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  1. Paramount isn't making many fans with the continuing pushing back of their movie release dates.
  2. With the rate SU5 is downloading for me, I'll be lucky if I can jump in at all today. 30+ minutes in, and less than 4GB downloaded. This is on 500Mbps internet. The servers must be getting hammered today (understandably so).
  3. *sigh* My PC's been downloading the update for the past 30 minutes. I'm 4GB in out of 40...
  4. For those interested who will be flying on an Xbox Series X|S, the full 97GB download is now available to pre-load. Still not playable until the 27th, but at least you can get it downloaded in advance. I'm getting this going so my kids and I can use it as well as my PC. Should be fun for casual flying. Sorry, took a quick look and missed that this had already been posted.
  5. I would love to see an updated KSLC with the new terminals in the simulation.
  6. The 787 is exclusive to the premium deluxe version. The standard Gamepass version will not have it available to fly. The upgrade must be purchased to use it.
  7. Yeah I thought it sounded like DX12 as well. Would be great to have the improvements on performance.
  8. I've been using VR in MSFS since the VR beta in October. I'm as blown away now as I was then. The immersion you feel in flight is like nothing I've ever experienced outside of real time in an aircraft. The settings need some tweaking to balance FPS and visual quality, but I have to say that it's hard for me to not put my headset on when flying anymore. Now, to get a Reverb G2, and one of those elusive next gen graphics cards...
  9. My yoke has not loosened up as of yet. Hopefully it stays that way.
  10. I've had my Honeycomb Alpha for nearly a year now, and I love it. It has made flight simming so much more enjoyable for me. No problems in MSFS either. Now I'm just waiting for my Bravo pre-order to show up.
  11. Honeycomb re-opened pre-orders, and I was able to get in on Week 2 production after also being disappointed with having my order torn out of my cart as I submitted the first time.
  12. Things were going well, until the install launcher crashed at about 30GB downloaded, and I had to restart it. Instead of picking up where it left off, the sim tried to load and went into the settings selections and such. I had to clear the downloaded data and start over to get it to start downloading again. 9GB in now... *Sigh*
  13. When I was looking into cards back in April, the 2080 Super was 10% at most faster that the 2080. In most cases it's about 5% faster or so. The difference between the 2080 and 2080 Super is not much, unlike the 2070 to 2070 Super which took the 2070 to almost 2080 levels. I ended up getting an EVGA 2080 over the 2080 Super. I got the 2080 for about $540, which is in the price range of 2070 Super cards. I couldn't justify $650-$700 for the 2080 Super for 5-10% performance.
  14. It's just a calculation algorithm. Once I changed my PC's time zone back to US Mountain Time, it reflects August 17th, 10:00PM again.
  15. This is correct. I changed my PC's time zone to US Eastern Time +2 hours from my area, and the release time changed to August 18th, 12:00AM.
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