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  1. BilboBaggins

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    Looked to me like rising debris, being blown by the wind and inferno below.
  2. BilboBaggins

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    That video suggests to me -- in the first four seconds of it, the only part where there's any indication of explosion of the plane -- on the ground, not at 30,000 feet -- that the plane indeed crashed, and was not shot down.
  3. BilboBaggins

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    I don't think we even know that the MH17 B777 was shot down. In fact, I highly suspect it wasn't. The tragic good news if that were the case might be that recovery of the black box has the possibility of leading to insight into why the other Malaysian Airlines B777, MH370, went down. That's all the speculation I'm willing to venture. Looks like Malaysian Airlines has had a great record since their last crash in 1995, so two of these, on the same plane, so close together in time, most likely is coincidence, but could be symptomatic of something else. I will leave it to the investigators to figure that out.
  4. BilboBaggins

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    As before: PLEASE refrain from the stupid speculation game. Everyone and their brother is jumping to make political hay of this for any purpose they can attach the event to, and we simply have NO idea what happened. And, for reasons different from MH370, it may also be difficult to resolve (tribal warzone, anyone?).
  5. BilboBaggins

    Frooglesim vs. FSXGenius - a general concern

    This has been an interesting thread, lots of thoughtful (and entertaining) responses. I can't help but think this guy's financial strategies - do new business to cover old debt you can't pay back - is learned from the current state of the entire, corrupt global financial system, as basically, that's how it operates. And the minute the new "sales" (of financial instruments) slow...... KABOOM! It's criminal whoever's doing it, whatever the scale or seemingly logical justifications. And again, the biggest damage of all? A pervasive destruction of trust. This damages the ability to do business, sustain trade and maintain financial and currency legitimacy, with all the ensuing chaos that entails. Round 'em all up, I say!
  6. BilboBaggins

    Carenado Hawker 850

    You want revealing, go look for a bikini for your Aussie girlfriend at..... :wub:
  7. Pankaj, that's just an artificial construct. Where the sliders are don't matter, the experience does. I have both installed, still, and use them differently. I don't add-on to P3Dv2, I use it as is, and it's great, as is. It is its own intrinsic experience. Here and there I might add in ORBX scenery, as they've been updating their whole library to be P3DV2 compatible. But the "zen" of P3Dv2 is in enjoying what's there, rather than desiring "more" in some sense. Take what is at hand and have fun with it. Learn its own nature. Don't cross with expectations from other flight sims; they all do things differently and have different strengths, and weaknesses.
  8. BilboBaggins

    I enjoy Flight Simulation ... the great debate

    I know I could easily be happy the rest of my life with my current suite of flight sim software: Rise of Flight, DCS, Battle of Stalingrad (in development), FSX and P3Dv2.2. If I had to stop there, it'd be more than I could master in my remaining years. I'm actually at a point where I may do just that; there are a few incremental add-ons I'd consider, such as ORBX's landclass stuff when it's finalized, but really, what's out now is about all I could ever have imagined it might be. And I started with all this a long, long time ago, when microcomputers (as they were then called) were first invented. :)
  9. I wanted to mention I've found other, better places for Carenado enthusiasts than here at Avsim. Carenado never shows up here. I would like to recommend that this sub-forum be renamed "The Unofficial EAGLESOFT Support Forum." Or "The Unofficial EAGLESOFT Support Forum II," if there already is one. The villagers of that particular tribe seem to have little better to do than to raid the village here, burn the huts and steal the women, every time they see even the slightest hint of smoke from a possible cookout in the distance. So, let's add some clarity to the situation by reorganizing this forum, eh? Steve
  10. BilboBaggins

    Rebooting before starting. Beneficial?

    I've found weirdness in FSX that can be cleared by a reboot. I wouldn't advise it as a pre-flight every flight necessity, on the contrary, Windows can get quite busy for awhile after a reboot doing "housekeeping," which can introduce all sorts of odd latencies for awhile after a reboot. But if nothing else is helping and you have an issue or a slowdown, sometimes a reboot can be a cure.
  11. BilboBaggins

    Frooglesim vs. FSXGenius - a general concern

    Tabs, thanks, I've since confirmed as much, know what to do to defeat Norton360 in this case, and have been giving Bitdefender a serious look, as it seems to get consistently good ratings. The explanation of what's going on is helpful, much appreciated. Ultimately, one way or another, it's all about trust in an online environment.
  12. BilboBaggins

    Frooglesim vs. FSXGenius - a general concern

    Yep, all good recommendations. I can also say with confidence that properly installed, maintained and configured, Norton 360 is great and has a lot of flexibility in customizing what you allow/deny, _if_ you know what you're doing. Reality is, no security is fire-and-forget; you need to understand all the technologies, including those built into various browsers, and exactly what they do, to maintain adequate management of both protection and performance. And, in particular, this can vary with what you are doing on the PC, so active management of the software related to the stuff you're doing is really essential. The danger is in thinking any one of these things is sufficient and can just be installed and you're done. A good friend of mine years ago, Loyd Case, always had the best antivirus/malware recommendation: FDISK. . Wipe it all out and install fresh (OS included) every three months or so. And this means don't even restore from backups, you do that, you just restore any problems, too. It's hideous to contemplate but not too onerous if you're not a pack rat.
  13. BilboBaggins

    Frooglesim vs. FSXGenius - a general concern

    BillW, sounds worth consideration, thanks.
  14. BilboBaggins

    Belsimtek: F-86F Sabre

    That will be awesome! The Milviz F86 is nicely done, the cockpit has incredible feel and it flies like a monster; I'm sure Belsimtek's will be all that and more, in the DCS World!
  15. BilboBaggins

    Bug / Correction List

    I'm very much looking forward to their next "expensive eye candy," thank you. I hear digital synths are all crap, too, apparently, according to the analogue purists........ and nothing sounds as good as vinyl! Except leather, maybe....