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  1. I am running a 6800XT with a 5800x3D. I have MSFS set at 1920x1080 and use AMD Super Resolution to upscale to 2560x1440. Everything is on Ultra with 200 LOD's, frame rate set to 50% with 120mhz refresh rate. Frames are almost always at a steady 60 fps.
  2. Previous Beta's did, in fact, throw you out a couple of weeks after the Beta ended. It always caused a spate of "MSFS Deleted itself" threads here and at the Official Forums. I guess they got tired of that this time around.
  3. Starting this morning evertime I change a page here at Avsim, Malwarebytes is blocking 5 different instances of Google Analytics stuff. This is even though I am running Adblock Pro. Has something changed here or at Malwarebytes? The 5 popups on every page is starting to get annoying.
  4. I had passed on this Beta round until I couldn't stand it any longer and installed it last Saturday. Today, thinking back to previous Beta's, I opted out and waited until after 8:00 AM PST and then started MSFS. It reverted back to v9 and I couldn't get it to find any updates, either in the MS Store or the xBox App. I finally did my trick of renaming the MSFS install directory, uninstalling from the xBox App, renaiming the install dir back to default, and then clicking Install in the xBox App. It only did the 1.8gB initial download and then loaded just fine. Now am back to 1.27.21. I guess I just should have left it alone this time.
  5. Thanks for the answers, I would have never figured out the TO GA. And heres to hoping Marwan can figure out the Cutoff switching. I am just now getting back to flying this aircraft. When it first released and didn't work so well with my Bravo's AP switching, I just kind of parked it in the back of my hangar waiting on the updates, which have now arrived. Thanks again.
  6. I have the Beta v2 installed in Communitywith ship traffic set at 7%. I just did a flight from Key West to Ft Lauderdale Executive and did not see one ship on the trip. I have noticed that something has happenedover the last month to where I don't see any ship traffic any more. Any thoughts?
  7. Can someone tell me the secret to getting my Bravo to move the throttles into the Cutoff position? I have tried both "Throttle Decrease" and "Throttle Cutoff". Neither will move the stick into the Cutoff position. Also, where is the Command to set the RED button on stick 1 to TOGO?
  8. This has not been fun so far. I couldn't get the 1st two flights to load completely and now on the 3rd, with the TBM and the Improvement Mod, the flight loaded but I seem to have Wonder Woman's plane instead. I know there is a fix for that but can't remember what it was.
  9. I tried my best to NOT join this SU. I just couldn't wait any longer for SU10 to be released and joined today. Can't wait to get to flying this afternoon AFTER a Honeydoo project I have to complete. I am not concerned about a new nVidia driver as I have a 5800x3D and a 6800XT 🙂
  10. I would like to agree with you but all I know is things were fine before installing it and the only change was installing the program, no other changes. I will test some more today. [Update] It was a problem on my end. I neglected to restart my PC after installing FS Realistic yesterday. After a restart today it is all working just fine now. I am off to buy a key now as you guys are all right, it is a MUST HAVE.
  11. I would like to agree with you but all I know is things were fine before installing it and the only change was installing the program, no other changes. I will test some more today.
  12. After reading this thread I decided to check out the program, and installed the 7 day trial. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 flights I tried faile to load after clicking Fly Now.I have not been haing this issue until installing FS Realistic. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. Do you mean something like this? METAR Kansas City International Airport, United States | KMCI (metar-taf.com) And yes you can change it to any airport, I just last used it for KMCI
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