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  1. hey there.... can anyone explain me why W2XP is dead?! Just can't find anything about, anywhere :( HEEEELP (my zip was broken, lost data, including W2XP!) TIA
  2. thnx... yes I removed the centering spring as well... but as you said, once you tried out different things, you can come to only one conclusion ;-) Have fun PS: be warned: I had to relearn flying with the c-tek one. I had to remember how I moved the stick in the real R22, it helped ^^ So it won't be easier nor more difficult, just, very different, but this time the accurate way :-)
  3. Hello Tony :-) NEver really went far away ^^ Thnx for your comment, and sorry for the wrong place I've posted it ^^ Now you're moderator I have to stay nice ^^ ;-) See you in the skies!
  4. Hello guys :-) After a long time I finally decided to buy one of those expense cyclics for helicopter... no choice! I made a video, little review about that cyclic with a little intro into it.... have fun:
  5. Flying around just gets crazy with such view. The original res is 5760x1080.
  6. blacky75

    XPlane over 3 Screens...

    slayer answered but I'll make it clearer: Yes your card supports 3 screen. You got same connection at the back as I have. I had to add on the 2 DV ports a converter DV to HDMI (for HDMI pure cables, the 3rd screen goes simply to the HDMI port with a HDMI cable on your card. You'll need 3 monitors which support SAME resolutions, the rest is simple then. You enable all this under nvidia control panel. I play XPlane in a window, so I just stretch it. Have fun then :-)
  7. blacky75

    XPlane over 3 Screens...

    thnx all :-) @MdMax: OR is excellent, tried it... but.... BIG problem, and far being alone in this case: sickness.... ;-) I can fly 1 minute w/o problems... after 1 minutes my sickness get really, really bad! You'll see :-) @captain420: where did you read you need one PC per screen?! It works on any graphcard, supporting multiple screens.
  8. Just installed and tested them... amazing!!!!! See yourself :-) Flying around gives you a better feeling of being in the air.... :-) Not as much as OR of course, but way better than one little screen...
  9. that's must be why :-) I'll stopped a bit too last times, more outside, on bike and so on :-)
  10. it works for every country, as long as it's covered with good enough tagged OSM data of course. Then the library used for the houses should also fit to the country, I don't thing we've got US houses designed so far.
  11. when it crashes maybe you hit the roof of your VRAM?
  12. I encountered also more FPS (YESSSSS).... now when you fly into the clouds it's no more instantly going white, but slowly crawls into, quite nice :-) Don't understand how x-plane could load 2 hours btw... how's that possible?! Mine loads in less than 2 minutes... ok, monster rig, but before, without SSD I was around 4-5 minutes..... but hours? Never... did you tried defragmenting your HDD? Maybe all is just on one physical HDD (=worst)? If you got more physical HDDs, try to seperate windows, temp folder, games... so that not the same mechanics are searching on the same and only disk.
  13. after some industry buildings and finishing the LIT textures, here the next little project, doing old rotten farmbuildings around... 96 models are available in the WMM, but not yet 'library' implemented' so not used by W2XP yet. More to come
  14. night textures for my 3D appartmens/city houses now available on (wmm)
  15. Hi everyone :-) As some asked me how this or this works, and I remember how difficult my beginning were on modifying xplane sceneries a time ago, I thought I'd make a very simple video, taking as example a badly-placed scenery. It's not an A-Z tutorial, but just covers one method... sounds simple, but it took me time to find out how to do that, last year ^^ The rest is english spoken inside the vid... If you have sugestions on what a video would be usefull too, don't hesitate, always open to new ideas and constructive critics