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  1. You should open a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com
  2. F3lixZockt

    747-400 ISFD Fun

    6) You wasn't airborne
  3. F3lixZockt

    747V3 reverse thrust is wrong

    We don't need an axis for idle reverse thrust. If you push F2 very short you are able to use idle reverse. Kind regards and merry christmas
  4. Look at the date of the thread! :smile:
  5. F3lixZockt

    747-400 in PMDG 747 v2 base pack

    The 400 is in the base package and the 8i will be an expasion!
  6. That should aswer your question http://www.avsim.com/topic/481007-01jan16-new-year-new-updates-for-the-777-product-line/?p=3349615
  7. F3lixZockt

    Happy new year

    Happy new year from Germany :wink:
  8. Thank you for the update. That looks awesome!
  9. F3lixZockt

    PMDG future possibilities?

    At the moment PMDG is working on a "PMDG 747 V2".
  10. F3lixZockt

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    What about a Pre order Function?
  11. F3lixZockt

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    Really cool! Can we pop up the FMC, PFD etc?
  12. F3lixZockt

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    Wow! That looks amazing! Thank you very much for sharing!
  13. F3lixZockt

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    I have a question concerning the systems. Will there be a function to intercept the ATIS?
  14. F3lixZockt

    744 and 748

    You need to pay the full price, because it´s not an update. The PMDG 747 V2 is a complete new edition!