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  1. The same happens at Rome Fiumicino, not exactly your super duper commercial airport in FS2020 (rather empty I'd say): you lose up to 10 fps after landing. It changes with the direction you are looking at. Crazy. Andrea
  2. Take off from a strip with no buildings? 🙂 Out of the joke: yes this happened to me also. One of those random features you encounter from time to time. Andrea
  3. Just my 2 cents, from an old time simmer (started in 1983 with a lot of courage and enthusiasm). I am NOT going to justify the shortcomings of FS2020 by saying that FS2 was a sad slideshow and all that. Past times. I will not say that after all nothing is perfect, or that when I write a program it's usually full of stupid bugs and then in time it improves. I am currently head of a Data Science department called Real World Data, so this is my contribution today: a Reality Check. My rig: 10900K 64 GB RAM and 2080TI. No overclock. Settings: 4K more or less all Ultra with 100 200 200 where you know. Yesterday I flew my faithful steam gauges 172 over three different areas. First flight was over Rome (my home) at dusk. Absolute poetry for 20 minutes, then, all of a sudden, a couple random hiccups brought me back to Earth. Too bad. Second flight: from somewhere 30 miles south of London to London City, daytime with scattered clouds. Beautiful. Smooth. Real (visually speaking). Then on final, a spare hiccup to destroy the illusion. Third flight: London with real time and weather (and it was not nice). Beautiful visually, engaging, but way too jerky for my tastes. Forget it (but it was a challenge so I had to find Heathrow and land with stutters and everything) Fourth flight: takeoff from Florence with a few clouds at dusk. Had a tour of the city (beautifully rendered), then up north to a town called Prato where I used to live 40 years ago. Flew over (and actually recognized) my building and the window of my room, then headed to my primary school. Everything was there. Recognizable, beautiful. Then West to the hills, and finally landed on a never heard before strip. No hiccups, no problem at all. Just flying. What a rewarding, emotional experience! What does the Reality check tell me? That this simulator is infuriating, because when it works it does so with such beauty and involvement, it's a promise of joy and entertainment. But then, suddenly, something happens and you want to throw everything out of the window. And most times this is pretty much random. (except the hiccup when getting close to the ground: that happens pretty often, exactly a moment before I hear the screeching sound of tires on runway). Thinking back of previous experiences with other simulators at day one, I believe MSFS will be consistently great, let's hope sooner than later. Just one think we should ask ASOBO: PLEASE NO MORE CRIPPLING UPDATES. Because THOSE are really too much :-)))) Andrea
  4. Just a couple numbers to make things reproducible (hopefully) I am running the sim at 4K, many sliders except a couple on ultra, I can be more precise later if I take a screenshot of my settings. For a few weeks I saw about 20 - 21 GB used in busy areas (up to 24 GB once, and I noticed it because I thought my 64GB would come handy in the future with more complex sceneries), now it's 14 - 17. I'll try your flight Noel Andrea
  5. Noel I wouldn't say "horror". I am just describing my observations. The whole thing is still enjoyable, all I am saying is that I am finding it less enjoyable today than 3 or 4 weeks ago, I can't remember exactly. My first impression after buying it in august was an absolute "wow". Then after a few weeks I think we lost some detail in the distance and some popup started to appear, at the same time, water's wow factor was definitely lessened (at least for me). All this can be subjective. At the same time, I observed a reduced use of memory. This is objective. Good sign? Bad sign? Correlated with the above or with the need of optimizing for the console? I don't know, we should ask the guys at Asobo. Then four weeks ago I had my first crashes, stutters increased, I experienced my first total blackouts (3 or four seconds doing absolutely nothing, just frozen in the air waiting) and with the latest update I noticed that performance was degraded. I also noticed that while main thread used to be responsible for stutters, now this rendering thread was possibly more frequently the culprit (at least looking at the numbers). I am talking about a totally basic install with no custom scenery and just my faithful 172 with steam gauges. Rig is a 10900K with 64GB RAM, 2080Ti (11GB). No overclock, everything on SSD. Separate SSD's for OS and MSFS with plenty of free space (msfs ssd is 4TB). Internet is optic fiber @1Gb, actual bandwidth 930Mb DL/ 190Mb DL, ping consistently 2 ms, negligible jitter. I hope next update brings good news: I really like the sim and I am willing to invest on it. At this time I am not buying the 5 airports I would like to (Florence, Olbia, Saint Marteen, Innsbruck, London, Key West) because I am under the impression that my performance might worsen, since this is what happens close to stock airports with many buildings right now: more stutters and less fps. Andrea
