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  1. Currently standing outside the PMDG store waiting for the JS41 to go on sale
  2. I-7? I'm saving for the I-9's
  3. Not to be a negative Nancy or anything, love the fact the announcement on Facebook exists. Has there been any official notice in the forums?
  4. I would definitely purchase it again. The 737/777 wasn't a freebie from FSX to P3D, I don't expect anything different here. I got plenty of tube liners, just no decent turbo-props. Majestic has yet to release a 64bit version of the Q400 (haven't heard a peep from them since last March). My choice would be the JS41 hands down between the two.
  5. lol, I realize that. I just haven't seen any updates since.
  6. Has anyone actually heard from Majestic since May 26th when they made the announcement that they are working on the conversion? It's two months later and no additional information since then in their forums ... makes me go hmmm!
  7. Want to thank PMDG for their efforts in getting these aircraft up to speed. I enjoy flying them and that's why I am a avid supporter for this company. It did break my heart to hear that the JS41 is unlikely to make to v4, it was such a joy to fly and was my preferred and *only* GA aircraft that I used. Thank you guys so much and keep up the good work.
  8. Better Yet ...
  9. It's interesting to note that this aircraft does not exists anywhere but at PMDG (at least to my knowledge anyway). There is a BAE Jetstream 32 out there but I found it lacking. It was also the first prop I bought from PMDG and still love it today. I would also pay for a P3Dv4 version if such a thing would exist at a future date.
  10. The Q400 is nice. I have both (however since P3D) the Q400 is buggy and no JS41. That being said I don't think anything can replace the JS41. The best turboprop I have ever used. Would also pay to have it in maintenance for P3D availability. JS41 is also compatible with ProATC/x, Q400 is not.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the update. I didn't find any solution except to turn off Defender while installing, still not an option for me, however I think I got away with just installing the CLIENT, CONTENT, and SCENERY installs (in that order) without issue, even though the SETUP.EXE is missing. It is my understanding that you can install Prepar3D that way as well (I could be wrong). However for this experience I let Defender balk at the install while it was running. The install did not produce any errors and so far it's running ok. Time will tell ... Thanks again for your support and insight. Cheers!
  12. Agreed about the exceptions, definitely add your games folder to the exception list for your anti-virus. I do however never recommend shutting off the anti-virus for any reason regardless of whether you trust the site or not. Your download from Prepar3D, Aerosoft etc., which are in my opinion trusted sites and safe, but there is still internet/network connectivity going on other than just your download on your computer for as long as your connected. All it takes is someone malware to get on your system while your protection is off because you are downloading from a trusted site. A situation like that would be rare, but not unheard of. I had no problem downloading Prepar3D while Windows Defender was active, it was just the install that got deleted after I tried to install it. Since this post if from a couple of months ago and I have the same issue today, I can only assume there is no resolution from either Lockheed and/or Microsoft? Either way, it's your computer and just my opinion. Keep it safe guys!
  13. Yea, not working there. FSX always asks me to quit. Anyone from Hifi shed a light on this please?
  14. Greetings, Has there been a resolution to this issue? I have a fresh install of Windows 7 and FSX w/Acceleration (Boxed, not $team Edition). ASN+ASCA crashes when I try to exit the simulator. I can't find any problems with the ASN log, but the ASN Simconnect log as errors. I have all three RTM/SP1/XPACK simconnect(s) installed. Current running build 6066 with hotfix 3. Please advise. Thanks Michael Madness Software
  15. We'll have to wait until May to find out