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  1. No worries Jai:) BTW the link is pretty informative. Thankyou for putting it across.
  2. Hey Jia, That was kind of you to take some effort to dig up information of MD11 from the real operations manual. Really appreciate that. BTW as you motioned, the developers try to replicate / model airplanes as accurately as possible these days, which is a huge blessing as far as we as serious simmers are concerned. Meanwhile from where could you gain access to Real Ops Manual. Do you work in an MD11 back ground or pulled it from you MD11 pilot contacts:)Anyways that’s a spectacular thing to do.
  3. Relax Zebra chief :) Whenever someone comes across an error, no matter how small, we should highlight it. It’s not to demeanor an anyone/ any organization or anything else, instead the intent is to prevent mistakes from happening in the future. Also When ever we point out something, we need to have enough reason / proof to substantiate our claims. Hence the graphs. BTW even if its a simulation and no one would get killed if the values are in correct, I’m sure PMDG as a company with immense reputation to the finest details would appreciate responses from customers who points out their short comings and errors. So that they can always come up something a little more better in the future. And that what customers like me would expect from them. Moreover PMDG provides Hard copies of documentation which is bought by customers around the world. “I mean the serious Sim enthusiasts do”. So if they come across such an error they will definitely revise the error while printing it the next time. The are not going to say “Hey!! Its just a simulation – so let’s just leave it there” No No way for a organization like PMDG. I’m not here for an argument. Just felt like pointing it out and I did. BTW it would be nice if you could be a bit more courteous while being in forums. If you are disappointed in a thread like this, you may express your feeling about it, No issues with that, however please try to be a bit more courteous while being on public forums.
  4. Hi Paul!! Kindly Refer landing distances in the columns preceding and succeeding the incorrect value, corresponding to Wt 460000 lbs and 50000 lbs which is 4410 and 4720 respectively, as well as see other charts with the similar pattern of landings distances increasing with the increasing weight for any given temperature. So its highly unlikely for the value to be deviating out of the pattern ie: 1550 @ 480000 lbs. For details please reffer attachment with trend indicator graph for details ( The doted Blue line indicates the Stoping distance Trend @ Surface Level with STD=15C. Anyways as you said, its always worth a try in FSX :) Kind regards, George Mechanical Engineer IND
  5. Yes Sir. I can understand that. Just Intimated.. Thats all :) BTW I guess they still print our the hard copies of the documentation including the FCOM. So may be this my help them from printing the same mistake again. Afterall I guess there are so many customers who still continue to purchase hard copies of various MD-11 documents at a huge price. So a little change might keep them happy :) Kind regards, George Mechanical Engineer IND
  6. This is with reference to the value stated for Dry Runway Estimated Landing Distance at Flaps 50/EXT mentioned on Page No 420 Under Procedures and Techniques section of the PMDG MD-11 FCOM (Doc Ref: PMDG MD-11 FCOM/PD.00.2/DTD 04 AUGUST, 2008). The Value mentioned therein is 1550. I suppose it is a typographical error and should have been 4550 instead. Refer attachment for details. Kindly cross check your documention. Kind regards, George Mechanical Engineer IND
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