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  1. Hi Bryan!I'm not having any problems, just drilling down into the finer details of the ATR,now that I've had a lot of experience with it. Gotta say once again just howmuch FS2 Crew enhances the experience.Best,Slugger
  2. Does FS2Crew ATR change the aircraft panel cfg. so that you can't store frequencies?Also, what is the CPL (autopilot panel) button used for, if anything, in FS2Crew ATR?Thanks in advance,Slugger
  3. I'm thingking of adding a second hard drive and am wondering how to transfer all my flight sim stuff to it:Uninstall/Reinstall . . . or . . . Transfer Everything Directly SomehowI use lots of add-on stuff with FS9, so with all the settings required, I'd rather not have to uninstall/reinstall everything.Also, I don't know if reinstalling FS9 etc. to a different drive means I have to re-register or whatever is required when you install stuff for the first time.Thanks in advance,Slugger
  4. I haven't used VoxATC in a while, so I have a quick question:How do you use VoxATC with add-on aircraft that have to be loadedon top of the default Cessna? Aeroworx King Air and Flight 1 ATR come to mind.Do I create a .pln file with the default Cessna, and then load the add-on aircraft?With the Aeroworx King Air, you have to load the default Cessna at Seattle, thengo to your actual airport. The ATR has a similar load procedure, so I'm wonderinghow this works with VoxATC.Thanks in advance.Slugger
  5. My experience is that RC works great with FS2Crew.I've used it with Level-D 767 and the Flight 1 ATR.Best,Slugger
  6. When you're ready, be sure to add Radar Contact 4 and Ultimate Traffic to the mix. Adds a lot to the fun.Regards,Slugger
  7. I don't know what she's trying to say.It's the start clearance from ops, and it goes by kind of fast.Don't worry. You've got better things to do.Keep up the FANTASTIC work you're doing.Best,Slugger
  8. It's what's being said just before the FO says "We've been cleared to start."Thanks in advanceSlugger
  9. I've always wondered what the woman at ops is saying at the point in the flightwhen you're being cleared to start. It's a small point, but I've always wondered. Thanks in advance.Slugger
  10. Half the fun/immersion factor . . . for me at least . . . is the "panic"of having to do so much stuff at once. It gets hairy at times trying to stay ahead of the plane.Regards,Slugger
  11. Thanks for the reply, jd. I thought the amount of AI trafficmight also be a factor, so thanks for clearing that up for me.Best, Slugger
  12. If the "Hold for WX" option is checked (and there is a VOR withinfive miles of the destination airport listed on the saved flightplan),are holds issued based on the weather parameters, or on the amount of traffic?What I'm aiming for are scenarios where the chances of a holdare a little better than 50%.Thanks in advance.Slugger
  13. By changing the commands on the Radar ContactKeystroke page . . . ie "1" is now "Shift-1" in theRadar Contact menu, the "E-1" and "E-2" commandsyou need to independently control the engins in FS9 are no longerpicked up as commands by the Radar Contact menu.So what you end up with is this:Want to fiddle with the left/right engine? Hit E-1 or E-2 (Both E-1,2)Want to respond to the Radar Contact menu? Hit Shift-1 or Shift-2.All the other numbers you use to respond to the Radar Contact menu stay the same.Best,SluggerBruce Beattie
  14. Thanks for the tip.The keystroke page in Radar Contact worked great . . . better, in fact,than any FSUIPC workarounds I could find.Obviously, Radar Contact was designed with these types of issues in mind.Regards,SluggerBruce Beattie
  15. Is there a way to use RC with two engines?Using the Aeroworx King Air, if I want to control the engines seperately,doing a runup or whatever, pressing E1 or E2 engages the RC menu.Perhaps there's a FSUIPC workaround, but in any case, my apologiesif I missed this in the RC manual.Thanks in advance,SluggerBruce Beattie
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