  6. Yes absolutely. That's what I call crippling updates. Too bad: flying around LA was so rewarding, now it's lower frames and stutters. And all this with the impression of a lower scenery radius an some popups that were not there one month ago (the sweet spot for me). Another problem: my FPS go down at airports, like from 40 to 26 in one second. And if I look away from the airport while on the ground I am back at 40. On the other direction it's like 18. Now the sim uses less memory (much less), both board memory and GPU memory, but at the price of less detail and more stutters. Too bad. Hopefully, they are not trying to limit memory usage for some console related reason. That would be a huge mistake. Also: the rendering thread is more demanding than the main thread, and when the rendering thread spikes we have a stutter. At least, these are my observations. Andrea
  7. Disconnection warnings and hiccups here as well, something is not working as intended ..... I have a 1Gb/s optical fiber connection, quite stable, actual dl bandwidth is 950 Mb/s, so I guess it must be the servers ... Andrea
  8. More and more interesting ..... because one has to realize that airspeed translates into lift, and without lift you are a brick. Ok, will do some experimenting. Tnx Andrea
  9. Even more interesting .... Is the real world 172 equipped with old or new gauges? Anyway, let's go experiment with some serious headwind and gps groundspeed. Andrea
  10. Oh cool... I hadn't thought of that, and as a former physics teacher I would be interested to hear more about it. At the same time, if I am flying with a ground speed of 80 kts (gps value) and I have 20 kts of steady headwind, my anemometer should read 100 kts, right? If you confirm, that, I will test it on the sim. Thank'you Andrea
  11. Exactly: I am referring to the pitot static / airspeed indicator system, and I see from your experiment that there is something wrong there And I also think I should find a different title. But then the question would be: how do I change it? Andrea
  12. I am in my steam gauges 172, sitting on the runway with 20 knots of wind from straight ahead. Shouldn't my anemometer be showing 20 knots? It is showing 0 instead... Did I miss some setting about airspeed/groundspeed ? Andrea
  13. Answer: patch modified a setting. It decided (without asking) that I no longer needed BING stuff, so it deactivated it. I got stock autogen (not good) and no manual cache. To solve: go to DATA menu and reactivate BING and photoscenery stuff. Andrea
  14. How funny ... you got it right: the patch reset that setting: no bing download, hence no manual cache. I would love to know why it changed that setting. Thank'you! Andrea
  15. After today's patch I have lost photoreal scenery everywhere: I see autogen instead (and it's pretty bad tbh). Settings are on ULTRA and bandwidth is ok (1Gb dl 200 Mb ul). Puzzling ... Andrea
  16. Ditto. It's greyed out for me ...... Anyone else seeing the same problem? Andrea
  17. HI all, I just received this beautiful package (we old people from the XX century still love a carton box with actual printed manuals inside, how quaint 🙂) Now my problem is that I paid 1 euro and installed the standard version from the web on the 18th of august. Any hint on how to proceed? Is there an option for an upgrade? Also, I will register my boxed version with my existing Microsoft account, so what happens to my previous registration with XBOX Live? I have a lot of space on my 4TB ssd, so I could also go with a parallel install. Do you think it could work? Thank'you Andrea
  18. THOSE were the days! Sublogic Flight Simulator II: the first slideshow in computer history, years before Power point. Meigs Champaign VOR to VOR at a whoppy 5 fps! And the first time I saw Sears Tower (a white vertical line) ... And yet we had fun, didn't we? Andrea
  19. I prefer to use Macs for work, earn money, and be able to buy a VERY good PC for my fav sim :-) Andrea
  20. Would an armchair pilot trained only on a PC sim be able to land safely a Level D simulator? Probably yes, I have done it many times, never crashed and actually found it pretty easy. Once, I also avoided an aircraft that was crossing my path (a nice gift from the instructor). Would it be the same with the real thing? Not so easy: emotions are a part of us and have a huge influence on our judgements and performances: in a sim you can only hurt your ego; in a real airplane it's a different matter. Ask a surgeon about the first time he/she had to use a scalpel for real. In that case, you have had a long profesional training, you have been there many times watching, and there are expert colleagues around you who can assist, advise, and help you if needed. You are risking the patient's life, not yours or that of 200 people. But I bet your legs are shaking just the same. Now imagine trying to land a full 737 all alone. Andrea
  21. We should tell the young ones that there was a time when 1999 and 2001 were only found in science fiction and 2000 was our distant future. I remember when I first found out that I would be 35 in 2000. "An old man", I thought. Now I remember how young I was at that time. Now the future is past and, as a character of the movies said, we didn't even notice. But we still fly in virtual skies :-) Andrea
  22. Solo Flight was a true work of genius. I remember having a wonderful time withh it Andrea
  23. And, I might add, we paid full price for it :-) Meanwhile, maybe one of the devs wants to chime in and find a solution to my update problem? Andrea
  24. X-Plane is already allowed through my firewall, and I can confirm that it stays a lot on "disabling SASL", then it goes black and at the end nothing else happens .... Anyway I tried to turn off Windows Firewall; still no joy: it won't update. Just a quick check: when it says "disabling SASL" I see small dots appear after the word SASL; just two of them. Do you remember if you saw more of them, maybe one every second or so? That would mean that the process just gets stuck Andrea
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