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  1. I had to uninstall P3DV4.5 HF3 due to a technical issue that I couldn't fix. Before uninstalling P3D I removed all add-ons including UGCX. P3D is now back up and running again. When I go to re-install UGCX, will it find the aircraft and airport profiles I created ? They are still in the same location (and backed up for good measure).
  2. Thanks Bryan, will keep an eye out. Will this be announced on Facebook ? That's where I'll be most likely to notice it.
  3. Hey Fernando, Apologies for the delayed reply ! I somehow had not received notification of updates to this thread so did not check it for a week. On my PC, the airport profiles are stored in C:\Users\Emile\AppData\Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X\Airport Profiles\ with a folder for each airport where I have used UGCX. Hope this helps 😃
  4. Hi Manuel, Good idea. As it happens, a couple of weeks ago I created a custom pushback route for NZCH Gate 34, which as it turns out also has the problem (pushback completes OK with the PMDG 737-600 NGXu but not with the PMDG 772 or 773). I found the NZCH airport profile folder OK. Here is the contents of the file Gate 34.INI : [ParkingProfile] marshallerdist=25 totalpbroutes=1 [PushbackRoute.0] totalwpnts=5 tailhdg=122 nosehdg=302 pbnodeidx=3 routename=Facing west waypoint.0=-43.48739572;172.54281297 waypoint.1=-43.48725821;172.54418065 waypoint.2=-43.48730955;172.54437134 waypoint.3=-43.48737752;172.54447800 waypoint.4=-43.48746477;172.54461199 Hope this helps. Just be aware that as with my NZAA installation, this is an add-on airport, not a default P3D one (though by a different developer).
  5. Hi Manuel, Yes the problem occurs with the PMDG B777, both the 200 and 300 models. I use the Schopf tug for both aircraft and yes both have a bypass pin configured.
  6. That's a good idea. I just uploaded an archive with the two screenshots. Here is the link : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/69d0b801388ed0c76efa4b94a17a896d20200721115557/9dfd8c4b77bb0d37904bb06b92ebdc2720200721115620/ee1140 BTW these are not custom routes and as mentioned, I was unable to edit them. Hope Manual can make some sense out of this.
  7. I have taken screenshots of the previews of the routes at NZAA gates B3 (which does not complete) and A28 (which does complete). To me, the only difference between the two is that at gate A28 the pushback segment at the final heading is much longer (almost as long as the first segment "off the gate") than is the case at gate B3. Unfortunately I can't paste them here but if you're interested in seeing them, let me know how I can get them to you.
  8. Yes, consistently. And I have now found the same issue at another airport (NZAA gate 3, airport included in ORBX's New Zealand North Island) and that is not a custom pushback route. At both locations, pushback with the PMDG 772 does not complete, but with the PMDG 738 it does. And to add to the mystery : at NZAA gate 28, the PMDG 772 pushback sequence completes correctly (that's a gate at the domestic terminal, not used for widebodied aircraft IRL)...🤨
  9. I just created a custom pushback route at Godzone's NZCH (P3DV4.5, latest version of UGCX). The whole sequence runs fine, until pushback is complete and the parking brake set. The ramp agent disconnects the towbar, the tug backs away - and then the agent just stands there. I end up having to kill the process, otherwise I'll run him over when I start taxiing. I have defined a pushback point in the route. But I wonder if maybe it is too close to the route's final waypoint ? Reason : the problem occurs when I push back a 772, but not when I push back a 738 in which case the procedure completes fine. Any hints appreciated.
  10. Hi Manuel, Thanks a lot for your speedy reply : yes that's sorted it.
  11. When I create a new pushback route, the first waypoint polygon is shown in yellow. Subsequent waypoints do no show up in the top-down view - which is a nuisance - and the first one remains yellow. When restoring the airport map window, the subsequent waypoints are there though. This is with UGCX V1.9, P3DV4.5 HF3. I previously created a pushback route for another gate at the same airport and the red polygons then appeared in the top-down OK (can't remember if this was with V1.7 or V1.8). Can this be looked at ? I may have done something wrong of course, but I thought I followed the manual to the letter. Thanks in advance !
  12. When I use OverheadClient (V8.1.0.0) with the PMDG NGXu, the landing lights switches are the "original" configuration no matter what option has been selected for the aircraft itself. Also the landing lights bar does not work on the OverheadClient. It's only a minor issue but would it be possible to look into this some time ? Thanks in every other aspect for AviaServer : it's an awesome product ! UPDATE : Please disregard - most of the landing light logic works fine on the Overhead Client. Sorry !
  13. Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Andrew, will try it out.
  14. Sorry to jump in here, but I have also found a problem with 3.1.1. Every time that I load LINDA and want to use theTracer I have to "Select LINDA" and tick Developer, because that setting is not saved. There is nothing in the linda-gui.ini file that shouldn't be there, judging from what you commented on the OP's file. I run LINDA in administrator mode, and P3D is installed on its own dedicated SSD. It's a bit of a nuisance having to do this to run the tracer, but at least I can get it to run. It's something you may want to look into at some stage though.
  15. Yes I've also purchased it now and am waiting for the license file. Unfortunately, PayPal pulled a nasty surprise on me. €10.00 for Mark (which is seriously modest for such a fabulous add-on IMHO), but a PayPal charge on top of that of €4.70 : almost 50% of the transaction value ! It's probably hidden in their lawyers-created small print, but OTT all the same in my view 😠
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