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  1. Got the update installed, got the extra packages for the A310 and DC-3 from the marketplace, and then the connection died.
  2. I was on final approach into Houston Bush International when a plane, not sure if it was AI or not, appeared out of nowhere a few hundred feet in front of me. My A320 went off on traffic alerts, and started climbing to avoid a collision. I was kind of mad at the time that it wrecked my approach. 😄
  3. No, the SR-71 did not, but it only flew up to altitudes of 85000 ft (confirmed) at mach 3ish, give or take. Supposedly this Darkstar goes up to 150,000 ft at mach 9-10. Maybe the higher speeds and altitude envelope play a factor. Again, just spitballing. Likely, it's just to give the player something to do up at altitude when going hypersonic.
  4. I wonder if it's related to high speed at high altitude, to mimic LEO spacecraft like the space shuttle orbiter, which was inverted in orbit at times and during initial re-entry. Not that that would make sense for a hypersonic jet that's not in LEO. Just a thought.
  5. Got the Fenix A320 instead of the 737-700. I'm waiting for the 800 to get the PMDG.
  6. I'm confused... Isn't the person asking the payment question the OP? Did he not read his own post?
  7. Paramount isn't making many fans with the continuing pushing back of their movie release dates.
  8. With the rate SU5 is downloading for me, I'll be lucky if I can jump in at all today. 30+ minutes in, and less than 4GB downloaded. This is on 500Mbps internet. The servers must be getting hammered today (understandably so).
  9. *sigh* My PC's been downloading the update for the past 30 minutes. I'm 4GB in out of 40...
  10. For those interested who will be flying on an Xbox Series X|S, the full 97GB download is now available to pre-load. Still not playable until the 27th, but at least you can get it downloaded in advance. I'm getting this going so my kids and I can use it as well as my PC. Should be fun for casual flying. Sorry, took a quick look and missed that this had already been posted.
  11. I would love to see an updated KSLC with the new terminals in the simulation.
  12. The 787 is exclusive to the premium deluxe version. The standard Gamepass version will not have it available to fly. The upgrade must be purchased to use it.
  13. Yeah I thought it sounded like DX12 as well. Would be great to have the improvements on performance.
  14. I've been using VR in MSFS since the VR beta in October. I'm as blown away now as I was then. The immersion you feel in flight is like nothing I've ever experienced outside of real time in an aircraft. The settings need some tweaking to balance FPS and visual quality, but I have to say that it's hard for me to not put my headset on when flying anymore. Now, to get a Reverb G2, and one of those elusive next gen graphics cards...
  15. My yoke has not loosened up as of yet. Hopefully it stays that way.
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