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  1. I got FS2Crew for the 737, 747 and MD80 (previous 777 and Q400). With the 737 and 747 i got no problem, but I experience the same problem as Froogle with the MD80 that it won´t accept my voice commands and often has to use "set and checked". But all to all I enjoy FS2Crew and find it a huge help when flying.
  2. Got the same issue and tried reinstalling the 747 and repaints with no luck.
  3. Hi Bryan, Thank you for your answer and sorry for my late reply as I have been doing some tests after your suggestions. 1. I honestly did see that. But I have now tried it, unfortunately not with a good result. Some one of the voice are reduced, but some is not. So when I turn it down I can hear some of it and some I can´t hear. 2. I have tried running the voice training, but nothing changed. I have also flown the 747 afterwards and have no problem with that what so ever. 3. I don´t want the flood lights or nacelle lights on above 10.000ft. As it is now they are turned of at FL200 ;). I would like them off at 10.000ft and if possible to be able to decide when to use nacelle lights. I am sorry if I am complaining all the time. As previously mentioned I have FS2Crew for PMDG 737 & 747 and are very happy with it and had it for B777 and Q400 back with FSX.
  4. Dear Team, I have now flown the MD80 with FS2Crew for some time and have some issues with FS2Crew. - As others mentioned the sound of the FO, FA and ground crew is quite loud. - Because the sound is so high I have experience the FO is talking over me. An example is that he reads the checklist, but because he is so loud FS2Crew hears him and he then continues to the next point or he reads a point and right after it starts a "Say again" loop. - One thing I notice on the flight I just completed is that I had to say things twice. It register one thing first and when I say it again it reads it right. I have said the same the first time and clearly - I would like the option of only using flood lights and that it´s switched off at 10.000ft. - I really had hoped the interface would have been like the 737 Rebooted and 747. To be honest I am a little dissapointed in FS2Crew Maddogx Reboot. I own several other FS2Crew product which I really enjoy and makes it easier to fly not to mention more fun.
  5. The best thing is they bought 2 or 3 former Meridian MD82 where one will be used as spares for the rest of the fleet.
  6. Yes, I got the same issue. But I think it´s a known problem.
  7. Dear Team, Congratulations on what seems to be a successful release of a magnificent aircraft. I have now spent the last couple of days flying the MD80 on several legs and have noticed a few items: The clock is sometime loosing time and falls behind the clock in Prepar3Dv4 The only shadow visible of the aircraft from the cockpit is the cockpit section. The rest of the aircraft isn´t visible from inside the cockpit When capturing the ILS the aircraft shoots through the LOC first, but becomes established later on. I have also noticed that when trying to make a autoland it captures normally, but end up having course for outside the runway. When I open GSX menu it fills the whole screen and is not the small window as it normally is (and still is) with the PMDG 747. This is the only aircraft I experience this with. Also, as others have mentioned it seems like the cockpit is sitting higher than it should make the jetways to dock above the door. Wishes: That the transponder works with online programs like Vpilot so when TCAS is it squawks mode C. I would really like if the anti colision light flashed "normally" and not the default light. Impovement of external sounds like others have mentioned. 2D Panel of the COM and Transponder which is very useful for online flying. Beside these items I really enjoy being back on the MD80 for the first time since FS9 where I also flew it all the time.
  8. Kristoffer, Danish Air Transport which is based in Billund has a MD83 and recently got 2 MD82 from Meridian. So there are some not that far away from you ;)
  9. Very close now according to their latest facebook update Their website is also active.
  10. Michael, When FUEL/TANK ENG comes up on EICAS say "fuel tank to engine" and the FO will set the pumps. Otherwise you can in the FMC (think its in options) set it so it will automatic set the pumps when reaching FUEL/TANK ENG.
  11. Nice shots, Wasn´t until the secobd last picture I found out it was the -8. I am slowly starting to like the aircraft more and more. Just brought VCV into ELLX 30 minutes ago and simply just love the 744.
  12. Hi Scott, I left FSX roughly a year ago when just before PMDG released their 747 since it was a matter of time and I didn´t want to buy it twice. Many sceneries released for FSX works in P3Dv4, but some you need to buy a update of which is about 5-7 EUR per scenery. The PMDG aircraft you need to buy again. I am verry happy for P3Dv4 and haven´t regretted making the jump.
  13. If you run the Long Turnaround, then once it´s finished loading turn off the GPU generator and the battery. Wait a few seconds and turn the battery back on and the GPU generator.
  14. Hi Bryan, Sorry for the late response. unfortaunately I had the pleasure of reinstalling WIN10 and P3Dv4 a couple of times before I got it to work. Regarding by problem above it hears Start engine one, but pulls the ENG 4 starter right after ENG 1 has been pulled. Another problem I have started to experience with the 747F (RR) is I ask for the shutdown checklist where I have 2 problems. 1. He starts the checklist and sometimes he stops reading out dispite the answers are given correctly. 2. The shutdowns check list is completed and he says shutdown checklist complete, but when running the Secure procedure it jumps back to shutdown checklist.
  15. I have started after loading the long panel state to switch off EXT PWR and turn of the battery so it goes dark. After a few seconds I put the battery back on along with the EXT PWR.