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  1. There is also a dedicated Captainsim forum http://www.avsim.com/forum/298-the-captain-sim-support-forum/ Otherwise I think they are working on some new airplane.
  2. Certainly not . The number of voters is not high enough. It shows only a tendency. Curious that from the over 1800 readers of this thread only about 100 voted. Btw, I voted with the majority :smile: Guy
  3. Wilco: Didn't really like the model. It was quite detailed but the proportions were somewhat wrong. The passenger windows were placed too high and the wheel-struts were too long. The A330-200 and A340-300 looked really bizarre in my eyes. There were many bugs : LOC interception not always working, Managed approach speed not working well, A346 cruising 5° nose-up etc. I liked much the nice VC but not at all the 2D panel. BBS: Good and nice model with realistic proportions. I mainly use the 2D panel because I don't really like the VC. The important things like Ils intercept and managed approach speed work well in the latest version. Managed climb and descent are also "acceptable" now. But there are also many flaws: ALL MODELS (BBS) ---------------------- -take-off phase page sometimes missing in FCU - >45% N1 necessary to get the plane rolling (should be much less) -FLEX temp has no influence on to speeds -before take-off DOT missing on NAV and ALT -OPT altitude missing -AP executes heading changes too agressively, should be smoother -Managed descent Speed range brackets appear only below 30500 ft -on MANAGED DESCENT plane always BELOW profile -on autoland NOSE-UP attitude wrong , should be 2-3° instead of 0° (but flare ok) -RETARD call missing on autoland (should come at 10° ra) -Ecam COND/Press synoptics used are those of the a320 -After changing aircraft eg from bbs 330 to bbs 340 some gauges are black (even when loading default 172 between) A330 (BBS) -------------------------- -Climbs too slowly (at GW of only 210 to at FL170: 1400 ft/min) -Nose-up attitude a little low on CRUISE(FL360) A340 (BBS) -------------------------- -Ecam EL/AC Synoptics indicates only 2 generators (instead of 4) - CRUISE SPEED A340-600 should be 0.84 (instead of 0.82) I have sent this bug-list to Graham Waterfield of BBS. He answered that all will be working correctly in V1.0. :smile: So if you can live with all that, both planes can be quite enjoyable. I liked the WiLCO mainly for the nice Vc and I like the BBS mainly for the nice model. Somebody only interested by a good model could also use those by Thomas Ruth ! Guy
  4. By typing "CTRL-Y" . (or right click and then last option "use mouse") It is also important to deassign at the same time the thrust axis of your joystick ! (otherwise there will be synchronisation problems) But by doing this, ALL the controls (elevator, ailerons, thrust) pass to the mouse. It is imho not possible to transfer ONLY the thrust to the mouse. BUT you can still use the joystick (or the keyboard) in parallel, so this way you can use the joystick or keyboard to steer the aircraft and the mousewheel to set thrust, if you like ! To be able to use the mouse to steer the aircraft you must set AUTORUDDER on in FSX and also in the right Mcdu (Options/Flight see step by step manual page 28). Using the mouse to set thrust works quite well with the airbus (I have tried) , but you must scroll a bit to set for example Flex or toga thrust at take-off ! :rolleyes: This is more easyy with the keyboard (F1-F4) . Guy
  5. No problem here to use F1,F2,F3 (or mouswheel) for thrust-setting! With autothrust and using the AP you don't need them much on the Airbus: 2-3 touches F3 for setting flex thrust on take-off 1 touch F2 for climb thrust at thrust reduction 1 touch F1 at RETARD before landing F2/F1 for Reverse setting/Resetting eventually 1 touch F3 for initiating taxiing (For braking you can use the '.') That's all! Worked always here. :rolleyes: Guy
  6. I have flown it without problems on my laptop using MOUSE and KEYBOARD ! The mouse (CTRL-Y) for steering on the ground and flying and the keyboard (F1,F2,F3) or the mouse-wheel for thrust-setting. To be able to steer the aircraft on the ground with the mouse you must set AUTORUDDER ON in Fsx and also in the right Mcdu (see step by step manual p.28) Works very WELL ! :rolleyes: Guy
