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  1. r_stopnicki

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    Hello to all: I just want to chime in here with my experience. After installing the B748 update, I started to "blow" tires while taxiing both the B744 and the B748. It was a very frustrating experience, obviously, as I wasn't aware of the quick "maintenance" fix. After learning about that fix, I kept blowing tires, but was fixing them several times during taxi in a large airport. Realism = 0 Got some very good pointers in this forum, and specifically this thread, and they are: 1) Do not taxi at ground speeds over 20 kts. It "feels" slow, because you are so high up. 2) Do not take 90deg curves at more than 10 kts. If you know that such a curve is coming up, start to slow down well in advance! 3) Tap the brakes. Tap ... let go .... tap ... let go 4) When landing, select AUTO BRAKES 3 as a matter of course and don't touch the brakes until well below 40-50 kts. Let the auto brake do what it is paid to do. 5) Last, but certainly not least, open up the GEAR page of the lower EICAS just before you start taxiing on departure and just before you land on arrival. And monitor it every time you have to brake, to see how the temperatures are increasing. Nothing of what I said is new. It is all coming from this thread. By doing the above things quite strictly, I did not have to touch the FSUIPC, the controls settings or the calibration of my pedals. And I have not blown a tire ever since. Hopefully this helps somebody else! Cheers Roberto
  2. r_stopnicki

    -8 How to bring in winds?

    Thank you Chris. I will give that a try. Roberto
  3. r_stopnicki

    -8 How to bring in winds?

    Hello Chris: I had read this article and also watched your two videos. But I have the question of receiving information for a route that has been programmed at the moment of the flight, in other words, hasn't been saved before. An example could be a route for VATSIM's "Cross the Pond" event, where the (long) route is sent to the pilot just a few hours before the flight. Am I right to assume that wind and other such information for the route, would not be available in the CDU/FMC? Thank you. Roberto
  4. Just to close the loop, saving a state as Kyle suggested, worked. Roberto
  5. Thank you Kyle, I'll try that. Roberto
  6. Thank you both for your responses. Roberto
  7. Hello to everybody: I have noted that the "SEATBELTS OFF" white message in the EICAS, always stays on, regardless of where I place the selector switch on the pedestal of the B747-8. As a matter of fact, the "SEATBELTS OFF" message remains, even when the "SEATBELTS ON" message appears when I select that option (from the three OFF/AUTO/ON) on the selector switch. So that both messages appear at the same time. If I select "AUTO" the "SEATBELTS OFF" message remains. Is anybody else experiencing this, before I open a ticket (if I am not doing anything wrong?) Thanks. Roberto
  8. r_stopnicki

    [25SEP18] We are cooking an update for you...

    Hello Wilhem: Because I had to scratch my head a little with the "clock" issue as well, I offer the following. A running digital clock, is shown on the upper right corner of the Navigation Display. If you press the "Clock" button on the left sidewall panel, a chronometer will appear next to the clock. For the date and Elapsed Time chronometer, I had to refer to Page 10.10.73 of the FCOM, where it says that this information can be found in the forward pedestal stand MFD (between the two CDU's), in the lower right corner, when the display panel "STAT" switch is selected. All of the above, just in case you hadn't found out already. Regards, Roberto
  9. You are almost there Steve! i was thinking: 7:48PM (on a DiGital clock?) 😉 cheers! Roberto
  10. "Release Planning Information" One of the best birthday presents I got today. Thank you! Roberto
  11. r_stopnicki

    3 Days Off - Flying Anywhere Interesting?

    Hi Marc: Just as a suggestion to improve your "Latinamerican experience", ORBX has the Global OpenLC for South America which makes the scenery in that area much more interesting. Try a flight from La Paz (SLLP) at 13,300 ft ASL. And be very careful with your load calculation, when you take off from that airport. La Paz (SLLP) to Lima (SPJC) is a very popular real-life route. If you are flying a B737, insert a stop over in Cuzco SPZO. The approach and departure from this airport, is great. Or an arrival into Cochabamba SLCB. Or Tarija SLTJ!! Just take a look at their approach charts. Latin VFR (and others, freeware and payware) has sceneries for many of these airports, that are right in the midst of the Andes mountain range, challenging to fly because of the mountainous terrain and high altitudes and, overall, a lot of fun. Enjoy! Roberto
  12. r_stopnicki

    3 Days Off - Flying Anywhere Interesting?

    Recently downloaded the freeware Drzewiecki-Design airports (to try before purchasing them) and yesterday, I took an 777-200F from UUEE to Liege EBLG on a fully loaded cargo run. P3D v4.3 I did the flight on the VATSIM network with quite a few controllers, particularly in Russia, and it was a lot of fun to fly "in meters" for the initial SID for UUEE and later departure. Roberto
  13. r_stopnicki

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    I'll ask PMDG. Please, take a seat ...... Roberto
  14. For those who are, so anxiously, waiting for "something" or "anything" from PMDG, I have discovered that this helps: 1) look out the window. 2) If it is sunny, put a hat on and go outside. 3) If it is raining , grab an umbrella and go outside. You'll have lots of time to stay indoors, when PMDG comes out with "anything" or even better, "something". Roberto
  15. r_stopnicki

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Hello John! In your switch to X-Plane, you can maintain a very good relationship with PMDG through their DC-6. It is superbly modelled, it is challenging to fly and it is a lot of fun. it will make a really nice addition to your hangar, regardless of what type of airplane you like to fly. So everytime you feel like you are missing PMDG, you fire up the DC-6 on a northern Alaska airport, and you fly her low and slow for an hour!! Enjoy simming in whichever way it makes you happy. Roberto