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  1. I don't know how many of you guys watched the show but I am saad to tell you that Jim went down in his 180 and was killed in the crash. Here is the story: Famed bush pilot Jim Tweto and Idaho guide die in Western Alaska plane crash (adn.com). My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  2. I am in the Beta also and just did a KSTL to KTUL with the TBM with no issues so keeping my fingers and toes crossed on future flights. But still wondering what my router issue was 😉
  3. I tried everything listed on that page with no help. I checked my "hosts" file and it is the same as the Win11 default file' Only thing I have not tried is rebooting my router, but I am going to do that as soon as I check for and updates to the router firmware. I will let you know when I complete that. UPDATE: I don't know WHY but there was a firmware update available and doing that and restarting my route seems to have fixed my issue. I don't know which thing did the trick but I am not going to complain. Now off to see if MSFS will start up finally. I have been away from flying, except for about 3000 miles in a REAL Embraur 175, for over a week and I need my fix. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. I tried resetting the Store from the all apps page earlier with no results. I just tried with your suggestion but still get the "Page could not be loaded, try again later" message. I cannot understand what has happened. Everything was working fine last week, went to visit my daughters family for a week, came home last night and now this. I have restarted my pc multiple times this morning, ran numerous Troubleshooters, reset the Store and the xbox apps, checked to make sure nothing has changed in firewall permissions, and nothing seems to help.
  5. I get no error messages at all, it just changes back to the page to log in. And as I said, I cannot get the Store page to open at all to update anything.
  6. I tried starting MSFS and for the 1st time got the "Insert Disc 1" error. I saw someone got around the issue by starting from the xBox app so was going to try that but I cannot got logged in to it for some reason. Same with xBox insiders app and the M$ Store app. My xBox Series X works fine as does the xBox page via a web browser. Any ideas?
  7. You are probably right in that. As to the OP's question, I didn't go from a 3*** to my 4080 but I did go from a 6800XT to it. And yes it was worth it. Doubled the FPS and completely eliminated the very rare stutters that I occasionally experienced.
  8. Just got an email from HC that the Chaley pedals are available for pre-order again. Delivery around June 30.
  9. They are now available for pre-order. Delivery will be aroound June 30, 2023
  10. David, I cannot comment on coming from a 1xxx to a 4xxx but I can comment on coming from a 6800XT to a 4080, and all I can say is WOW. As to wheter it was worth it in $$$, I can't comment until after I see what the 6800XT will bring me on Ebay 😉
  11. I have it all downloaded now and setup in MSFS Addon Linker, and verified that all is working. Is there any way to tell wheter you will need wheels, skis, or floats when choosing which flight plan?
  12. I acctually Like this way of Patch Notes. It is much more entertaining reading about all he things users THINK got fixed and those things that got BROKE.
  13. I agree with you Noel. I have Win 11 and MSFS as well as a "few" apps that just work better when on Boot drive on a 1TB nVME. It is just under 1/2 full. All of my MSFS addons are on a 500gig SSD accessed via Addon Linker. I then have my SteamApps games on another 1tb SSD with all my other apps and downloads on a SATA hd. It all works like a charm for me.
  14. Rob, did you check out this post in this thread: I, like you was really disappointed in the performance of my 4080. This post solved it for me.
  15. The newer options in File Explorer made the switch to 11 worth it to me. Having the Cut, Copy, Paste so easily accessable makes things so mych better.
  16. I do, too. I have a set of G2's that I have used once in MSFS with my 6800XT. My grandsons use them all the time when they come over playing Beat Sabre and Alex. I can't figure out how to just use "muscle memory" to use my H/C Alpha and Bravo with the G2's on my head so have never tried them since. I need to try again sometime, I guess. Thanks again for your help.
  17. I found my issue, or at least Dankovic pointed me to it. I had to enable "Above 4G Support" in my BIOS. It has something to do with "Resizable Bar". I am now getting 98-100 FPS in same scenario. It looks like I can safely send the 6800XT on to Ebay now.
  18. That did the trick although it was hard to find in my BIOS. Said something about enabling 4G support under PCIe settings of something. I set up same scenario and got 98-100 FPS. I used the Geforce Overlay (Alt-R) to test FPS this time. Raised Terrain LOD to 300 and was getting 80-82 FPS, which I can live with. I wonder IF this is what the OP's issue is with his 4090. I don't recall it being mentioned is this thread at all until Dankovic mentioned it to me. And a Big Thanks to Dankovic for pointing me to it.
  19. NCP is showing NO on that. Off to check the BIOS now
  20. I was using Developers Mode FPS tool. I have since found "my issue" though. Once I turned OFF DLSS Frame Generation all the FPS took a jump. Same fligght now showing 55-58 fps. I am still testing on whether the 4080 likes my Freesync monitor of not. It does pass the compatability tests for Geforce cards but I can't see much difference with it off or on, so who knows. At least I found my Gremlin.It looks like the 6800XT is destined for Ebay after all.
  21. I have ran into almost the same problem as the OP. I swapped out a 6800XT for a GTX4080 on Saturday afternoon. Before changing out the cards I set up a test flight as follows: H-Jet sitting oon end of runway at Sea-Tac in a rain squal, all Ultra with 200/200 LOD's, res at 2560/1440. The 6800XT showed 46-48 FPS. I then removed all the AMD drivers with DDU in Safe-Mode and then swapped out the GPU's. I then installed the 527 something drivers and went into MSFS and set up the same flight. Imagine my surprise to only see 30-32 FPS with the 4080. I was running the 6800XT with FSR2, and the 4080 is using DLSS. I didn't play around with it as I was so disgusted on Saturday and watched Footbal and Golf instead, then wasn't home yesterday. I will get into it this afternoon though. My CPU is a 5800x3D, 32 gig PC3600 ram, Samsung Evo 970 ssd. For some reason it looked like the CPU was getting hit harder with the 4080 than it was with the 6800 but I have no idea why that would be. It has been quite some time since I have had an nVidia card so I am having to learn things all over again, it would seem. Any suggestions on where to look 1st will be appreciated.
  22. Got the new 4080 installed finally. Took me forever to find an extra pci-E cable to plug into my psu. Before I installed the 4080 I put the H-Jet on the end of the runway at Sea-Tac and got between 46-48 fps in a foggy downpoar. This was all Ultra, 200/200 LOD, 2560x1440, using FSR2. I booted into Safe Mode, removed all the AMD drivers with DDU, installed the new 4080, then installed 527.56 drivers. I then went in MSFS and chose DLSS and set up same flight at Sea-Tac. I now am only getting 28-32 fps with the 4080 vs 46-48 with my 6800XT. I know I must be missing somethinng but I sure don't know what it is, although it has been a long time since I played around with "Green"
  23. Yes, it is the FE. I am leaving now to go pick it up, about an 80 mile round trip.. I "think" it will fit in my case so have my fingers crossed, it will be close.
  24. Thanks for the post, Ryan. My 4080 arrived at BestBuy yesterday afternoon. Going to be there when they open to pick it up.
  25. I am going back to "Green" with a new 4080. I think the last nVidia card I had was an 8800 GTX so it has been some time since I had to wonder what to do with a driver and I have a couple of questions. I have downloaded the latest WHQL game Ready driver. Is that the best one to use? Also, I see it has an option to iinstall Geforce Experience. Is this needed and does it cause any issues? I seem to remember reading about some issues with it and MSFS in the past.
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