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  1. Very easy to post this but unless you post the attribution, it's meaningless and misleading
  2. Sadly true. Yet in the world we currently live in, there are much more important things to worry about than an upcoming "game"
  3. Yes of course they are "Hype Syrup" that's what marketing is, cherry picked, best bits to get us all hyped up. Clearly it's working but as I said in the rest of my post, I will use MSFS for several months before deciding for myself whether the hype was worth it. Rude and insulting? To whom? The people at Asobo who are making these videos have a clear brief to show us only the best. We don't see any of the warts, yet we know from the very occasional leak that there are plenty. Who knows what will and won't be ironed out before release. I cannot fathom how my comments could be construed as rude and insulting to anyone outside of Asobo either, I was merely using flowery prose to describe what we are being given, not a personal attack on anyone. Seems a shame that if anyone dares to question Microsoft, they get shot down as rude. Personally I think I am being a realist not rude and I have used MSFS since the first years on an original IBM PC in 1985. If I have learned anything from Microsoft and flight sim in general, it is to manage my expectations.
  4. I wonder how long the MSFS honeymoon period will be. I suspect the nitpicking will start within a month and the full blown entitlement posts shortly after. Whilst I am excited for it, I won't be deleting my XP or P3D on release day. It's unlikely there will be any higher end, study sim aircraft available from day one and it may even be months if not years before we see them. At the moment, we are being spoon feed the Microsoft Hype Syrup. Anyone who remembers the FSX hype will realise how sweet that can be, they will also remember the bitter aftertaste of release. Yes, I will almost certainly buy it, maybe I will ditch P3D or XP but not until I have had it in my hands for several months in order to make my own, sound judgement on the sim.
  5. There are a lot of great, engaging videos on YouTube that inform and educate. However I 100% agree with the sentiments you express in this post. These FS2020 clickbait videos are lazy ways to generate money by repackaging other people's hard work
  6. "spell that word wrong" - incorrectly "there main language" - their
  7. Straight out of the Youtube Classic Clickbait Title book
  8. And would probably also be fantastic if and when they release it for X-Plane but as yet they have not
  9. Absolutely not. Too many beta testers, with too many configurations and too little experience as testers is a sure fire recipe for a disastrous development. They would literally be swamped with bug reports some legitimate, some totally wrong. Let them develop with a core of chosen testers, expand that group when the product goes beta and release the product to the general population when it's ready. I should add that despite NDA's forums would be flooded with illegitimate complaints and render Microsoft's pretty impressive marketing so far, fairly useless.
  10. There is no doubt that MSFS looks incredible within the caveat of we are seeing what MS want us to see at the moment. As others have mentioned there are an incredible number of unknowns about it. The one that is most prominent in my mind is profitability. Given the numbers of developers woking on it, and the sheer amount of data involved you have to wonder how Microsoft plan to make a profit. We all know that they are using Bing maps imagery but there is a pretty good chance that that satellite imagery is licensed from third party provider. I would imagine there would be extra costs involved in licensing that data for game (simulator) use. Even if there is not, most large corporations have internal charging, its not a great leap of imagination to suggest Bing maps will be charging Microsoft Games for the use of their imagery. Then factor in the supposedly 100+ developers working on this and the time scale it has taken to get to pre-alpha (5 years according to some). That is a serious capital outlay that needs to be recouped and profited on. Now with this being Microsoft we know they will have crunched the numbers and we know they think they can profit from it. However, its not a create leap of faith to suggest those numbers involve X-Box players as a greater proportion of than the PC users. Are X-Box users likely to stick around on MS Flight Simulator? That remains to be seen. What we do know is that console devs rely on massive yearly (and full price) updates to keep them profitable. Look at FIFA, look at Call of Duty, look at the prices charged for them. As far as I can see, MS must have another way of extracting money from it's users over and above the initial cost or subscription fees. It's well known MS have no qualms in shutting down things that are not making a profit as MS Flight and FSX have demonstrated. The original question was "Get Xp11 or wait for new MSFS?" If it were me in this situation and, I would buy X-Plane 11 and wait until it is clear that MSFS will be a success before even considering it. If you are hard core simmer I would suggest that would be at least 12 months after release as a bare minimum and more like 24 months. Or in other words 3 years from now. Put another way, using X-Plane for those 3 years will cost you $20 per year.
