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  1. Hi, in this video you can see the great quality of this new aircraft of Carenado, as usual :rolleyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T8is0t0bWU and sorry for flying mistakes!!
  2. yeah, it's the xpfr.org freeware scenery!! one of my freeware favourites :rolleyes:
  3. yeah, that effect in clouds appers sometimes... thanks!! :rolleyes:
  4. New Boeing 732 (by FlyJSim) First Flights in Bora Bora I hope you like
  5. do not worry you're right the list is subjective, and depends on each value over one thing or another, it is true that I use is the F-16 because I like both this aircraft, but the MiG-29 and AMX I use them much and are very great!! I hope that manufacturers can do any more with great quality: F-35, SU-37, MIG-35, SU-36...
  6. Hi, is set the F-16 the first one because in graphics details and sounds quality I think is the most complete but you are right that looking only realism and physics tickets the better the MIG-29 undoubtedly the AMX is also very good "fighter" , but I think we agree is that they are the top 3 Thanks for feedback!!
  7. Here, there are a ranking of fighters for X-Plane 10? http://flightsworldwidevideos.com/2014/05/26/best-fighers/ What do you think are the best?
  8. Thanks. It-s a great aircraft for X-Plane 10 :rolleyes:
  9. Thanks for this awesome scenery mesh!! :rolleyes: http://flightsworldwidevideos.com
  10. New update 1.1 KhamsinStudio with North American B25-J STRAFER and new liveries...
  11. yeah, this aircraft its medium quality, its not the B200 by Carenado for example And me too I was using a lot the Bell 407 it's a great helicopter
  12. Hi, my first flight with this great new aircraft of Carenado: i hope you like :rolleyes:
  13. Hi, yeah, I have both and its very similar but CUTLASS RG with more details, and better quality and more controls that the old C172 :rolleyes: Here you can compare a bit: CUTLASS RG C172 Skyhawk II
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