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  1. No, Bob, that is an actual screenshot from the game. The 2nd pic was with my phone. After doing that I could understand why some of you guys were complaining about the washed out look and blurriness but I wasn't seeing it. The 2nd pic is what I was seeing except without the camera moving and the weird checkerboard looking artifacts.
  2. I can only speak from my experience. I have been running MSFS since last August. In that time I have had 2 series of CTD's and both of them after changing from a Vega64 card to a 6800XT. 1st batch was cured by going to an older driver and disabling Freesync. I just explained how I cured the 2nd series. So for me, both instances were caused by the user, not MSFS. But they can be a word not allowed to chase down. I don't envy A/MS in their quest to fix them.
  3. I was plagued by CTD's from the start of the Beta this time around and it was not helped by also running Win11. I guess I am a gluten for punishment but I do like a challenge. I tried ALL of the posted "fixes" but nothing seemed to help. Ran an empty Community folder, I don't o/c my system, kept a vigilant eye on temps, etc, etc, yadayadayada. I maded one small change by installing the latest AMD driver with the "Driver Only" option and my CTD's have vanished for days now. I miss having a way to control my gpu fan speeds or have any driver level options but I will gladly trade those for no CTD's. I tell this story to show that A/MS won't have an easy time eliminating CTD's and to show that some, if not most CTD's do in fact start t the User level. No matter how much we want to think that they don't.
  4. Here we go: MSFS Screenshot: and MSFS/HDR: Using my phone wasn't the best but I am too lazy to get out my Sony Alpha. Plus I may not have been quite steady enough. Couldn't insert image!
  5. Yes, HDR is enabled and I have an HDR multimode display. I took a pic with my iPhone of the display. If I can remember what my password is to an image site I will post the comparison shots. They are night and day different. I can see why people not using HDR are having issues.
  6. Shift+Win+S worked but the quality leaves alot to be desired pasting it into Paint or Gimp. Colors were all washed out and hazy. Nothing like what I am seeing on my display.
  7. I have a quick OT question. How are you guys taking the screenshots? I tried yesterday using the xBox Game Bar but couldn't make it work.
  8. I used the Longitude Mod yesterday but was sorry to see the "wing wobble" is still there at higher altitude. The wobbling back and forth is a deal breaker for me and why I don't fly the Longitude very much at all.
  9. I flew the Baron yesterday and did not have any issues with the fuel selector.
  10. I don't normally run with HDR enabled, but after reading this thread I decided to go back and see what changes it would make. Enabled it in Win11 and then started MSFS. When it started loading pages I was appalled at the total over saturation that was showing. The pic of the rhino was practically glowing. I then checked the Graphic options and saw that HDR was turned OFF. I turned it on and it was night and day difference. Loaded up one of the Discovery flights, the one in Italy, and was impressed in the visual quality vs non-HDR. I then tried the different HDR presets that are available with my Dell display, choosing the "GameHDR" mode, and MSFS has never looked better on my PC. I guess you can teach and old dog a new trick. Now here is to hoping the CTD's stay gone.
  11. I have a Series X and have MSFS installed. I pulled it up once to see it and probably won't go back to it. Having to change things to use a controller in the menus and then flying with the controller has 0 interest to me. I will stick with the PC and my external controllers, now that I have found my CTD solution. 3 flights down now without issues.
  12. I may have to update my poll selection. I had to make some major config changes when going to but did in fact get it mainly stable. Once we went to and then I could never complete a flight. I either CTD or video just froze. That to me would mean GPU temp issue but that was never the case as temps were well within range. I had tried numerous drivers for my 6800XT, even as far back as last November which wasn't easy under Win11. But I could never keep a driver as Win11 will update them behind the scenes and then I would get a warning from the AMD control software about the driver version being wrong. So today I got the idea to update to the latest WHQL driver but doing the Driver Only option. The down side to that is I no longer have a way of controlling the GPU cooling fans. But the upside is that I have now been able to complete 2 flights in a row without any issues. I guess there is some kind of weirdness in the way that Win11 gets along with the AMD control software. I know it doesn't like Ryzen Master either and will not even let it load completely. I am now off to put away my TCA Airbus stick and hook up my Honeycomb stuff and see if I have the same success. Fingers crossed along with toes
  13. For me it has just become an unstable mess. IF it doesn't CTD I am now getting either the new G1000 going bonkers and trying to kill me by spinning out of control from stable flight, and now getting a total screen freeze. I wondered about maybe my 6800XT having a heat issue so I have been monitoring temps now in flight. Temp was only 51c last crash with mid 70% GPU utilization. My system was rock solid for months but now dealing with this mess for weeks now and am about to the end of my rope with trying to troubleshoot MS/A's trainwreck.
  14. I see they have not fixed the issue I have had for the last 3-4 weeks. Flight goes great right up until I enter the Approach and Boom CTD. Things running great, FPS in mid 80's in all Ultra, temps fine. I think I had Live weather on so will try that tomorrow as I have had enough for today.
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