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  1. I'm certainly no expert when it comes to code, but isn't it fair to say that X-Plane/AFS (to my knowledge) is the only flight sim that created their own code from scratch? Look how amazing that sim is out the box, whereas DT and LM are using decades old code from someone else. Don't misunderstand, DT and LM made some impressive strides in creating a sim out of the old ESP code base and I enjoy them both. With such talent and knowledge, I wonder if the idea had occurred to any of them to create something without those limitations. LM certainly has the resources ... NGiS (Next Generation Interactive Software) tried that and folded pretty fast, no support and probably no funding. I realize such a monumental task isn't easy, but the resources that are available today vs. 10 or 20 years ago might make such a thing possible in a shorter amount of time. -my 2 cents.
  2. Perhaps I am mistaken. It's quite possible that I checked for the Intel ME issue instead. Who isn't confused about all this lol
  3. You're half right. We won't know what is going to happen. You are correct, there really isn't a need to panic, but this could potentially affect a lot of users. It may very well be a significant impact for some, or hardly anything. It's easy to speculate. Until the patch comes out then we'll know. I'm curious to find out if this is a global patch. My system is not vulnerable (according to the latest intel diagnostic they released). Running an I7-5930K which is not affected, however if this patch gets installed anyway ...
  4. Still can't figure out what SODE is for. Has something to do with jet ways, but most don't work anyway. I've has to just install the Stand Alone Manager with GSX to get it to work, beats doing a re-install of the add-ons themselves. Not sure why AS16 would cause a problem, haven't run across that at all.
  5. My apologies - Not to familiar with FSUIPC, was hoping I could help. There are many talented individuals here that could definitely give you a hand. I hope they respond. I did find a few articles on the web with similar issues: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77545-speed-of-pan-view-hat-switch/ http://forum.simflight.com/topic/74840-settings-to-enable-pan-in-fsx/ http://forum.simflight.com/topic/65689-jerky-panning-with-fsuipc/ Best of luck sir.
  6. Hi, I don't use FSUIPC for anything, but I do edit the cameras.cfg file and change the pan/head pitch speeds (default is 50/75) to 75/90. I have never understood the use (or need) for FSUIPC, the sim handles everything, got a ton of add-ons and 3rd party everything and have never needed to install FSUIPC for any of it to work. Perhaps that can help, I'm not sure. It's the only thing I can think of and it's has worked for me.
  7. Agreed, I among everyone else is anxiously waiting for the release of the JS41 (Been waiting in line at the store, tent n' all, haven't budged - Running out of food!). I just think its a bit rude to hammer developers for updates and twisting information given about a product. Patience, people, patience. As a software developer myself, I understand frustration over trying to please a customer base (it's not easy), besides, Christmas is just a few days away (and let the speculation begin ...).
  8. Jon, you mentioned you installed 'Flight Sim", I'm assuming that you mean FSX. The JS41 does not function, nor is designed for any other sim at the moment. If in fact, it is FSX, then yes, I would suggest a support ticket as well, however I am cautious to mention that FSX and Windows 10 don't mix well. It does work as a lot of people have gotten it to run on WIN10. In my experience it's always had a stray bug or two esp. when using 3rd party aircraft.
  9. I certainly don't disagree, Sim world is technically static (although I hear X-Plane is working on something to change that). I might be worth a go for some GA aircraft I suppose. I can't tell you how many times I've flown an approach only to find the runway isn't there. Thank you for you insight.
  10. If that's the case, then what is the point of $50 for a navigation system with obsolete data that can't be updated? I've been reading posts of the GTN 750/650 and how much everyone likes it, but I'm on the fence here about getting it, but can't seem to get past the old chart and navigation data. I certainly am no expert when it comes to things like this, which is why I ask about the cost vs. long term effectiveness of this software.
  11. Is there a way to update the GTN 750/650 with current information, Charts, diagrams, etc. I know you can update the AIRAC cycles via Navigraph, but what about the rest of the data?
  12. It's a wash for me. I would rather have the bird with or without the FMS. If they add support for the GTN750 that would be great. I use it now for X-Plane and I love it. You are correct that it's not cheap and I would need to get the P3D version as well. Not concerned with the time it's taking to test. Would rather wait and have as many bugs squashed as possible.
  13. Currently standing outside the PMDG store waiting for the JS41 to go on sale