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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what is FSGRW? I have SMP with RWC, now they are saying its compatible with FSGRW. Exactly how many weather programs are necessary and/or needed in XP? In Prepar3D I have AS2016 + ACA, so I guess I that means I have a weather injector and texture replacement. I'm just a little confused on what I need for the XP side. Would love to try ASXP, but is that all I need? Thanks
  2. I would argue that for those with the higher end hardware, LM should have settings/sliders etc. for those options. You can just as easily turn it off if you neither need it or want it on. If all these tweaks are viable and usable and even sanctioned by LM, why not add them to the options. I would rather have that then constantly edit the CFG file.
  3. I would read the fine print - Cloud replacement isn't going to be out until Q4 2019. This release will use native XP Clouds. https://hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?10166-Development-News-Update-November-2018
  4. Post a ticket with PMDG and/or hope there are further replies.
  5. I agree, but we don't know what they got up proverbial sleeve either.
  6. I feel your pain brother, it's shouldn't have to be that way. I spend hours configuring aircraft CFG files because someone thinks it funny to have a default zoom of .30 on all views (1.0 people … 1.0!). Don't get me starting on the naming conventions for the aircraft call sign list. Majestic and Aerosoft completely bork that file on each of their aircraft. Generaly if it's not broke, I don't fix it. v4.4 might be better in some ways, but it's mostly eye candy and lighting and blah, blah. I'm waiting for the core sim to be fixed. I have a high end CPU and HIGH end graphic card, GSYNC, VSINC and just Plain SYNC. I still get blurries after 20 minutes of flight on medium settings. It's nuts, PBR (for me) isn't a good enough reason to update IMO.
  7. Definitely not, I keep my sim pretty lean because of FPS issues (from what I'm reading it may improve with v4.4), no max settings, addons are limited to UTL and OrbxPeopleFlow. I disable these when doing an update. It's just a matter of changing the sliders back to where I want them, not that big a hassle, but beats a re-install. 😀
  8. Please make sure that you not only uninstall ALL Prepar3D modules (Client, Content, Scenery etc.) from windows. But also delete all the LM folders on your drive (<user>\AppData\Local & Roaming, and In the Program Data if you truly want to do a clean-reinstall. I have yet to see any uninstall routine really and truly remove all traces of itself.
  9. Rob, I've have the same issue as Peter, it's not a matter of waiting for the shaders to rebuild, each and every iteration of P3D.VXX that has been released causes the sim to go straight to the default flight with a black screen (waited for 15 minutes). I can hear the engine running, no picture and no scenario startup. I have to delete all CFG files in all three LM Folders (AppData\Local & Roaming and in ProgramData) and restart the sim to get to the scenario screen. This occurs on every update LM put out. Obviously this only happens to a small percentage of users, not sure what the commonality is between these systems, but that is the workaround I have to use to get any update to work. Unfortunate fact, but there it is.
  10. Blurries always load faster then crisp textures - lol j/k Looks great.
  11. Granted SimBrief is extensive and covers most aircraft, my contention was that if everyone used the same format, we could just generate the flight plan in the sim and it loads in the plane, no need for multiple downloads or external flight planners no matter what 3rd party aircraft you use. 3rd Party software would be much more cohesive if everyone used the KISS method. Again, just my opinion and don't want to detract from what the OP is discussing.
  12. Thank God Windows 7 still works with my I8700K - Once the dust settles in 2020 I might think about upgrading.
  13. Agree on the break-the-mold idea. The biggest controversy is always about backward compatibility and "will my add-on work?". Believe me I would not relish (or afford) the idea of having to re-purchase all my scenery and aircraft if a "new" sim were to be made, however I would love to see "a fresh start" from the ground up in my opinion and break any compatibility with anything exiting and force 'new' add-ons instead of ported code. Example would be forcing flight plans to be compatible with the way the sim reads them. Any aircraft will be able to load the flight plan generated in the sim and work in the FMS of that aircraft - yes this can be done and with all the data required (weather information, etc.). I have to use 6 different flight planner software systems for all my aircraft, some paid, some off the net, it's really ridiculous and still the sim has no idea what your flight plan is unless you enter it in there as well. *Sorry, big peeve on my part* It might already be in the works, who knows. DT tried it and look what happened. AFS seems pretty strong and who knows it may be just the thing once they actually get the entire world put together (Multiple NAS Terabyte storage anyone?). X-Plane IMO is doing a fantastic job, but also way behind in basic features that been in use for decades that work really well (seasons perhaps?) I completely support 3rd party add-on(s) and dev software for flight sims 100%, but there comes a point to where you have 30 addons just to make the scenery look nice and AI traffic, bird, cloud colors, pushback carts, leaves blowing, etc.. will not only cause conflicts but can make the sim unusable after a period of time because of all the "junk" installed (been there done that). LM has the resources for sure. I'm pretty sure it may be wishful thinking. I always love to completely re-install my sim every time an update comes out, believe me just client/content installs cause problems. *Note: "junk" is referencing egregious amounts of software and not a reflection of the quality of 3rd party software. 😀
  14. According to the NVidia There is a G-Sync option to enable just for full screen or windows AND full screen, again not seeing what it really is doing. There are tons of YouTube Split Screen Videos and Images showing the difference yet I can't re-create it. I thought there was a program from NVidia to show your what it does, but doesn't answer the question on when, where and why to enable it with VSync. I know what each individual function is for, but what to do with both together using a 100Hz monitor.
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