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  1. AAN1718A

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Wonder what the future is now for FSX:SE.
  2. AAN1718A

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    *sigh* - This is going to be a long ... long ... long thread. Wonder if we'll break the number of pages record for AVSIM?
  3. *Throws hands in the air* - "That does it!, Going back to gliders!"
  4. AAN1718A


    I use Navigraph because I didn't want to see the "Nav Data out of Date" in my FMS for my add-ons. Unfortunately updating AIRACS for my add-ons allows me to fly ILS approaches to runways that don't exist. FSAeroData I understand updates the internal sim NAV system, but again the scenery is still static. Until that changes somehow (I read a rumor about X-Plane having dynamic runways sometime in the future - again a rumor), you will still wind up flying into an airport on your assigned runway which possibly won't be there, although rare, but it can happen. ProATC/X does 'align' the current AIRAC to the scenery, not sure what gets missed though when it does that.
  5. AAN1718A

    GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    Thanks I will look into that. For your issue, there are many good recommendations from other users, but before you start editing the .CFG file as others have suggested, delete the .CFG file and restart the sim. I realize you have done that, but this time. don't change any of your sliders. Run it default and see what you get. Then start increasing the settings one at a time. Don't max them out right away. You do have a good system, but a lot of your settings are maxed out in your screen shots and that will being your CPU down fast. You can get great visuals and performance on normal to high settings. Set 1 or 2 settings and do a short flight (or slew a little) and see how quick your scenery loads. If I had what you had, I might increase some of my settings a notch, but maxing them all out I would not do. Don't think there is a CPU out there yet that can handle everything that high, but I could be wrong. I got a 980 and an over clocked 5960K and I have stunning visuals and 25-40 frames in high dense areas, I also have all the ORBX regions, Global, OPENLC, VECTOR and a few airports installed without issue. Try that before you start uninstalling/re-installed. I know what a pain that is. Best wishes.
  6. AAN1718A

    GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    I would love to know how you got your hands on a 1080ti. I can't find any anywhere. Well to be fair I could pay $1,500 for one, but I wont. How much did you part with for that card if I may ask?
  7. F1 GTN and RPX GNSv2 are nice, but they can't be updated (to my knowledge). I've gotten the one for X-Plane and asked the same question about updating the AIRAC, they laughed at me and hung up the phone, perhaps the one for P3D may be different but I don't believe so. You get the AIRAC that comes with it and that's it. Regardless of what PMDG integrates or has available the bird is bought as soon as it's ready. Been waiting for this one a long time.
  8. AAN1718A

    J41 - Active Sky X Gauge

    It is possible, yes. I have done it myself, however it's been so long and don't use FSX anymore. You would have to manually add the radar in the panel.cfg file for the JS41. Active sky will also tell you want the command line is to add to the panel, you would have to determine the correct placement of the existing radar panel. The web and Hifi should have information you need, that's how I looked it up in the first place. Always make a backup copy of any file your edit. I'm sorry I don't remember more.
  9. Those cards are only for BitMiners, some of us lucky gamers might get one at the 200% markup once supply has dwindled.
  10. AAN1718A

    P3D 4.2 - Anything Incompatible?

    Still haven't figured out what that does
  11. AAN1718A

    PMDG J41 GTN 750 for FSX:SE

    It is my understanding that the JS41 will not be released for FSX:SE only for P3D (3, 4 or both, I'm not sure). I have not heard anything to the contrary, then again I', not on the forums all day looking at announcements either.
  12. AAN1718A

    ATC handoff back and forth...

    I did and am using them. Dave (Regis9) is correct when the voice is using call signs and intersection names. You do have the option for using Phonetic and Standard pronunciations but still sound mechanical in nature. Aside from that minor annoyance though, the program works great.
  13. AAN1718A

    ATC handoff back and forth...

    Interesting, I don't have that issue. Without a SID I follow my path to the first outbound waypoint without PATC giving vectors. I do agree about the voice, the call signs are a bit wonky. They do have software to make your own voice set. I tried it, but since I am lazy I didn't get very far.
  14. Waiting to see what HiFi is going to bring to the table. I too have xEnviro and SkyMaxx Pro. xEnviro is much better on frame rates.
  15. AAN1718A

    ATC handoff back and forth...

    Pro-ATC/X is definitely a worthy program. Out of the box it will import your flight plan into PMDG 777, 737, JS41, MD-11, I-Fly I believe is also supported Quality Wings Aerosoft Airbus and all default planes. Although I do believe they need to update their program to include additional (Thinking Majestic and CRJ700/900). I've been completely satisfied with the software and it routes wonderfully. (Best of all it's not saved/setup as a scenario).