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  1. I discovered that the registry entry for FSX:SE was not complete and a key 10.0 plus one more AppData needed to be added and AppData populated with my local steam FSX:SE root. This solved the problem and I was able to install FSUIPC4 into FSX:SE and confirmed it ran.
  2. Since FSUIPC is, I assume, just the FSUIPC4.DLL and a folder created by the installer named Modules into which the FSUIPC4.DLL is placed and appropriate changes to the DLL.XML, can I manually install FSUIPC4 into FSX:SE? I am disregarding registry entries or anything else the installer does; Only interested in the FSUIPC4.DLL. I can enter my registration data once the sim loads the module. The reason I am asking this is because I installed steam into the root of my local drive and FSUIPC is unable to locate FSX:SE as a result.
  3. Around the world -- Over this weekend I spent many long hours shuttling freight across the pacific in 748s of between 6 - 8 hours and interested in longer 12 - 16 hour flights. That peaked interest in how I could maximize endurance for an around the world flight with very minimal refuel stops. Anyone have interest?
  4. Imanual


    No. I would feel like a pilot that owns the plane and has a certain responsibilty. Cargo is modeled more frequently by developers as well so pax stuff is just boring to me.
  5. Imanual


    Is there a cargo only version or cargo repaint? I somewhat despise passenger operations because they make me feel like a bus driver.
  6. I have managed to simplify fuel loading and I use fuelplanner.com. I specify departure and arrival then click loadsheet. I then look at trip fuel and note it is for 2/3 cargo. I then use the following equation to compute fuel for 3/3 cargo: 2/3 / Trip Fuel = 3/3 / x. I then compute x and add a margin of 15 to 25 thousand pounds of fuel. Without the margin, even though I have enough fuel to reach destination and about 15 to 20 thousand to spare, I still get insufficient fuel warmings. I started to ignore the crys of insufficient fuel until this weekend when landing 31R at JFK a popup appears on the displaced threshold and I perform a missed approach but since I don't have the fuel for complete hold and resequence, I shortcut it back to the runway only to find on the dogleg my engines shutting down. I suggest it be taken seriously only to have extra fuel time.
  7. Enable Autoflight prior to departure when engines are on. When above 400 feet, hit autoflight again and then either control parameters by right-clicking or push the buttons beneath the rotaries and let the plane do it. I will be putting up a youtube video soon with such details from flight I took to anchorage.
  8. File parsing errors have less to do with file extension and more to do with format driven by that file extension. A parser should, in general, be able to identify and ignore comments and stray characters, extract keywords and their data, and handle file i/o errors gracefully, i.e report the error in human readable format specifying why the error occured in laymens terms. Parsing is possible if a standard format is adhered to for each file extension and not if changes to the generation of that file change or if the parser itself is changed resulting in expected conflicting program behavior. Best thing to do is bring this matter to the attention of both FSCommander and ACtive Sky Next developers and they can work out why this error occured. Also, make sure you are not modifying the file causing the parser to throw a fit. Imanual
  9. The problem is piracy and believe me the cost to protect these products, when implemented, is passed to the customer. Many developers choose not to care, set the price, and may include a corollary in the README about piracy. Others will actively defend their products. Then there is what I consider the hope for large revenues through Prepared which is really where these developers want to be and no longer catering to the customers that contributed to their success. Those developers that view Prepared as just FSX11 and nothing more than business as usual price their products reasonably or simply grant access to P3D via an installer with options for FSX or Prepared. Thus it us up to us to speak what we want and what we believe caters to us as I view a developer as serving my needs and wants; I don't and won't serve theirs so choose to do what you will as a paying customer. I have purchased much payware and, quite frankly, far too much but I consider myself a junky. As a licensed pilot, I subsidize with Flight Simulation and that includes aircraft for which I don't have a type rating. This has caused me to own all FSX PMDG except the J41 and all commercial CaptainSim in addition to corporate and general aviation - A2A, EagleSoft, etc. I inasmuch vote with my wallet as with my passion for this hobby. As a paying customer, I can decide what a developer offers meets my expectation and price points and pay or not. We all have this power so make your voice known. Imanual
  10. So there I was ... 134 knots on runway 31R, autothrottle disconnect engaged, thrust levers idle (on my end), and spoilers ground flight engaged but I am not slowing fast enough. Autobrake was enabled minimum but I don't recall any braking occuring. Slowing down; 120, 115 but via friction with the runway only. My eyes glance up to see the end of the runway going by and now I am high speed on the taxiway heading quickly into a jet blast fence at the taxiway turn. My mind flashes back to the approach: Autoflight disengaged and autothrottle giving me trouble. Prior to my predicament the aircraft was on the approach in dual land configuration. Some short time later the aircraft was in flare but the autothrottle had not disengaged and the aircraft simply flew down the runway just a few feet high. It was too late for an attempt to land and stop in time so I disconnected the autoflight and wanted to fly right traffic to perform a visual approach. The throttle was clamped in alpha protection and attempts to disconnect the autothrottle for climb power turned into a struggle between the aircraft and I and never was I confident the throttle is in my control only. Once again, on final approach, hand flying the guidance when my wheels touch, ground spoilers activate, and, even though disconnected, the autothrottle again clamped for alpha protection and would not idle out for application of reverse thrust. I was a heavy aircraft with Vref 185 knots so, needless to say, when the throttle finally obeyed and relinquished, I had gone through the blast fence and was headed for a hangar which I unfortunately perforated at about 125 knots. I can't explain this behavior. I hit, several times, autothrottle disconnect and while rumbling down the runway would glance at it to observe it deviating to near full power then back to idle and them to medium power. During my hand flown pattern around to perform a manual landing, gusty winds and no FSUIPC wind smoothing option set had the airspeed loose 25 knots and I reached alpha whereby the flight computer commanded movement of the throttles and would mot relinquish control even when commanded to. I feel at this point I will have to take control from the aircraft on final approach to avoid this ever happening again. Imanual
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