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    Retired in 2015 after suffering a stroke in 2014. Currently doing Volunteer work on a canal boat in Stratford upon Avon in the UK, very relaxing
  1. RevolutionX

    Yes I've been away from FSX for a long while so in the interim bought a new machine, bought FSX-SE, installed Tileproxy and at the weekend bought the above. Despite all my best efforts I see nothing, I've now installed it twice, it lets me select UK East and West to add then takes ages to load 39 of something. Where have they gone. Any help on this would be really appreciated Thanks Paul
  2. Advice to a returner

    Well I went for it, but I'm not sure if I have done something wrong but if I take a flight from Lydd and follow the coastline, an awful lot seems very blocky and the sea doesn't blend at all, anyone experienced this, what few people are left on here now :wink:
  3. I have just started to re kindle my interest in things Flight Sim, FSX and P3d. I was an avid user, certainly of FSX and actually developed scenery for simmers, not much though (Bidford and Sywell). Unfortunately I suffered a stroke back in 2014 which curtailed my interest a bit. In a nutshell I want to start easing myself back in, I always had Horizon VFR for the Uk as a preference and if I'm honest I didn't take a lot of interest in Tile Proxy. However looking at some of the posts I've seen it looks far sharper than the Photo Scenery that was/is? available My PC is old by today's standards, I7 2.6 OC to 3.8, 6gb RAM and 1GB GPU I suppose but my internet connection is fast (75mb/s). I suppose what I'm looking for is any pointers on whats available now and will my UK2000 scenery and RevolutionX work with Tile Proxy, that was always the downside, everything was flat at lower levels Any Advice will be gratefully received Cheers Paul