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  1. For speed management in cruise I find that TGT on the TMS is much more consistent than using sync with a target n1. I can generally get my speed to sit within a pretty small window this way. I have no idea how often or when TGT is/was used in real life flying, but it sure works great in-sim.
  2. I agree it was over the top to remove your comment, but the worry about "censorship" here is misguided. It's not a government, it's a corporation. I personally don't think it's good business to be that sensitive, but if they do, so be it. Just move on with your life and avoid their private message boards. Why get offended and post here? Because you want validation from like-minded people, and that's no better. I'll also point out that, "is it that bad or is it the children can't handle the truth??????" is a ridiculous statement. Again, I wouldn't remove it personally, but it's so unreasonable and lacks any kind of nuance. Why the huge line of question marks? Why create/provoke more of these pointless, and, frankly, inaccurate generational wars? People are people, stop acting like every generation is wildly different from the last. It's just tribalism and justifies negative actions and feelings toward people you don't even know.
  3. If I were a curmudgeonly old man with too little to do in life I'd probably complain about this. Instead I'll probably download it and faff about a bit for fun some day, then go back to enjoying my world tour in my Comanche. Sometimes it's fun to just have fun.
  4. Lol, and someone in the thread totally called it: they picked the James Bond helicopter, lol.
  5. Water masking right out the gate. Still trying to figure out how to do it right everywhere (something about issues w/ high vs low altitude imaging?? Not sure), but they are aware and even have a map showing where it mostly worked and where it didn't.
  6. I'm with you on this. I have a sign-in to VATSIM and have sat on the ground just listening to radio chatter, but haven't really had the guts to jump in (not to mention the time to prep properly ahead of time). If a service like this is actually well-designed, it could be a really fun, relaxed way to practice using ATC. Fingers crossed they do a good job with it.
  7. I just built my dream computer specifically for flight sim this past weekend. Went from an i5-8600 + 1070 to a 7800x3D + 4090 and I can tear myself away from the sim unless work forces me to. I can't believe the difference. It's only a matter of time before I start looking at VR sets
  8. My two staples: Comanche 250 BAE-146 (and hopefully Avro RJ if they ever get around to it!) Current flavor-of-the-month: AN-2
  9. Are you saying I shouldn't be tying my sense of self-worth and identity to the flight sim I use?
  10. Merry Christmas! And to all of those in the USA, happy National Pumpkin Pie Day, as well!
  11. You're close to losing your bet, but at least you won't go over! (I assume we're going Price is Right rules?)
  12. On the nose. I just went back and looked at the flight and the alternate was about the same distance as origin. I had a feeling I was missing something---guess I should pay more attention to my alternates 😁
  13. It's likely I'm just an word not allowed and missing something, but I planned a flight for the Justflight BAE 146-300 that was 550nm and simbrief is telling me it's beyond the plane's range (range should be closer to 1000nm). I was sure to pick the profile for the Justflight version of the plane, though I tested and it says the same thing for the default profile. Is this an error in Simbrief, or am I making a mistake? Obviously I'm flying it anyway, but just curious.
  14. I hope the carrier is study level. I've been itching to dig into the computer systems. That manual's gonna be big, though.
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