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  1. I think anyone reading this thread could agree that Steve apparently is the king of all things FSX. Do you use "lol" as often in your Engineer writing as you do here on these forums?
  2. BlakeWilliams

    Where Can I Find 300Er Documentation

    Ah, thanks guys.
  3. BlakeWilliams

    Where Can I Find 300Er Documentation

    Hi All, I have looked all over and still can't find the documentation that supplements the 300er. I've looked in the OC and the PMDG folder inside my FSX folder and still am not seeing it. Where can I find it? Thank you much!
  4. BlakeWilliams

    Poor forum service

    Not to mention having to login every single time. I agree - AVSIM should invest in better servers because its always down and buggy.
  5. BlakeWilliams

    Water Cooler - Push or pull?

    Currently I have just have the two fans that came with the water cooler. So - should I have those fan bringing cool air to cpu - or pushing hot air away?
  6. Hi There! I recently installed a Corsair H110 onto my rig and have it pushing hot air out of the top. Should it be pulling cool air into the CPU? I also just recently installed ASUS's AISuite 3 and did its 4 way optimization. It got my rig up to 4.8 - which I thought was impressive. However, the cpu fan profile shot right up, as if it wasn't cooling at all. In fact - if I go into the fan tabs, my cpu fan doesn't even have a profile, like the other fans do. When I loaded FSX - and then something intensive - like the PMDG 777, FSX crashes. I uninstalled AISuite and it runs fine and what appears to be at around 4.2 from just doing the auto performance from within the bios. Any thoughts on whats going on? Thank you !
  7. BlakeWilliams

    The issue I cant fix

    Hi PMDG pilots, I'm at my wits end on this one. I've posted here in the MOBO section as well as simforums and no one has been able to figure out why I cant get my nvidia settings to take in fsx. I know this topic should be in mobo - but I was hoping maybe Ryan could shed some light on this issue. A few weeks ago - I tried installing a corsair H110 water cooler and my system wouldn't boot. I decided to bring it in to a local computer shop before I did damage to my rig. Apparently my cpu was sitting correctly, which I thought was strange because I never touched the cpu seating or latch. Just used alcohol to wipe off old thermal paste. Computer shop called and said everything was working great now. They told me they had to reset my bios, which I thought strange. Before I decided to install the cooler everything was looking GREAT. I had plugged in the suggested numbers into nvidia, and the sim looked amazing. I just knew that I'd finally get to overclocking to enjoy some more addons. So the frustrating thing is that I know my system was running great at one point. After I got it home and reading Nick N's bible I decided I was going to start from scratch and go back to Windows 7 (I was on windows 8 and hated it). I followed nicks bible to the T with all updates, windows setup etc.. However after installing nvidia inspector - fsx isn't using the settings. The PMDG flight deck looks dark and there is ZERO anti ailising. I've gone through literally every step I can think of, as well as help in other forums. All xml files are in the same folder as inspector. Everything looks like it should work, but it just doesn't. If anyone has any idea whats keeping fsx from utilizing my video card, PLEASE help. I'm up to date on all my drivers. Heres my system: Intel i7 4770K - stock speed for now z-87 Delux 8 Gigs jigsaw ram GTX 770 1300 watts power Corsair H110 If reading through my other forum posts to see what I've already tried would help, they're here: Thanks guys. Just dying to utilize my rig to its full potential.
  8. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    No dice. I've tried everything you guys have recommended. I've set the NI profile to "override application setting" with AA box unchecked, and it looks horrible. I've checked the AA Box in FSX and gone into NI and put flag to "Enhance application setting" and it still looks horrible. The most frustrating part is that it used to work flawlessly until they reset my bios. Since then I have gone from Windows 8 to 7 and reinstalled FSX, all the SP's, followed Nick N's bible and it still doesn't work. I've deleted the NI ms fsx profile and made a new one attaching said profile to the actual fsx.exe in explorer. nada. The only thing that doesn't make much sense is something I noticed tonight. I went into my root FSX folder - which is located on an SSD and there is no fsx.cfg. When I run a search in windows explorer, it shows the cfg present in C:\users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX. I've been using flight sim since fs95 and always thought that there had to be a .cfg in the root of FSX. Maybe something with my SSD is throwing it off? Then again, doesn't make sense since it used to work flawlessly. Im at the end of the rope on this one. Mainly being because I just cant get past how bad it looks in fsx when there is no anti-ailising. Yours truly, Sleepless in Los Angeles
  9. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    This just doesn't make any sense. I was running windows 8 and hated it, so yesterday I wiped my drive clean and installed windows 7 and redid FSX and re downloaded nvidia inspector - followed all the settings parameters while the fsx.exe profile is selected and applied and it's STILL not applying it in the same. Flying without any anti alising is painful. It's just so annoying because I've had it up and working before and it worked great.
  10. to go back to windows 7. I loathe windows 8 and want, need to go back to windows 7. I've read some places that its kind of pain in the rear to "downgrade" back to 7, however. I have windows 8 pro and just picked up a copy of windows 7 home premium. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I was planning on backing up all my fsx gear and just starting from scratch. I also found this youtube video, what do you guys think? Is it this easy? THANKS!
  11. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    Awesome that'd be a big help. Just trying to figure out if there is some profile file lurking somewhere that needs to be deleted instead of me just refreshing the MS Profile in Inspector.
  12. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    I'm in DX9 - I refreshed the profile upon installing new drivers. Is there a root folder that I actually need to delete instead of just refreshing? I haven't tried that either. Will give that a go. I also just discovered Nick N wrote a new bible and I'm thinking of just starting from scratch with my whole OS and everything to ensure everything is as good as can be. What an in-depth document!
  13. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    Unfortunately, I've tried that as well.
  14. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    I've reinstalled the latest drivers from NVIDIA and have ensured all my settings in the inspector have been applied, and FSX STILL isn't recognizing the profile. The AA box in the sim isn't the same. Even the graphics and gradations within the sim arent as good without the inspector profile. I really don't know whats going on here.
  15. BlakeWilliams

    Nvidia Inspector

    I'm going to bump this again. Sometimes when I post here on AVSIM, it'll go more than 24 hours without any views, which doesn't make any sense, considering the traffic and activity. Some more details on my system: Intel 4770K (regular clock for now) Corsair H110 GTX 770 z-87 Deluxe running hdmi to HDTV Thanks again. Any help would be great. The sim isn't the same when its not reading the Nvidia inspector profile.