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  1. themose

    P3D 3.4 Experience Thread

    This certainly does feel smoother.. Looking forward to flying FSL's A320 in it.
  2. Yes i have experienced this.. I think I cleared it, by quitting EZDOc and then reloading the .exe file manually
  3. Hi, Thanks for your post Whereabouts do you download the Cockpit texture pack for the 757?
  4. themose


    Fantastic news. I've been excited about this product for ages. Really looking forward to flying it. XP10 is looking great nowadays and this will be the icing on the cake Thank you for the update.
  5. themose

    Skymaxx V2 ... wow

    Great product - Im very impressed. To pump it out as a free upgrade is very much appreciated. Well done guys
  6. themose

    01APR14 - Quick PMDG 777 SP1 Update

    Maybe a double bluff
  7. themose

    FSX vs XP10 *LOTS* Of Pics

    A great piece of un-biased work and very interesting to see the comparisons. I for one enjoy the smoothness of XP10 and hopefully we can see the platform iron out some of the showstoppers like weather, ATC and Seasonal changes. Well done
  8. manuthie - Those are some fantastic screen shots. Really amazing man.. Great thread and good work being done by the look of it
  9. Thank you Tom - I'll try your new settings out. Very kind of you to share
  10. Great pics Tom. thanks for posting the code Michael T
  11. This is a really good and helpful thread. Its made my X-plane look fantastic. Thank you
  12. themose

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    This really does need to be the next Simulator engine of choice. I love the idea of this and possibly Aerofly as the future of flightsim. I don't even think ******* could get P3DV2 anywhere near this kind of quality :rolleyes:
  13. Will the skymax pro clouds create the shadowing?