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  1. Because I do the Reno Air on fsx and when I install megascenery it turns and re positions the pylons in a spot where I don't want.
  2. Hello there everyone, So I was wondering if anyone could create a Soundpack for the Wop3 P-51 Civ? A more accurate sound? Let me know. I will attach a video link in a separate comment. The video is what I want to off of.
  3. I do have Blue Sky Scenery installed for the Reno NV region. Just looking for something better.
  4. Hello there everyone, So I purchased the airport enhancer and I went in to change the texture for the Runways and Taxiways and managed to install them successfully. But the main issue I have is it only changes the texture of the international airport Runways and Taxiways, and doesn't change the general aviation airports. Reno Stead Airport (4SD) is one of the ones that it doesn't change. It changes it from default to asphalt textures when I want concrete textures. It installs the correct textures on the international airports to concrete textures but it basically leaves the general aviation airports and municipal airports with unwanted asphalt textures. Please help! Any ideas on what to do?
  5. Hello there everyone, I'm trying to find some photo-real Scenery for Reno Nv, and need some recommendations on which is the best photo-real scenery for Reno. (Note: No MegaScenery). Any recommendations? Let me know thanks. Lee.
  6. So I'm trying to figure out what key is assigned to turn on the spray bar water. I am running the A2A Simulations P- 51 Civilian Mustang.Does anyone know? I'm also trying to figure out how I can add engine smoke or engine exhaust heat effects to the mustang as well. Let me know thanks😊
  7. Do you have Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration?
  8. Thanks! Do you have Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration?
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