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  1. As I mentioned - I’m away from my home and computer. I only have my iPhone. I was wondering if I could download the PDF’s.
  2. Once again. Why the passive aggressive responses? Every. Single. Time. He’s just asking an honest question. I don’t think it was necessary to respond in this way. Why is this forum so unkind? People are supposed to come here with questions and shouldn’t be worried they’re going to be nearly made fun of.
  3. Realized I had two accounts for some reason. The account I originally started this topic was an account I made because I couldn’t remember this, older and original account. I’ll delete the temp account once I get an answer to my original question. As for dodging the in-laws...nah, wouldn’t be a wise move. I enjoy getting laid. Skipping the holidays would ensure my checking into the dog house. ...so, how about the original question?
  4. Hi All, I’m going down to the in-laws and anticipate a lot of boredom. I forgot to email myself all the 747 V3, and the -8 docs to read over while I’m dodging political discussions. Is there anyway I can download all the docs? I can’t find it online and I don’t have access to the Ops Center. Just my iPhone. Thanks in advance, all! Blake Williams
  5. Hey Hey, I just purchased the 747 V3. However, I can't find the liveries for it. When I go into the downloads section for liveries - its not there. When I try to download the 747 V2 liveries, it says that it can't located the aircraft inside my FSX folder. Am I doing something wrong? My Ops Center wont open due to an error, for which I've already submitted a support ticket for. I thought however, that I didn't need to the Ops center to download and install liveries. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  6. You beat me too it! When will she be ready? Also - they removed your pics - maybe you could make them smaller and repost?
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