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  1. X-Plane 11 is well optimised and getting better with each update. That said, its a 2017 release and requires 2017 hardware. Your system might be able to run P3D well which is based on 11 year old code but to run well and look great XP requires more RAM, and more VRAM than you computer has. I run XP11 pretty well on an i5 4690k and Nvidia 970. I have 16GB of Ram which is really a minimum and 4gb of VRAm again a minimum.
  2. I think its sad that that on a post that announces what could be a very important plane for X-Plane 11, the first reply is basically a tirade against X-Plane's other issues. Sure it has its issues, but then as Petabread pointed out, so do FSX and P3D. Its replies such as Chock's on X-Plane posts in X-Plane forums that fuel the animosity between simulator users.
  3. Because ortho is infinitely better looking and with autogen overlay, infinitely more accurate
  4. Interesting, seeing as IXEG have only ever made one plane and that is the 733
  5. Originally London now a permanent resident of Odessa, Ukraine
  6. Prepare for some hate, even though this is an X-Plane forum. BTW I agree, I "tried" it out using the one month dev license. I will not be re-newing it
  7. You need to get a little realistic about your expectations. You are using a graphics card that was released over five years ago that has the absolute minimum requirement of VRAM and you are surprised it plays an 11 year old game better than a modern, few months old 64 bit simulation. I run X-Plane 11 beautifully with an i5 4690K clocked to 4.3ghz, Nvidia 970 and 16GB Ram. It utterly blows FSX out of the water both on visuals, performance and dynamics. Moral of the story, you want a modern sim get modern hardware.
  8. Your specs are way too low http://www.x-plane.com/2016/11/x-plane-11-system-requirements-announced/
  9. Firstly a lot of VAs are not particularly XP friendly in terms of ACARS etc, especially for Mac users. Secondly XP11 has only been out six months or so, so figures over the last year are not exactly representative of X-Plane 11
  10. Not sure how well they convert, but UK2000 have started to released their products on the XP platform. EGBB was released today
  11. Knowing the demographic of my group I knew Steam uptake was fairly low so I did a poll. Here are the results after about 4 hours: Direct Download from Laminar - 75 DVD from Laminar - 2 Direct Download from Steam. - 8 DVD from Aerosoft. - 3 DVD from Others. - 2 Whilst I agree it is not entirely scientific you can roughly multiply the Steam figure by 10x to get a truer representation of take up.
  12. Whilst not scientific, the group I helped to create on Facebook dedicated to X-Plane 11 has grown to 5700 members in a little over 6 months. Many many of them have come from the FSX/P3D side of simulation. Having been in X-Plane for the best part of 6 years, I have never seen this level of uptake in the sim, even when the IXEG and PMDG DC6 were released.
  13. Without critics our simulators would still be dots an a screen. Its critics that drive developers forward, pushing to correct problems and come out with new ideas.
  14. Depends if you just want to drape textures over things or do it properly. Laminar want to do it properly with proper dynamic snowfall building up as it gets heavier, trees shedding leaves etc. Then its not so easy but its on the roadmap and should look spectacular.
  15. There's some deeply insecure people in this hobby of ours
  16. yidahoo


    Your post seems more defensive than any of the X-Plane comparisons posts. Besides that, its only natural to compare a modern day 64 bit sim to what will be the first 64 bit incarnation of the decade old ESP platform. Oh and I am an X-Plane user, I do not feel any threat from this sim, but I will probably buy it anyway.
  17. You can control views using the keyboard's numpad. Position the camera view you wish to record, including zoom. Then press CTRL (Numpad Number) to record that view. Now whenever you press that particular numpad number it will return to that view. As an example I record the overhead panel to the Numpad 8 key and the MCDU to Numpad 5.
  18. Its all over the Facebook groups now too, including one wag who posted an X-Plane boot screen with the words RIP. I enjoy both P3D and XP but not the sheer silliness of some simmers
  19. I run the same system and get 30fps average. As mentioned turn off Threaded Optimisation and also reduce reflections, this will kill any graphic card. Another thing to check is that you don't have textures set to maximum, high is a good setting.
  20. One thing that is not mentioned so much is that X-Plane already has a good pool of highly talented developers. Because the market has been relatively small they have not all been able to go full time on it. However with the big increase in users coming with XP11 some of those devs may well be able to go full time. That will give us improved products, by people that know the workings of X-Plane inside out. There is also a whole generation of young developers coming through particularly in the scenery field. I think its a shame that sometime we forget how good X-Plane's native developers are when talking about FSX devs coming over. Let's support those that have been with XP a while and not beg the big boys to come over.
  21. I am of much the same mind. I recently bought the FSLabs A320 for FSX then P3D. An undoubtably brilliant plane but I am just left cold by the host simulators. Yesterday I flew a 3 hour hour flight in the JAR A320. Its nowhere near the quality of the FSLabs yet, I enjoyed the flight so much more. I have much the same feelings about the PMDG 737, great plane but I cannot face loading P3D to fly it. I would love to see PMDG more active in X-Plane and am hopeful that one day we will see them there.
  22. As someone who has the FSLabs A320, the PMDG 737 both for P3D and the IXEG 737 I can say from a pure immersion and sheer fun point of view, in my opinion the IXEG wins hands down. Its not 100% complete yet but its has been designed by real world 737 pilots who took more than 5 years to release it. The dedication shows in corner of the 737, the visuals, the sounds and the feeling of flight. There is a major update for XP10 coming and once XP11 is released a free update to that which will include the graphical enhancements that XP11 supports
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