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  1. Hi Danthanks for your answer.Sometimes you have nor SID/STARS available either AIRAC for an airport, so I input on the FMC LEGS page navigation points like PBD (place bearing distance)or Along Track Waypoints, therefore the aircraft will find the way down to the airport (in LNAV mode), so I have to assume: we can't input only a RWY on the LEGS page?Enjoy your B737NG flights, Peer
  2. If FMC in ARR/DEP page doesn
  3. Hi Alimarthere is a most informativ page available, the procedure is the same for B737 & B747:http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/PMDG_...e_my_navdata.3Fafter reading this FAQ, go then direct to NAVIGRAPH for the latest AIRAC (caution it's payware!):http://www2.navigraph.com/www/default.asphope it helps, Peer
  4. Hi Renzoafter a new installation B737 & B747F, I have expired the same problem as you and I solved it by deselecting in the PMDG Menu: A/P Controls Override Options:Controls OverrideThtrottleElevators/Ailerons/RuddersCheck also the FAQ: A/P disconnects http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/PMDG_...2FP_disconnectsThe only problem remains: I can't engage A/P B747 just after airborn, I have to wait until getting altitude and even then I have the push the bottom several times!hope it helps, Peer
  5. Thanks Jose Luis!I will get it a try.Till now I did it in Heading Mode and after passing the waypoint I changed back to LNAV Mode again, but your answer worth a try! so long, Peer
  6. Is it possible to program FMC that the aircraft is overflying a waypoint (VOR/intersection) exactly and not turning before to the next waypoint?This procedure is asked strictly during examination sessions online.Thanks, Peer
  7. http://forum.navdata.at/viewtopic.php?t=283... and try the following procedure, hope it help's!if KSEA is not included in AIO download, then download KSEA as a single file and install it.
  8. HiDownload also the cycle for US airports from:http://planepath.com/html/pmdg.htmlKORD is existing in this US cycle 0611:KORD - CHICAGO OHARE INTERNATIO// Derived from USFIF cycle 0611.// Valid 26 Oct 06 to 21 Nov 06.//// Copyright 10/20/2006 by Terry Yinglingthen install the cycle from NAVIGRAPHhope it helps, Peer
  9. Hi Do you know the famous B747 Type Rating Course ?Lesson 4 is describing LNAV - VNAV procedures.Check it out and you will learn all about it!http://www.precisionmanuals.com/html/downloads/docs.htmenjoy the B747, Peer
  10. Captain MD11MD11, there are no stupid questions in this PMDG forum!For FSNAV4.7 check under:http://www.fsnavigator.com/dedownload.htmFreeware Flightplan Export Module---------------------------------and look for the file: pmdg737expv10.zip, it's valid also for B747.Should also include a README fileenjoy your B747, Peer
  11. Dear Jacobit's so easy to use the search function!!!How do you install a single SID/STAR file or the AIO file of PMDG? FS2002/4 Installation 1. Download the SID/STAR file or the AIO file 2. unzip it into your FS200xPMDGSIDSTARS folder ATTENTION! Nobody is perfect, so please make a backup of your old file, if any exists! Regards, Peer
  12. Hifor EUROPE use EUROCONTROL: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadcms/eadsite/index.php.htmlyou have to register, but all is free, always updated maps/charts.For USA: http://www.airnav.com/airports/ http://www.myairplane.com/databases/approach/index.phpsome countries are publishing Aironautical Datas on their own web pages.On IVAO Network: http://www.ivao.aero/hq/ then |Divisions|Actic| you will find also countries with own datas (maps)hope it helps? regards, Peer
  13. lets check the bug on a picture!Primary Flight Display: Selected Radial (magenta diamond) is indicating to be exactly on course.Navigation Display: green arrow visible and showing direction TRA VOR, but no green dot line.
  14. Thanks Dan, for your advice.But if I check the directory:... fmcwpNAVDATAwpNAVAID a nearby VOR ZUE 110.05 ZURICH EAST, ZURICH EAST ZUE VORD 47.592167 8.817667110.05HTRASADINGEN TRA VORD 47.689500 8.436972114.30Hthe text is similar and surprise, the radial indication (green dot line) on the NAV Display is working properly.So I'm afflicted by doubts that NAVIGRAPH data is the problem?I will continue search and send also a message to NAVIGRAPH support.Peer
  15. AIRAC 0611 already installed.VOR TRA 114.3 (Switzerland) selected, but no selected radial (green dot line) is displayed on the navigation display. All other VOR's are indicating normal.Where could be the bug?Thanks for help, Peer
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