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  1. Introducing World2XPlane...

    hey there.... can anyone explain me why W2XP is dead?! Just can't find anything about, anywhere :( HEEEELP (my zip was broken, lost data, including W2XP!) TIA
  2. thnx... yes I removed the centering spring as well... but as you said, once you tried out different things, you can come to only one conclusion ;-) Have fun PS: be warned: I had to relearn flying with the c-tek one. I had to remember how I moved the stick in the real R22, it helped ^^ So it won't be easier nor more difficult, just, very different, but this time the accurate way :-)
  3. Hello Tony :-) NEver really went far away ^^ Thnx for your comment, and sorry for the wrong place I've posted it ^^ Now you're moderator I have to stay nice ^^ ;-) See you in the skies!
  4. Hello guys :-) After a long time I finally decided to buy one of those expense cyclics for helicopter... no choice! I made a video, little review about that cyclic with a little intro into it.... have fun: