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  1. I bought the pre-order package with both joystick and throttle along with clamps less than 2 weeks ago with Aerosoft. Monday I received the clamps and Wednesday I received a message that the joystick and throttle would arrive Friday which it did.
  2. Just read the same news and what sad news 😭 She will be missed. I had planned a spotter trip to both Amsterdam and London this year to see some 747 action before it was too late and now it looks like I am too late 😢 Luckily I did a spotter trip to Frankfurt last year and got some 747 and MD11 action.
  3. FSelite have a page with info which add-ons that works in P3Dv5 ect. https://fselite.net/p3dv5/
  4. Hi Bryan, Thanks. Hard mute won´t solve the issue I got and I am using hard mute from time to time. A scenario could be the following: I am established on an ILS approach with approach covering both TWR and APP. During the final approach I want to run the landing checklist. Due to other communication FS2Crew won´t regonize my readback to the items as it interferred with the ATC communication (green bar activated) and have to repeat them 3-4 times before accepted.
  5. Hi Bryan, Unfortunately when I lower the sensitivity setting I also lower the mike input and the FS2Crew don´t hear me. I have tried changing the volume and also boosting it with low setting without luck.
  6. Hi Bryan, Thanks, I have tried lowering the mic sensitivity and in the start it looked good. Unforunately on my flight yesterday the problem came back even with the sensitivity lowered to 50 %.
  7. Hi Bryan, Correct, then ATC or other pilots speaks FS2Crew picks up their speech (the text voice bar comes up). I have tried to locate the mic sensitivity on the Speech Recognition panel, but are unable to find it.
  8. Hi all, I am have some issues when flying online on Vatsim and using FS2Crew. I have selected Noise Suppression in Sound Manager, but are still expericing that ATC communication override my commands and won´t regonise them until there is a quiet moment. When flying I got P3D coming out of my speakers aswell as FS2Crew and all ATC communication is played in my headset. I have also tried to turn down the mic volume, but then I am low on voice. I am using a HyperX headset. Any suggestions how to solve the issue ?
  9. There is a newer version released today, so it will most likely pop up next time you open vPilot.
  10. Please note that the latest version of P3Dv4 (V. is not yet compatible with FSLabs Airbus. Without knowing it might take a week or two before FSL releases a new installer that will be compatible with the latest version.
  11. They are all good, but I would choose between either the FSL A320 or the 747. If you are flying on Vatsim the A320 will make it even more enjoyable if flying in Europe. Alot of the controllers are using CPDLC where you can request PDC via the ACARS in the FMGC. After the last update I have really started to enjoy it.* The only thing I don´t like is the FD is hard to see inflight which makes it a bit more difficult to handfly it. It should also be mentioned that the FSL A320 can be hard on your preformance. The 747 I have flown alot since the release and is still one of my all time favorit. At the moment it don´t support PDC but I hope with GSO it will be possible. This is without doubt the aircraft I prefer doing longhauls with. The MD80 holds a special place in my heart and is also a great aircraft.There is more work to get it flying and the work continues in flight. She is a bit more heavy to handfly as the controls are triggered by the airflow. So the lower speed the heavier she flies. You can also see the control taps are the only ones moving on the ground unless there is alot of wind. I can only agree with Daedalus it all comes up to what you prefer flying
  12. The code is the same. The IATA code is different though, but can´t remember it on the top of my head.
  13. The aircraft is indeed still flying. As matter of fact it is currently dry-leased to Thomas Cook Scandinavia and is re-registered as OY-VKK ( https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9164569 ).
  14. William, Are you sure you didn´t use the -400ER in the past ?. The -400ER has a higher MTOW than the -400.
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