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  1. r_stopnicki

    Sad Day

    What a terrible event. I hope that family, friends and your community give you both the strength needed to go through such a difficult time. I also hope, that time will help you and that it will not be too long, when you can start to rejoice in the memory of Eric's life. Keep strong Roberto
  2. Hello to all: I finally picked up my Honeycomb Bravo a couple of days ago. I have been slowly trying to assign axes and buttons to the various aircraft in the simulators I have. In P3D v5.1, trying to upload the PMDG profile and activate via the Aerosoft Configurator, just brought a lot of problems. I wanted to deactivate the PMDG Profiles, but I was not able to find or understand how to do that. So, I deleted the PMDG profiles in the BIN folder of Honeycomb, leaving only the default Bravo and Alpha profiles. Notwithstanding that, when I start P3D and/or when I change/load an aircraft (PMDG or not) I get an on screen message telling me that the PMDG NGXu profile has been uploaded. I don't understand where that is coming from, as I have deleted the profile. Can anybody provide me with some advice as to what might be happening and why I can't fully deactivate the profiles? Thank you in advance! Roberto
  3. Works like a charm. Thank you Mark! PMDG? Check! ORBX? Check! Navigraph? Check! Active Sky? Check! Go Flight Interface Tool? Check! Aviaworx CDU? Check! P3Dv4.5 might be on its last days in my PC. Roberto
  4. Wonderful news Mark! I am going to download the new version immediately! Thank you a lot. It was an add on that was missed! Regards and keep safe! Roberto
  5. Hello Mark: Just wondering if there is work underway to connect (with current licenses or with the purchase of new ones) to P3D v5? As I ask the question, I realize that you might be waiting for the products you support (i.e. PMDG, Majestic, etc.) to show up in P3D v5. Many regards and keep safe Roberto Stopnicki Toronto, Canada
  6. Dirk: I sent you a Private Message Roberto
  7. Mark: Of course you can use it! With pleasure. Dirk, hopefully it helps. If not, let me know and we'll continue to try. Many regards Roberto
  8. I decided that actually, everybody "above certain age", who might be struggling with the installation of Mark's devices, should also benefit, so here it is. 1) Download the latest version of the SimServer App 2) Install the App 3) Make a shortcut to SimServer.exe an place it on the desktop 4) Run the App (i.e. execute SimServer.exe) 5) It will either show up in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, or in the hidden icons accessible at the right extreme of the taskbar 6) Open Sim Server (I always do that as an Administrator) 7) A Server Status page opens 😎 Place mouse cursor on top of the line “Generate QR Code” 9) A list of the products available through Sim Server, opens up 10) Place the mouse cursor on the product you are interested in (for this example, I chose the PMDG B747 v3) 11) The items available for this product, opens up 12) Place the cursor on the item you are interested in (for this example, I chose the CDU left) 13) A URL page opens up (in this example, it is: 14) Open the remote device that you are going to use. All of my devices are on the same home network as the PC which is running P3D v4.4. 15) Open a browser in the remote device (I use Safari in an iPad and Google Chrome in my “cheap” android dedicated to the CDU) Copy the URL above (type it in) in URL address line of the remote device and “voila” you are done, the item (the device) that you chose, will appear on your remote. 16) Mark now has an option to have the remote device read the QR Code of the device, avoiding a couple of the steps above. 17) That is for the young kids. For us, the above works every time! 18) Obviously you have to buy the license for the item/device you want to fully use. 19) Make sure that your license(s) are copied into the same folder as the other SimServer programs (particularly SimServer.exe) Please feel free to comment or change any of the steps. They have worked for me! Many regards, Roberto
  9. Hello Dirk: I am catching up to you in age, but I managed to get a number of CDU's and the EFB working on a couple of remote devices. If you send me a Private Message, I will tell you what I did, and that should get you going too. Regards, Roberto
  10. Carl: Ahhh!! Now I can go to that New Year's party with a smile on my face! Thanks!! Roberto
  11. Hello folks: I am an old guy. So, it is likely that I can rightfully say that “I have been there and I have seen that” I am sad to see arguments get totally out of control and topic, as is happening in this post. Small disagreements, become large disagreements, become small arguments, become large arguments, become insulting, become hurtful. Regardless of what simulator we use, what add ons we prefer, what network we chose to fly on line, what sceneries we like, at the end of the day, we are all enjoying this hobby called “air simulation”. I like blue colors, soy milk, Nikon cameras and vegetarian lasagna. That doesn’t make me any better than any other person who does not like these things. I won’t try to convince the Canon guy to sell his cameras and buy Nikons. On the contrary, I will enjoy going with him on a shoot and learn from what he can do with his Canon. I don’t frequent forums of other developers, so I don’t know if the discussions are as passionate as they are here. But there is a pattern in this one. People get excited when there is an announcement! Yeah! The xxxxx is coming soon! ….My wallet is ready! ….. I’m opening the OC every 10 minutes! ….. etc. etc. The PMDG new item is released, and the forum is full of praises, questions and asks for help. Everybody gets to know the new PMDG item PMDG announces an update to the new item or an upcoming newer item A few weeks go by People get restless. “Where is the update or the newer item?” Somebody mentions that another developer does it faster The whole thing starts to go downhill……….. Every time, the same thing! I hope that I speak for almost everybody, when I say that whenever PMDG releases something, we all get excited, regardless of the fact that sometimes, the thing needs an update or two. So, with that experience, why don’t we all make a resolution this last day of 2018, that we will let PMDG do its thing and wait patiently for any upcoming releases. We know that in the end, we will enjoy them. As we will enjoy the items that other developers will bring forward, and we will wait patiently for those, without complaining in their forums either? I said that I am old. Did I say that I am also very naive? Here’s hoping against all hope! Happy New Year! Roberto
  12. Hi Matt: A couple,of suggestions that will hopefully help, as I had to deal with similar issues. The device that you will use for the EFB, does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one. I bought a rather "cheap" Android tablet online. It does not have too many bells and whistles, but it is dedicated only to the EFB and does it's job very well. i bought a tablet holder from IKEA (I think that it's name is VIVALLA). It is made out of bamboo, so it was very easy to saw it in half, for a perfect fit to the tablet. With a few screws I attached the tablet holder to my "pedestal". And there it resides, next to my right knee. Many regards and happy new year! Roberto
  13. Hello Mark: Congratulations on your collaboration with PMDG. The EFB, will be a welcome addition to all the CDU's I have for all my PMDG's Regards and a Happy New Year! Roberto
  14. "whatever season you celebrate in the weeks ahead- we wish you all the very best wishes for the year ahead. " And to you Mr. Randazzo and your family and, to all PMDG staff members and their families, go the same wishes. Roberto
  15. Hello Rick You might be referring to this video. Regards, Roberto
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