  11. Thomas Cooks' main business was selling a product of the 1960's, the package holiday in the Internet era. The writing had been on the wall for a long time. The demographic that still buys package holidays is rapidly dying out and Thomas Cook failed to adapt to the online world. Entirely they own fault as Anders has said. Yet another Kodak story, failing to adapt to a rapidly changing market.
  12. I am sorry but for $65 you are getting a study level sim, and it is expected that you have to follow procedures. This is actually from their marketing blurb " this Hot Start product is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane! Real world pilots test and assist in the development of these products, and real world procedures are followed" That is pretty much stating there is no jump in a go mode and kind of debunks the idea that there should be some warning about it not having an "easy" mode. With that said you can pretty much start the TBM in under two minutes by following the procedures, its not an Airbus. It's a matter of a few clicks to get it started and ready to fly.
  13. These are the Google Stadia requirements - 35 Mbps for 4K, 25 Mbps for 1080p. I would imagine Microsoft would be in the same ballpark. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/google-stadia-game-streaming-internet-requirements/
  14. Not sure but 4K TV requires around a constant 25 Mbps, preferably more. I would imagine streaming games would be similar
  15. I agree. The reality is that Microsoft are in it to make money. Whilst Flight Simulator looks amazing, if the video is to be believed as real in game footage (which as not stated) then a serious chunk of money would have been spent on the development. Would MS recoup that from the hardcore sim market? In my opinion unlikely. So to attract the market they need to make it pay it needs to be accessible to non simmers. Or in other words, dumbed down. Whether MS have pulled of the so far impossible task of creating a flight simulator that is both accessible to novices and gamers as well as hard core simmers, remains to be seen. My expectations are being kept in check for the moment, at least until we know a lot more details about the sim.
  16. Which kind of put's doubt about Microsoft's claim to have engaged with the community during the development.
  17. Technically, you cannot even distribute them for free if you read the EULAS for most providers. You can download them for your own use but if you modify and distribute then you are breaking their rules. They tend to turn a blind eye to home users but if too many people start distributing even as freeware, they may well start clamping down hard on us. And that would be sad.
  18. Depends on who you are using for the satellite images but I would not be surprised if its 4-5 figure numbers in dollars. Ortho does not come cheap for commercial use and 4000 sq/km is a fair chunk of imagery.
  19. When you say photorealistic, do you mean from satellite/aerial imagery? If so, presumably you had to pay a significant licensing fee to use it commercially. If it were me, I would be basing my pricing structure on how much the licensing and man hours have cost me, not asking the community.
  20. As an X-Plane user I had numerous Carenado products for XP10. I took them for what they were, pretty graphics, basic or default systems. They were fun to fly if not entirely accurate. Then XP11 was released. Every X-Plane aircraft developer eventually released updates for the new XP version. Many such as IXEG were free, some requested a small but fair upgrade fee, usually around $20. Carenado wanted you to pay full price again. They stated that huge amounts of work was required to update the planes to XP11 standards. A number of highly respected XP aircraft developers publicly disputed this claim, saying that whilst there was work to be done, PBR texturing, flight model tweaks etc, but that work did not justify full price again. At that point I decided never to buy Carenado again. I buy a lot of X-Plane products, reviewing my downloads at.org tends to make my blood pressure rise, but I will not buy the same product again purely so that I can view a shiny fuselage. It was community gouging at it's most blatant. Fortunately there is an increasing number of much better products such as the Hotstart TBM900 filling my GA void.
  21. Sorry, but you seem to have completely hijacked someone else's post. The original posters question has not been answered. Its common courtesy to make your own original post to ask a question that is unrelated to the thread you are in.
  22. So I guess that makes the 20 minutes I spent filling their survey a figment of my imagination.
  23. Do you want them to release it with bugs and face a storm of complaints from customers, or would you rather wait for them to get it right so we can enjoy the product's full potential. Meanwhile, XP still works without Active Sky so I am off to enjoy that whilst I wait PATIENTLY
  24. The crux of the matter here is whether a serious and important debate should have been closed down due to a few members making off colour comments. Suspending them, perhaps deleting their comments would be the prudent thing to do. However halting an entire conversation means that those that have contributed in a well meaning and reasoned way have no way to further express their views. It should also be added that there is a direct conflict of interest when the moderator is also directly involved with the company being discussed.
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