  7. They are ok ! It's only when I zoom down to 0.60 for example, that I have difficulty to read. Guy
  8. That is true ! Displays could be SHARPER ! I must often Zoom in to be able to read. I don't use acceleration... But this doesn't hinder me from enjoying it. Guy
  9. Hi, To your questions: 1. The automatic checklist (and copilot) is great but It can be disabled. 2. The included engine sounds are very realistic, but there is also another optional pack you can download for free from AS 3.Sound effects are very good and realistic 4. Hand-flying is easy and fun ! Also stable. 5. To my knowledge there is no demo. There are still some flaws, but it is a SUPERB airbus simulation ! :rolleyes: Very immersive also. The model and VC are excellent. Flightguidance(Fmgc) is good. Raas is also included (can also be disabled) In comparison wit the Project airbus, it has no flexing wings, but you will quickly forget those. Some pictures here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/408458-airbus-x-v110/#entry2675173 Guy
  10. I have added a POPUP for the FCU (autopilot) to the PA380 pss panel . To display it do Shift-9 . As with all popups you can resize it and place it where you like. This way it is not necessary to return to the 2d panel to make AP settings. You can stay in the beautiful VC ! :rolleyes: Some lttle drawback's: - the zoom-popup of the lower ecam doesn't work any more ( was previously shift-9) - in the Fcu of the 2d IFR panel some lights don't work any more (Ap, AT, Efis control ) I have attached the new version of the panel.cfg . (defined as .txt to get it accepted) Guy
  11. Do you have ALL the PA procedures in the panel folder ? I have _ap, _clock, _ecam, _fmc, _lgip, _nd, _pfd, _rmp, _sfd, _sys . The lower Ecam will not work if for example _sys is missing . Guy
  12. I had also problems with the lower Ecam initially. Don't remember well the chronology , but I used first an Fsx version of the A380 (found in some library) and added the VC manually afterwards. There were problems with the autopilot in the original PA VC and with the lower Ecam. Then I decided to try the official PA FS9 base model directly in FsX ! In the Vc the autopilot worked immediatly and I think possibly also the lower Ecam. The model files Fs9/Fsx are completly different. For Fsx there are 2 model files, one with cabin and one with VC. For Fs9 there is only one , with Vc. So I think it's worth a try to use the official Fs9 model base model of the A380 which can be dowloaded here : http://www.pafs.wf/downloads Guy
  13. If I remember well, the lower Ecam works only if 'PAgauges' is in the Aircraft title. If you have added it, it is possible that you have to restart Fsx to make it work ! Guy
  14. 1) As I said already in my previous message, you must have the basic PA VC definitions (_ap, _aclock, _ecam etc ) in your panel folder ! 2) to make the lower Ecam work it is necessary to have the term 'PAgauges' in the title of the aircraft.cfg, like this : [fltsim.3] title = Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa PAgauges (VC380) PSS sim = PA380 ... I do not use the panel's left and right of the lower Ecam. (I think they are used by the VasFmc in the original vc ) Guy
  15. Hi, I fly the Pa A380 with Pss panel in FSX. The 2d panel is the original pss A340 and the (non-clickable!) VC is the Pa A380 Vc modified with the Pss displays. As base I use the pss A340 panel adapted for Fsx as explained here: http://forum.avsim.n...25#entry2403486 In the A340 panel.CFG I have replaced then the original Pss Vc descriptions by those from PA and therin I have replaced the PFD, ND and Ecam gauge descriptions by those from Pss. I have ATTACHED my panel description (renamed to .txt to get it accepted) In the panel FOLDER you must have evidently all the original Pa descriptions and bmp's. One little drawback, when using the Pss panel with the PA A380, is that on cruise it flies level (instead of 2-3° nose-up) . But otherwise everything is working well (including autolandings). (To obtain normal Take-off and landing speeds you must introduce in the Mcdu a ZFW corresponding to the A340) Good luck ! Guy
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