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  1. Hi Steven, Yes that's done the trick : thanks a million !
  2. Hi Mark, I already have a license for the P3D 737NG remote overhead, which I run on a networked Windows 10 client PC and works fine. The other day I purchased a license for the P3D 777 remote overhead and added the .LIC file to the simserver folder on my flightsim PC and on my client PC after updating the software on both machines. On the server, the license status is correct. But when I load the 777 on the flightsim PC and open OverheadClient on the client PC, the 737NG overhead shows up and not the 777. I must have done something wrong, but what ? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  3. EmileB

    Air New Zealand New Colours - Repaints

    Not that I've seen - I would love it ! I fly the NGX in P3DV4.3 nowadays but like Wes, in the old classic colour scheme 737-700 made to look like a -300 (that was a livery for FSX but works fine in P3D). If he reads this, maybe he'll be able to put some time into it.
  4. EmileB

    heads up display

    Hi Stanford, Can you be a bit more specific ? E.g. won't it deploy at all ? Does it deploy but the display is blank ?
  5. EmileB


    With P3DV4 you won't need FSUIPC for this. Under Options - Controls - Axis Assignments in P3DV4, the second event from the top should be called "Axis Steering Set". Assign this to a controller axis and you're away (on my rig, it's assigned to a lever on my CH Throttle Quadrant). You may need to play with the sensitivity and possibly reverse the axis, that should be all. Hope this helps.
  6. EmileB

    SDK Gear-lever control ID ?

    I don't know if this helps, because I don't work directly from the SDK (wouldn't know how 😏). I use Lua plug-ins that send ipc controls and/or Local Gauge Variables to the sim via FSUIPC. Depending on which button is pressed, the ipc control sequences are gear unlock-up, gear unlock-off and gear unlock-down, which probably correspond to the parameters 0, 1 and 2 in the SDK but that's beyond me. All I'm saying, is that it can be done and the PMDG NGX definitely supports gear lever commands.
  7. EmileB

    Programming rotary switches

    Hi Henning, Similar to Claus except that I use Lua plug-ins to call those controls from my home-built "functional MCP" through FSUIPC. I show the controls and their parameters below as I programmed them in the Lua plug-in but it will give you the numbers. For Captain's course selector : Increase (clockwise) : ipc.control(70008, 16384) Decrease (anti-clockwise) : ipc.control(70008, 8192) For First Officer's course selector : Increase (clockwise) : ipc.control(70041, 16384) Decrease (anti-clockwise) : ipc.control(70041, 8192) Heading increase (clockwise) : ipc.control(70022, 16384) Heading decrease (anti-clockwise) : ipc.control(70022, 8192) Hope this helps.
  8. EmileB

    VRPATH issue in P3D with PMDG 737NG

    Hi Chris, You were spot-on and the problem has been fixed. Thanks for your quick reply !
  9. I posted the following in the official P3D forum some three weeks ago but received no replies from anyone there. As the issue I encountered, arose after installing the PMDG 737NG, I'm now posting it here just in case someone can enlighten me. Sorry it's a bit verbose : I recently installed P3DV4.3 from scratch. My flightsim PC runs Windows 7 64 bit, which has also been recently installed on a newly formatted SSD. Sofar the only add-ons I had installed, were the most recent versions of FSUIPC and EZCA, no add-on scenery, no add-on aircraft. P3D4.3 ran fine sofar, no warnings or other issues. But then I installed my first add-on aircraft : the PMDG 737NG (base pack only sofar, no add-on liveries, freshly downloaded from the PMDG store). Since that install, each time while P3D is loading, a window titled "SimConnect Diagnostic Output" opens with the following message : 0.00000 SimConnect version Unable to read VR Path Registry from C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\openvr\openvrpaths.vrpath P3D appears to run OK, the 737NG loads OK. The above window closes when I shut down P3D. But what does this message mean and more importantly, should I be concerned about it and if so, how could it be fixed ? Thanks a lot for any explanations or suggestions.
  10. EmileB

    737 NGX issues

    Hmmm... I have had a subscription to Navigraph for years. Using current nav data at all times has not caused me any FSX problems whatsoever. In my case, most of my FSX flights are online with VATSIM. Therefore having the latest nav data is imperative, otherwise I would often be unable to comply with ATC instructions e.g. when being assigned a specific SID or STAR since those change periodically. I would be interested to learn what "variety of problems" are associated with using current nav data. The only one that springs to mind, is possibly the odd runway or ILS alignment. But if that is the case, wouldn't then using the in-sim coded data cause problems with add-on scenery where such alignment is reflected in current nav data ?
  11. Hope it's not against Forum rules to post this here as it contains a link to a different forum. I'm trying to help people, but don't want to fall foul of Forum rules either. So if it's not allowed, the moderator can remove it. Nick Needham also posted a guide to Nvidia Inspector for FSX in Simforums on 19 September 2010. I saved it offline and have referred to it several times since when updating my system or the Nvidia drivers. It's for an older version of the Inspector, of course (V1.9.3.2) but many of the settings still apply. The post on that forum is still there, has been updated in 2014, AND includes the screenshots that can't be found in AVSIM forums any longer. Here is the link : http://www.simforums.com/forums/drivers-nv-inspector-fsx-cfg-complete-guide_topic36586.html In version (the one currently on my system), you type "Microsoft Flight Simulator 10" in the drop-down box. Hope this helps someone.
  12. EmileB

    Air New Zealand New Colours - Repaints

    Hi Wes, I regularly travel on Air New Zealand between Auckland and Christchurch or Wellington and once or twice found myself on ZK-OAB which (despite it being an airbus) looks pretty spectacular. Looking forward to your new livery for the NGX (I fly it in FSX) - especially if you'll be doing a 800W - and thanks a lot in advance
  13. EmileB

    RAAS master switch status

    Thanks Romain, I'll check that out.