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  1. After buying that garbage from LFMN - Nice -Côte d'Azur, I asked Microsoft for a refund and today I received an email saying that I have been granted. I already have the amount credited to my card. Now it's time to be more cautious and not buy anything I haven't checked before. There are more and more so-called developers who lack experience and scruples and who take advantage of the novelty and inexperience of new simulation fans.
  2. I sincerely think that Microsoft should do a job of selecting the products it supports in its Marketplace. They are starting to proliferate obnoxious products like those of Deimos Inc. at exorbitant prices, especially compared to the quality and prices of developers such as LatinVFR, Flightbeam, TDM Scenery Design and others who, in addition to impeccable products in their airports, add POI of the cities to which such airports belong and for a much lower price than what these bullies offer.
  3. This is because you have not seen yet their new LFMN Nice-Côte d'Azur
  4. Thank you very much, Pete!!!. It's wonderful to be able to fly over MMMX again in P3D v4 Happy Christmas and a great new year.
  5. In fact, I installed P3D v4.1 and it worked fine with the default aircraft (before uninstalling I didn't even load the configuration page). I then install PMDG 737 NGX, start P3D again... and return to the previous black screen. I mean, nothing's changed. I try uninstalling PMDG and reopen P3D... it never opens again. This looks ugly. Conclusion, uninstalled P3D again from my disk, and to enjoying X-Plane 11.10, something unthinkable for me all these years of fidelity to FSX/P3D Greetings
  6. My Windows 10 Pro got an update (KB4051963). I must install P3D v4.1 and a PMDG airplane to test if the problems are gone...
  7. There is no need to be so unpleasant...
  8. Have you opened PMDG Operations Center and updated the last microupdate that announced RSR? Perhaps this is the problem, your 777 is not up to date. I don't have such problems with the 777 nor with the 747 QOS II. Greetings
  9. I'm not chinese, but spaniard, and with google chrome, selecting the text I could translate it to my language only by pressing the translation button, so I don't think it is a major problem nowadays. Greetings
  10. I don't think so. I think is the opposite, in order to be sure everything is well understood. Keep in mind that they are making an effort to speak in English between them, when they usually do it in Spanish, in fact you can observe at 59:29, how the FO informs the captain about the wind (dos tres cero de la izquierda a 8 nudos = two three zero from the left 8 knots), and she immediately realizes that should not say it in Spanish but in english, and shaking her head, repeating it in English. I mean that one can be a good pilot but perhaps they does not take well to be filmed from various angles throughout the entire flight and having to change their communication routine all of the time. Leaving aside the fact of landing a 744 with more than 500 people on board, on a rather short runway. In fact I read in a reduced version of this video that is the third time that a plane of that dimensions lands in that airport, the other two were the Air Force One and other Wamos Air 747: Happy New Year 2017!!!
  11. Fred, you are the man! Thanks for sharing your work with us selflessly!
  12. Hi Iain, Please, can you post your settings, please? I would try it. Thanks a lot :)
  13. You're welcome Michael. I'm glad it helped to you. I forgot to mention to add the sentence FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.1 Anyway, wait for the Tabs update of this post to get the best. Greetings
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