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  1. Nor are A320's, B747and 787s. Makes you wonder why they included them in a VFR sim. And spend many man hours building bespoke airports like Paris CDG. Or maybe it's not just a VFR sim... there's a thought.
  2. You could literally cut and paste this for any AAA game on the market.
  3. Microsoft's marketing claim to have modelled "over 2 million cities and expansive environments" .It's disappointing but not surprising to see major airports missing and as someone else said, an entire major Spanish city. Imagine the uproar from Americans if they had left out Miami International and Miami city. Whilst it's great to bush fly out of obscure Indonesian Highland strips, it's not so much fun flying VFR along the Spanish coast to find LEMG completely missing.
  4. As passionate as Asobo are, they are not pulling the purse strings on this. The money comes from Microsoft and if it doesn’t start coming back, they may well pull the plug. They have history in that
  5. Simple fact, Austin has never given up on X-Plane. Microsoft have given up twice on Flight Simulator, more if you include combat flight simulator. Its the difference between passion and profit.
  6. I have been tech alpha on MSFS for several months. I spent the entire weekend flying it trying to decide whether I wanted to buy it or not. In the end my money went to Inibuilds and their amazing A300. Zero buyer regret. MSFS has immense potential but for me, at this moment, it's visually stunning and simultaneously very boring. It just does not push my buttons just yet. I will keep an eye on it and wait to see what high quality third party planes bring to the immersion.
  7. There's a lot of room for improvement in the default airports. And regardless of which package you buy, there are a lot of default airports.
  8. Interesting that one of the upgrades is London Landmarks. Would suggest that cities without photogammetry will look very generic
  9. I have a feeling you are right. It seems to me that Microsoft are rushing Asobo into an early release that they are not ready for. Three week beta is not going to iron out the problems that seem to exist and the "ongoing project" is clearly a euphemism for early access. As for PMDG, I totally agree. There was uproar when the P3D price was $139 not $89. They spent months defending the concept that P3D was a commercial level sim not aimed as an entertainment product. Now they have established $139 as the norm they don't even seem to be trying to justify the price on what is clearly an entertainment product. I wonder if they will even try to sell it to Xbox users for the same price I have bought a few PMDG products and they are clearly the pinnacle to the sim world. However whilst I fly as realistically as possible under normal flight conditions, the huge amount of bells and whistles and non normal procedure that their products have, are not really needed in my sim world. The Zibo mod does just fine for me on X-Plane and dare I say it, just feels more immersive despite not being as high a standard as the PMDG. XP11 will remain on my drive all the way up to XP12 which I am equally excited for.
  10. They have been relaxed for major Youtube streamers and flight sim websites but not for the majority to the testers. I suspect the Youtubers are still under some restrictions as to what they can and cannot say. Nearly all have been highly complimentary about the simulation which would strongly suggest they are limited to what they can comment on
  11. Alpha/Beta testers are still under a strict NDA. A rigorous commentary on the flight model would certainly break the NDA,
  12. I believe its coming to the new X-Box X series which is not scheduled to release until the end of 2020. I believe it will be one of the launch products for the new X-Box, that's why they are waiting
  13. What's in it for Google? Just to license a small part of their orthos, for example to make a third party payware airport, costs a small fortune. To cover the world would be way beyond Laminar's means
  14. I think it's a mash up of footage that MS have already released. Slightly more original concept, than some of these MS repacked videos
  15. Woke up to the sacred email. Had to check it was not a phishing attempt
  16. Will be interesting to see how they price these additions. Obviously for most it will probably be full price but I wonder if they will try to justify MSFS as a professional flight sim and charge the P3D price as opposed to the FSX price. I am betting on the former.
  17. Me too. Shall be scanning my email box intently for the next 24 hours. Except for one hour where I shall go out to buy a bottle of wine to overcome the inevitable disappointment,
  18. Download it, register it don't use it until it's final. Assuming you have the previous version of course.
  19. Pretty sure the NDA would not allow him to do that. Everything we see is released by Microsoft and not directly from Alpha testers.
  20. Yep basically he made P3D v5 back into v4 but running on DX12. Genius
  21. Deja Flew. That feeling that you have read the same forum posts every time a major sim product is released
  22. Very easy to post this but unless you post the attribution, it's meaningless and misleading
  23. Sadly true. Yet in the world we currently live in, there are much more important things to worry about than an upcoming "game"
  24. Yes of course they are "Hype Syrup" that's what marketing is, cherry picked, best bits to get us all hyped up. Clearly it's working but as I said in the rest of my post, I will use MSFS for several months before deciding for myself whether the hype was worth it. Rude and insulting? To whom? The people at Asobo who are making these videos have a clear brief to show us only the best. We don't see any of the warts, yet we know from the very occasional leak that there are plenty. Who knows what will and won't be ironed out before release. I cannot fathom how my comments could be construed as rude and insulting to anyone outside of Asobo either, I was merely using flowery prose to describe what we are being given, not a personal attack on anyone. Seems a shame that if anyone dares to question Microsoft, they get shot down as rude. Personally I think I am being a realist not rude and I have used MSFS since the first years on an original IBM PC in 1985. If I have learned anything from Microsoft and flight sim in general, it is to manage my expectations.
  25. I wonder how long the MSFS honeymoon period will be. I suspect the nitpicking will start within a month and the full blown entitlement posts shortly after. Whilst I am excited for it, I won't be deleting my XP or P3D on release day. It's unlikely there will be any higher end, study sim aircraft available from day one and it may even be months if not years before we see them. At the moment, we are being spoon feed the Microsoft Hype Syrup. Anyone who remembers the FSX hype will realise how sweet that can be, they will also remember the bitter aftertaste of release. Yes, I will almost certainly buy it, maybe I will ditch P3D or XP but not until I have had it in my hands for several months in order to make my own, sound judgement on the sim.
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