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  1. Same. the garmin 1000 bug and Carenado does not fix it ..
  2. Mangouste

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Do not register your credit card, it may be a piracy.
  3. Mangouste

    Ground Power

    The big problem Carenado the GPU never works.
  4. Mangouste

    Blackhawk B350i Mod v1.0

    Milviz ? For 2050 leurs KA350..He may never come out.
  5. Mangouste

    Blackhawk B350i Mod v1.0

    Good job it's not the same plane anymore. I am in awe of the work done.
  6. Mangouste

    Gold Award for Cheyenne III

    No, users here often take part in making comparisons with other designer publishers. Here between those who do not know where the battery interrupters are and those who are saying that they are real pilots, the arguments fall into the water. But I get my own opinion for all plane. For example I look at general reviews about a product in this forum. But it's not his opinion that will make me buy or not a product.
  7. Review The Carenado PA-42 Cheyenne III is awarded an overall Mutley's Hangar score of 9.7/10, with an "Outstanding" and a Mutley's Hangar Gold Award.
  8. Milviz.. Like it's going to change something. I have their 350I FSX (I'm still waiting for the final plane, it's long) and it does not happen at the ankle of carenado. Ok they overhaul another Then come talk about other device on a forum Carenado is how to say ...
  9. Mangouste

    Cold and Dark

    Shift+8 and clic Cold and dark or "Taxi running".
  10. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    Hello It works. A big thank-you. I put the files and it works. Two minutes, I've been trying for three days. thanks again
  11. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    Well yes.
  12. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    Yes P3D V4 is Admin, the other plane function with RXP
  13. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    I only have this document in: my name \ Documents \ Reality XP \ GTN Simulation \ FLTSim \ RealityXP.GTN and this is the one I posted. yes I have the writing on my authorized disk. And yes P3D V4 is Administrator. I also inform you that I have the XP11 version installed. Yes bills511 I did everything right.
  14. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    D:\Pepar3D V4 and : ;////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ;// Reality XP Keyboard Shortcuts Configuration File - v1.0 ;////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ;// ;// [SHORTCUTS] Keyboard shortcuts section. Shortcuts must be configured in this INI file located at: ;// "My Documents\Flight Simulator Files" ;// ;// every function support any combination of ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+KEY with the following valid KEY: ;// ;// F1 to F24, 0 to 9, A to Z, NUMPAD0 to NUMPAD9, BACK, TAB, CLEAR, RETURN, ESCAPE, ;// SPACE, PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN, END, HOME, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, SELECT, PRINT, EXECUTE, SNAPSHOT, INSERT, DELETE, HELP, ;// MULTIPLY, ADD, SEPARATOR, SUBTRACT, NUMPADDOT, DIVIDE, ;// BROWSER_BACK, BROWSER_FORWARD, BROWSER_REFRESH, BROWSER_STOP, BROWSER_SEARCH, BROWSER_FAVORITES, BROWSER_HOME, ;// LAUNCH_MAIL, LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT, LAUNCH_APP1, LAUNCH_APP2, ;// MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK, MEDIA_PREV_TRACK, MEDIA_STOP, MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE, ;// VOLUME_MUTE, VOLUME_DOWN, VOLUME_UP, ;// ;// Disable a shortcut: leave the line empty after the '=' sign. ;// Define a shortcut : write the key definition after the '=' sign to configure a shortcut. ;// ;// For example, FUNCTION_NAME=CTRL+SHIFT+N controls the function 'FUNCTION_NAME' with 'CTRL+SHIFT+N' ;// ;////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [SHORTCUTS] TOGGLE_WINDOW_1 = ALT+SHIFT+1 DTO_1 = HOME_1 = VOL_PUSH_1 = VOL_CCW_1 = VOL_CW_1 = FMS_PUSH_1 = FMS_OUTER_CCW_1 = FMS_OUTER_CW_1 = FMS_INNER_CCW_1 = FMS_INNER_CW_1 = CDI_SOURCE_1 = OBS_MODE_1 = TAWS_INHIBIT_1 = TOGGLE_WINDOW_2 = DTO_2 = HOME_2 = VOL_PUSH_2 = VOL_CCW_2 = VOL_CW_2 = FMS_PUSH_2 = FMS_OUTER_CCW_2 = FMS_OUTER_CW_2 = FMS_INNER_CCW_2 = FMS_INNER_CW_2 = CDI_SOURCE_2 = OBS_MODE_2 = TAWS_INHIBIT_2 = RXP_GPS_MASTER_DEVICE_0 = RXP_GPS_MASTER_DEVICE_1 = RXP_GPS_MASTER_DEVICE_2 = RXP_GPS_MASTER_DEVICE_NEXT =
  15. Mangouste

    Xtreme Prototype Learjet 25

    Hello. Yes it takes into account but makes no change in the cockpit, modifying with the tutorial Bills511.