ships domestically, unfortunately. But checking now, while I'm writing, I noticed that RJTT is available from Amazon Japan atテクノブレイン-FSアドオンコレクション-東京国際空港2/dp/B00M2BVFUO . Apparently, Amazon Japan is shipping globally in 65 countries for a fee of roughly JPY 1000 (about EUR 8,-), plus a product cost of JPY 5250 (about EUR 40,-). Markus
  14. ps1flyer


    Hi all, I am just returning from a long vacation in Japan (rented a camper van , visited Osaka and Haneda for spotting, among other sightseeing) so I am upgrading my sim with Japanese airports. So I can report that the Aerosim airports are nice and seem to be working quite well in P3D v4. In particular, I have just bought RJBE (Kobe) airport on the Aerosim website - they have as a reseller for the download versions and this is working quite well. RJBE is installing (by default) into the FSX directory, but when pointing P3D v4 to that directory, or copy the files over, RJBE is working beautifully in P3D v4. Note that Technobrains's RJTT (Haneda) and RJOY (Osaka City and Yao Airport) are also available in online shops, albeit Japanese shops only (use google translate). Markus
  15. ps1flyer

    665 ground speed possible with the 77W?

    ... or via the North Pole. But that's exactly the point with long haul flight planning ... so often, the prevailing winds determine the route. (e.g. some months ago, when I flew real-life from Europe to Hong Kong, the European part of the route was as far down as Istanbul, but the return leg from Singapore - being 1500 miles south of VHHH - took me 1000 miles further north almost up to Moscow! )