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  1. Ran the task manager whilst running UserBenchmark again, and only program using any real amount was the UserBenchmark program itself.
  2. I checked the drive with Samsung Magician, and yes TRIM is enabled, should I disable that?
  3. Im using Asrock Z490 PRO4 motherboard, so hope that will allow me to do it. Just been checking out some vids on how to convert my boot drive from MBR to GPT, may give that a try after work tomorrow. Cheers again all.
  4. Will it allow me if I am not meeting the other requirements too?
  5. I Only have a 3090Ti, so not sure if this will work for me, but I just checked if my Resizable BAR is on / off and it appears its OFF. But also looks like I don't have all the requirements
  6. Hmm, now there is a HDMI output on my Z490 Pro4 motherboard (Not in use, as I am definitely plugged into the 3090ti), but under Display adapters there is only my 3090ti listed.
  7. Wow, such a busy few days. This morning I finally got round to doing a complete uninstall and reinstall if MSFS2020, and slowly started adding things. managed to get up to 45FPS without traffic. As soon as I added traffic using Fly By Wire installer, it dropped to 18-20 FPS, stopped the traffic and back up to 45. I did just check this and I have Standard NVM Express Controller, is that correct? Still reading back through all your suggestions, and helpful advice, so many of you trying to help me, MANY THANKS to ALL of you. I am truly grateful.
  8. Sorry about my lack of response all, been very busy at work on afternoon shifts, so not had time to do anything, weekend here soon, and I shall be doing a LOT of tinkering. Refreshing Windows installation for start, Checking out what's slowing down all my SSD storage ( My MSFS is on an M.2 drive ) but windows etc is on SSD and that drive is running stupidly slow for some reason, hoping these things have a knock on effect and I start seeing much better frame rates and smoothness in MSFS. Thanks again for all the amazing suggestions and help. What a great Flight Sim Community we have. All the very best to you all. Rob 'Blodhemn' Engvikson
  9. Way past my bedtime as I am in work really early, gotta be up at 4am, but, YES, definitely plugged into my 3090Ti, I am daft, but not THAT daft 🙂 And thanks again guys for all the help.
  10. I feel like one of Norman Wisdom's characters of the PC world. WILDBLUE , you asked if my TV was actually running in 120hz, it wasn't, so I changed my TV settings to 120hz, but now all my Desktop Icons are massive, even though its set at 3840 x 2860, CTRL middle mouse down made no difference. I feel like a real short sighted dude, lmao. I think this kind sums up my life hahahahahaha!!!!!
  11. I changed all my settings to LOW, and it was actually slower than on Ultra. I then went through them Medium High, Ultra etc, no massive difference and nothing noticeable between high and ultra.
  12. UserBench results, seems my System drive and in fact ALL my SSD drives are letting me down? Could this be my problem? As all my games seem to run fine except MSFS2020. One other thing I noticed in MSFS2020 and also happened in UserBench, is whenever I move my mouse, it freezes MSFS or Userbench. As soon as I leave my mouse still, it carries on as normal.
  13. Again, all seems to be ok, although I noted Virtualization is on. Did someonemention turning OFF virtualization?
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