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  1. After adding the repaint CFG changes I am unable to save them. I am told to check with my Administrator. But my Account User title shows my name as the ADMINISTRATOR. what's going on? also what do I "save it as" ? I have Windows 7 JGSJW
  2. Monday morning I have been able to stabilize my planes by using the calibration feature that is inside the FS itself. Until this morning that was useless too but now ok. CH Manager still has no effect on my sim however so something must have derailed it and I think I shoiuld reload it. is there a best way to reload the CH Manager?
  3. After 3 years faithfull service my Eclipse Yoke has gone goofy and I cannot dial it in with CH Manager or the Windows calibration feature in FS. I have FS9 and Windows 7. Regardless of auto rudder or not all my planes S-TURN their way down the runway severely and if i survive the takeoff I have to engage the auto pilot. Do these things finally wear out? I fly the sim every night for most of the night. I am an old air taxi pilot in his seventies but not much of a techy
  4. change password

  5. my PNW apts upgd RWY12 does not place the Seeve Kahn human forms onto the frames. It only position the frames but no human forms. it used to work perfectly. I tried removing it and reinstalling it but to no avail. JGSJW
  6. Thanks Skywatcher, You put me onto the right track. I had not checked the volume slider at the bottom of the screen because My pc sound and Movies or you tube whatever worked perfectly but I went back and clicked on the mixer button repeatedly and suddenly a third channel showed up labeled FS 9 sound and its box was cjhecked off with a red X.. I have never seen that before and it took multiple clicks to bring it up. all is well...life is good..many thanks to you
  7. The computer plays sound for other items but not for my sim. It just suddenly stopped. I have even removed the sim and reloaded it to no avail. I have used this for 4 years and never had this happen before.
  8. The fuel valves are both on. I have tried the sliding throttle and mixture method. I have tried low pump and hi pump settings Paul Craig guided me to the update BTW my problem is the piston Duke. The turbine starts fine and flies great but is a handful on the ground. What I am doing currently is to load the Duke which shows up running Then when I make a stop somewhere I kill the engines. Then when it is time get going again I just hit Reset Flight and both mills come to life and away I go. thanks for your interest JGSJW
  9. I have a Paul Craig Duke B60 flies good but engines wont start. I have to jump, start it by starting a 172 and then switching planes into my Duke. There must be a better way. JGSJW
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