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  1. Good evening all I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good push back utility for FSX.I tried using the default one but it gives me all kinds of problems.I am willing to take anyones advice since I am sure you folks out there use some pretty good thingsthanks all in advance for your helpIan Snow
  2. Good afternoon Yesterday i did a flight with the Cargolux 747-400F in flight sim 2004. The flight was CLX 774 from ELLX-KIND-KLAX. the flight was great on the ELLX-KIND leg with no major problems. On the KIND-KLAX leg a major problem happenedI mimiced the real flight as close as possible using his flight plan and altitude of the following ROCKY4 STL J8 SGF J98 IRW J74 PKE J104 TNP PDZ4flt level 38000my weight was 594.4 including fuel at takeoff following the proper procedures i departed KIND, engaged the FMC passing through 5000 and started my climb to 38000passing through 30000 it started to seriously lag in the climbthe aircraft looked and felt like it was fighting to maintain speedit took 273 miles to reach cruising altitude and once reaching the aircraft was at Mach 86.0 for awhile until suddenly losing speed very slowly i disengaged the FMC and the auto throttle and tried to fly just on the AP and manual thottle, this also did not get me any speed well needless to say this continued until I stalled. at which point the aircraft autopilot disendgaged and started a decend I took it down to 34000 where i attempted to engage the FMC and Autopilot again, but once level again the speed started to fall until stall was reached well i got real frustrated and turned the sim off and went to sleep any idea what i did wrong because it has been driving me nuts all night?i have the following system GATEWAY FX530SIntel Core 2 Quad processopr q6600 2.40GHZ2048MB memory250GB hard driveNVIDIA G Force 8600GT 512MB Saitek Real feel joysitck Thanks for your help in advanceIan Snow
  3. WOW Vrandar you are a life saver that is what i have been trying for 2 days to remember thanks again for your helpian
  4. I need serious help I had a great pushback utility in FS 2004.however my computer crashed and i never wrote down what it was.i know this is a major stretch but let me describe it.there was a pull down menu in flight simwhen selected the pushback menu would show distance back by jet type either small, medium or largewith the option to adjust (and it was by meter's)direction to turni know it is not much but anybody who either has seen thisor used it help would be greatThanksIan
  5. Boeing i guess rolled out the new 747-400F for UPS last week it looks great i will put in a big request for a repaint in the new colors thanks a3ifs40
  6. Good day according to reports UPS new queen should be out in 2 or 3 months could you do a UPS 747-400Fthanks in advance a3ifs40
  7. Hello I was just wondering if there will be a UPS 747-400F Queenrepaint done?according to a number of Census sites there new aircraft is suppose to roll out either next month or in Marchthanks for your help in advance and sorry if this has been askedbeforeA3IFS40
  8. thanks for all your help with thisi will report after i land tomorrow morningthanks againa3ifs40
  9. thanks for all your helpi will try this tonight so i am i correct to assume that the 747-400F cannot reach4,000 miles fully loaded from east to west?and has to take a payload penelty?a3ifs40
  10. Hello Ok I have set my flight from LFPG--KMEM with the atlas air 747-400FI have a ZFW-632.8 and a fuel load of 245.1my routeing is as follows EVX departure to EVXG4JSYUN502KENUKDIRECT SOMAXDIRECTYRIJ560YQBDIRECT YMXJ588YCFJ586YXUJ545DJBJ29PXVWLDER4 Arrival MEMmy inital altitude is 30000 my cost index is 100now i put a fuel reserve of 20.0 and again i am getting the warningInsufficant fuelaccording to my progress page i should arrive in Mem with 11.4 leftnow i know that can't be rightthe distance is listed as 4010 miles which is well in rangeis there something i am doing wrong?any help would be greatA3ifs40
  11. Hi all sorry it took so long work interfering with play you knowthanks for your info and helpi will try doing a flight Lfpg to Kmem today and give you a report onhow i do. i will use you advice on the cost index and start with a low FLT level and tell all when it is overthanks for all the help for you folksa3ifs40
  12. Hi I am having a range problem with the 747-400fI am trying to fly from KMEM to EDDF using the Atlas Air 747-400F with a distance of 4,125 miles and a inital flt level of 30,000now according to the specs of the plane the max fully loaded rangeof the aircraft is 4,450 nautical miles I have a ZFW of 632816 and full full of 242184 = 875,000and i know i can add 2000 extra pounds of fuel to still fall within safe limits for take off according to the manual speaking of the manual how much of a differance between the pax and the cargo version of the manual?i programed the fmc with the following flight plan which was FDX 38route on Decmeber 7th 2006J42 KONGO J145 HVQ J78 PSB J49 BGR J581 YJT CYMON DENDU (cross the atlantic) LIMRI UN523 DOLIP UN523 CRK UL607 SPI UT180 DITEL T180 OSMAX OSMAX1Wput in a reserve of 42.o and a cost index of 0and it said "insufficant fuel"is there something i am doing wrongany help would be greatthanks
  13. Hi Am I missing something or is there no 747-400 pax forSingapore Airlines?thanksa3ifs40
  14. hi I just tried useing editvoice pack and it did not workthe ICAO code for them is JET LIFTI have tried every possible way with the name and the ATCdoes not read it encludingJET LIFTJet LiftJETLIFTand JetLiftany help would be greatthanks
  15. Hello I have just loaded the Global Supply Systems 747-400Fand the sim atc does not read itthe ATC name is Jet Lift Is there anything i mite be doing wrong??thanksa3ifs40
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