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  1. Hi, in this video you can see the great quality of this new aircraft of Carenado, as usual :rolleyes: and sorry for flying mistakes!!
  2. yeah, it's the freeware scenery!! one of my freeware favourites :rolleyes:
  3. yeah, that effect in clouds appers sometimes... thanks!! :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks!! :rolleyes:
  5. New Boeing 732 (by FlyJSim) First Flights in Bora Bora I hope you like
  6. thanks for this info!!
  7. do not worry you're right the list is subjective, and depends on each value over one thing or another, it is true that I use is the F-16 because I like both this aircraft, but the MiG-29 and AMX I use them much and are very great!! I hope that manufacturers can do any more with great quality: F-35, SU-37, MIG-35, SU-36...
  8. Hi, is set the F-16 the first one because in graphics details and sounds quality I think is the most complete but you are right that looking only realism and physics tickets the better the MIG-29 undoubtedly the AMX is also very good "fighter" , but I think we agree is that they are the top 3 Thanks for feedback!!
  9. Here, there are a ranking of fighters for X-Plane 10? What do you think are the best?
  10. Thanks. It-s a great aircraft for X-Plane 10 :rolleyes:
  11. Thanks for this awesome scenery mesh!! :rolleyes:
  12. New update 1.1 KhamsinStudio with North American B25-J STRAFER and new liveries...
  13. sharris

    New Alabeo aircraft

    yeah, this aircraft its medium quality, its not the B200 by Carenado for example And me too I was using a lot the Bell 407 it's a great helicopter
  14. sharris

    B200 KingAir Coming...

    Hi, my first flight with this great new aircraft of Carenado: i hope you like :rolleyes:
  15. sharris

    New Alabeo aircraft

    Hi, yeah, I have both and its very similar but CUTLASS RG with more details, and better quality and more controls that the old C172 :rolleyes: Here you can compare a bit: CUTLASS RG C172 Skyhawk II