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  1. joergpauly

    bought the MD11 twice but can't use it...

    Well, finally it all came to a good end, and I want to thank everyone who was involved. The MD11 again is acting as a Fuel-To-Noise-Converter on my FSX ( :smile: ) and the falsely placed order has been rolled back completely. Especially to Robert I have to appologize for my opening post. It seems to be a bad idea to post into a forum when you have spent enough hours to get a complex thing as FSX running...even knowing this is not done like "Install And Play"! In fact I love the PMDG products for their very detailed behaviour, and beeing CAA ramp inspector I know what I'm talking about. Kind regards Joerg
  2. joergpauly

    bought the MD11 twice but can't use it...

    Hello, everyone, here's an intermediate report regarding this case: Thanks to Paul an Kyle the "triangular file" as we call it here in Cologne is now back in my hangar. To me it seemed to be a problem with a trailing white space when you mark the order# to copy... several screen layouts make it almost impossible to see this. or I'm just almost blind... So there's one problem left: my falsely placed second order. Is there any chance to rollback this? I could imagine your servers track activation attempts, so it might be possible to check this licence has not been activated yet. I could offer a solution if it occours to be difficult to recredit the order... (but don't tell my wife... ): I'd purchase the triple seven and pay the difference... Kind regards Joerg
  3. joergpauly

    bought the MD11 twice but can't use it...

    Good Morning, Robert, sorry for doing it like the loco: dropping steam pressure... You see, if you work hours and hours to get things working again and you feed FSX with about 40 Add Ons you are subject to a first class stress test. If you then finally come to install all your PMDG A/Cs, beeing happy to come to and end and the Last One in Sequence, (after the PMDG Boeing Fleet slipped into the system like beeing prepared with grease) denies cooperation...., this might give you the rest after an 18 hours day... I think it wasn't the best idea to open a thread in that situation... Well, I've opened a ticket now; I even can't imagine this was unfixable.. Regards Joerg
  4. Hello, I have to confess, I'm angry... I once bought the MD11, flew it on FSX and everything was fine! But then my computer crashed, I had to set up a new one. I could access all my online accounts, so I dl'ed the MD11 and tried to install it with my well known data taken from my PMDG account site. The installer denied... I purchased it once again, paid for it the 2nd time, received new data and tried with that. Once again I was told my data was invalid. This makes no sense to me, and it even shouldn't make sense to PMDG. So I ask for two things: 1.) I want to have the product I have paid for functioning. 2.) As this obviously's not my fault I want to have the money for the 2nd purchase recredited. Regards Joerg Pauly