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  1. For those who are, so anxiously, waiting for "something" or "anything" from PMDG, I have discovered that this helps: 1) look out the window. 2) If it is sunny, put a hat on and go outside. 3) If it is raining , grab an umbrella and go outside. You'll have lots of time to stay indoors, when PMDG comes out with "anything" or even better, "something". Roberto
  2. r_stopnicki

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Hello John! In your switch to X-Plane, you can maintain a very good relationship with PMDG through their DC-6. It is superbly modelled, it is challenging to fly and it is a lot of fun. it will make a really nice addition to your hangar, regardless of what type of airplane you like to fly. So everytime you feel like you are missing PMDG, you fire up the DC-6 on a northern Alaska airport, and you fly her low and slow for an hour!! Enjoy simming in whichever way it makes you happy. Roberto
  3. r_stopnicki

    SHIFT+0,1,2,3,.. keyboard commands don't work

    Good idea Sergio. I'll do that too. Roberto
  4. r_stopnicki

    SHIFT+0,1,2,3,.. keyboard commands don't work

    Hello Sergio and all: I am suddenly experiencing exactly the same symptoms that you describe. I also have P3D v4.2 and FSUIPC 5.13, but my OS is Windows 7 Pro. I noted this (the need to double click on the number key to get a pop up window to show), about a week ago. This happens with any aircraft, not only PMDG (I have all PMDG's and a couple of GA's). I don't have Chaseplane or EZdock. I had a number of issues with another program and these were eliminated after I uninstalled all Windows Updates that were automatically installed in the last week. Unfortunately, the problem that you describe, is still there. I believe that the issue was caused by a Windows update, but I don't know how to prove it (as I did with the other programs). Hope this helps. Roberto
  5. ACES Studios, was closed by Microsoft in Jan of 2009. Rumors of their demise, were already circulating in 2008. 2008 ......... Is it possible that PMDG might have seen the potential problem of losing a simulator like FSX at that time, and decided to develop their own? Can you imagine how wonderful/realistic/immersing it would be to fly a PMDG product on a PMDG Simulator? June will tell. Roberto
  6. r_stopnicki

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Maybe it is simply that RSR wants to tell us that, notwithstanding: The development of the NGX in all its versions The development of the 747 in its many reincarnations The development of the 777 in its many versions The development of the DC-6 for every conceivable flight sim Hiccups between FSUIPC, PMDG and P3Dv4 Burps between pop-up displays in P3Dv4 and PMDG Etc., etc., etc. He has managed to finish the basement renovation which he started in 2008!!! As a result, Mrs. RSR might allow him back into the matrimonial bed!! That would be news! Cheers Roberto
  7. r_stopnicki

    The Unique and Odd Ones

    These are DC-6's that flew well into the late 90's carrying passengers, cargo but mainly meat (the "meat haulers"), working for obscure and at times one-airplane airlines. Some of them crashed (one when the pilot decided to abort a take-off, on a 5000 ft runway, when one engine failed at V1) and some, can still be seen languishing in the harsh environment of the high Andes mountains.
  8. r_stopnicki

    A Couple More for South American Flights

    Ok Lee! I will check as soon as possible, tomorrow (Thu Jan 11) or Fri. These are my very first attempts at painting and, after having managed that, I am obviously struggling with the upload. I apologize. I'll try to fix it soon and advise here. thanks for letting me know. regards, Roberto
  9. Hello to all! Happy New Year! Avast, "out of the blue", started to block simserver from working. With Mark's assistance, I thought that I had resolved the issue, but unfortunately, it is now apparent that I haven't. I have read the previous thread on this issue and I have tried the suggestion to exclude simserver from "Behavior Shield" by pointing to the folder where simserver resides (C;\.......\Simserver\* ) without any luck. I have also tried to exclude simserver from the "global" exclusions (Settings->General->Exclusions of Avast) by pointing this folder, but again, without any luck. I am obviously doing something wrong, but I haven't been able to figure out what. I am able to use simserver without any problems, if I disable the Firewall of Avast. My system is Windows 7 Pro. My latest update of Avast (Version 17.9.2322 - Build 17.9.3761.0). Prepar3D v4.1 Before I get fully frustrated with Avast and look for something else to protect my computer, I thought I would get some advice from those who seem to have resolved a similar issue. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. With regards, Roberto
  10. r_stopnicki

    Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year to everybody. 2018 will certainly be another exciting year for those, like us, who like air simulation. And all of you at PMDG, keep the good work and surprises coming! It was so cold in Toronto last night (by our standards, -23C with wind chill factor of -30C is quite cold for this time of the year), that we decided to celebrate with Halifax, at midnight their time, 11PM our time ("It's New Year's Eve somewhere in the world") and we were neatly tucked in bed by our midnight. Roberto
  11. Hello to all: For those of you, who have had gray/white hair for as long as I have, here are two DC-6B's that used to connect Miami with South America in the late 50's, before they were replaced by their respective DC-7C's. I remember having to put on a shirt and tie, just to go to the airport to pick up somebody!! Happy New Year to all!! Roberto
  12. r_stopnicki

    Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

    Thank you Dan! I'll check that link. I am just "brushing up" on the "creating a .ptp" part. Many regards, Roberto
  13. r_stopnicki

    Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

    Hello to all: I was, unfortunately, unable to convince the excellent painters of liveries for PMDG airplanes, to paint one for a Lloyd Aereo Boliviano DC-6, that used to fly between the many high altitude airports in Bolivia and South America in the late 60's and early 70's. So, what's a guy to do? Obviously, ask for help from his good friends Google and Youtube for tutorials on painting liveries! After binging during 5-6 days of that, here are the final results, in my P3Dv4.1. Landing on RWY 10 of SLLP, 13,300 ft ASL. I also tried one that adds an extra window at the very end of the passenger cabin, as these airplanes had (they were bought from AA). Because I can't make that window transparent (apparently only PMDG can do that), the only way I could do it, is to close it permanenetly with a "curtain", as advised by Leen de Jager, moderator of the AVSIM Painters forum . I would love to post it on AVSIM, but, as this is my first (and likely last) paint, so I still have to refer to PMDG's instructions, Google and Youtube again, to learn how to do that. In the meantime, to all, a happy Christmas, great holidays and a wonderful New Year! Roberto
  14. Thank you for this great reply! Unfortunately, it is what "I was afraid of". Maybe I can convince PMDG to consider the different window pattern, as it was common with several airlines. Curtains closing the window!! Brilliant! I can do that! Thank you and, again, a very happy holiday and an even happier new year. Roberto
  15. Hello to all: I have painted (my very first one!) a new livery for the PMDG DC-6 in Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB) colors. LAB's DC-6s, had an extra window at the very rear of the fuselage and I am trying to replicate that. I have copied (on a separate layer) one window from the "Window" layer of the original PMDG paint-kit, and placed it in its right location. It looks fantastic in Photoshop. However, when I start the sim (P3Dv4.1), the copied window is not transparent as all the original ones and remains a darker color. I am not versed in Photoshop (I spent a week watching and following you tube tutorials to manage this paint!), but I assume it has something to do with the Alpha channel? (The channel for the new window layer, looks the same as that for the original WINDOWS layer). Any advice on how to achieve the window transparency will be greatly appreciated!! In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the "one-less-window" paint of the LAB DC-6B. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very good New Year to all! Roberto