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  1. I had the same problem and solved it by running the installer for the 747-8 and selected repair.
  2. Hi All, I have after the last PMDG update experienced that the FO gives wrong anti-ice callouts. When running the after start checklist the FO calls out engine anti-ice on, wing anti-ice on dispite both being off. When they are on they are called out as being off.
  3. PLund

    Male or female ?

    I think it has something to do with ships have always been named as female. But it´s just a guess.
  4. Only had it for a short periode when I departed Luxembourg, but as I remembered it looks good.
  5. The -8 is a mix of the -400 and B777. The -8 is FBW and even though the cockpit looks like the -400 there are differences. Some of the biggest is ECL and the airport map with taxiways ect. on the ND. The -8 is still new and currently I am only on my 2nd flight with the -8 so there is still a few things to get used to and to learn.
  6. PLund

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    I also got a transaction receipt on my email and a text from my bank of the purchase, but no email from PMDG. The order also shows as processed on my order page, but no download link.
  7. Mine has gone through, but haven´t received a download link on my order page.
  8. As I read it, it never said it would be during daylight. Just during the day which goes to midnight. But that is of course only my guess.
  9. PLund

    747-8 livery list

    Dennis, You can find the livery list here
  10. I know. Only saw his question on the last page and not the two answers on the new. Unfortunately I can´t find the delete button.
  11. T45, It´s an expansion product which can be bought to a currently unknown price. But it requires the 747-400 (base pack)
  12. PLund

    I got the B748...

    True, forgot that had existed. Changed the title 😃
  13. PLund

    I got the B748... my logbook. Just look below With Brussels Airport in the bottom With the MD11 in the new Lufthansa Cargo c/s I returned home from a trip in the US flying the 744 to Denver and home via Chicago with the 748 (my first 748 trip) Sorry, couldn´t resist 😈
  14. I got FS2Crew for the 737, 747 and MD80 (previous 777 and Q400). With the 737 and 747 i got no problem, but I experience the same problem as Froogle with the MD80 that it won´t accept my voice commands and often has to use "set and checked". But all to all I enjoy FS2Crew and find it a huge help when flying.