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  1. Thanks for your hard work! I love to see more eastern european areas to evolve into x plane!
  2. No problem here. X Plane is very capable of performing stable long haul flights across the pond. I performed KSFO-EGKK and EGKK-KBOS this weekend (without pausing or anything) in the FF 767. The only problem still is that xenviro 1.06 cannot implement upper winds as PFPX can, so your whole calculation gets messed up (arrived EGKK one hour late), anyhow KBOS was a bless with a time and fuel deviation of less than two or three percent.
  3. Well, there are flaws. Weather (by default) is still popping up from nowhere and though RWC fixes this, the weather elements possible within X Plane are rather limited compared to 3rd-party-developers within FSX oder P3D. AI-Traffic works better there, too. But to be honest, that's it. Those two points. There is no simulator that can compete with the stability of X Plane. I remember several flights within first FS2002, then FS2004/FS9, later FSX and now P3D that were crashing, regularly short before touchdown because of x, y or z happening deep within the code. I had one CTD in X Plane this year. Having performed about 100 flights. I recall X Plane 9 being that stable, too. Adding to stability, there still are other points: extendability and literally all parts of the program being open to 3rd-party-developers. A decent flight model, 64 bit support, sloped runways, not to forget the superb community. I first had X Plane 10 installed on this machine and afterwards installed P3D. You can find like any airport you want as a well modeled freeware alternative. That is where P3D lacks.
  4. OK, got it. The trick is to provide not only a "pmdg_dc6cxp_fuselage.png" file within the liveries folder but also a "pmdg_dc6xp_fuselage" file. Obviously, the VC nose model is derived from the DC6B variant and searches for the standard fuselage file of the DC6B. When not finding it, the model loads the default PMDG-texture (with a black nose). So, I copied "pmdg_dc6cxp_fuselage.png" and named it "pmdg_dc6xp_fuselage.png" within the empress of suva livery. Fixed.
  5. Dear team, I had some longer flights with the DC 6 this weekend and as you know, you start looking around when there isn't much to do, even in the DC 6. I noticed that for example in the Empress of Suva Livery for the cargo version, the nose color when seen from the virtual cockpit is black, while in the livery it is white. This does not occur on the passenger versions (e.g. blue nose like in SAS, UTA, PAA). Is there a specific part within the paintkits that needs to be whitened extra from the standard fuselage color of the nose? This is a rather small bug, however, is there a solution anyways? I even have the impression that this only occus in the cargo variant. Is texture mapping that different in that version?
  6. Still thinking about updating. How are the two new GA models (Baron and Kingair) with their respective manipulators working out? Any shots?
  7. Hey Team, I really enjoy flying this plane. I really do. However, today I came across a "strange" behaviour that most probably is not strange at all, but first things first. Flying from SBSP to SBRF, FL 210, about 90.000 lbs, about one third of distance travelled. Engine was set up according to provided performance data and I just switched from the ALT-MAIN-MAIN-ALT fuel config to the XFEED-MAIN-MAIN-XFEED fuel configuration. Then, after a short glimpse, Eng 1 "freezed" like not moving visually (just freezing in its turning position). It was not clearly stopped, more or less freezed in its moving look. Oil temp was falling rapidly, Oil pressure also dropped more slowly. All the remaining engine parameters freezed in their respective position. When trying to restart that engine (kind of silly but what should I do?) the oil pressure climbed repeatedly, just to drop again for about 20 times with nothing happening. And here comes my question: What was going on?
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