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  1. CRELLIOTT0302

    Embraer 170/175 & 190/195

    If you need a beta tester/test pilot, feel free to let me know. I am a first officer on the E170/175 and know this bird pretty well.
  2. CRELLIOTT0302

    Prepar3d v2.3 is AMAZing.....but the wet runways?

    I found a solution that seems to work well enough for now. It was from either Flight Environment Extreme or Ground Environment Extreme. I used only the Runway_bump.bmp file out of it and it removed almost all of the unrealistic reflections. I can tolerate this effect. Figured I would give an update for those who might be willing to try it out.
  3. CRELLIOTT0302

    Prepar3d v2.3 is AMAZing.....but the wet runways?

    From numerous wet runway landings, the wet runways presented in FSX and/or Prepar3d are waaaaaay over the top. In most cases, rain only darkens the runways from the asphalt/concrete getting wet. From the pilots perspective, I have never noticed or seen the "lake effect" that P3d/FSX display and it kills the immersion factor for me. Same thing with the precipitation. At 140kts on approach, you don't even see the rain drops passing by nor do you see runways looking like bodies of water, either. You do, however, notice a landing light on when you go into clouds....but never the overly reflective runway surfaces of the simulators. Just some food for thought should anyone with more texture manipulating skillz than I have feel the need to copy some real world wet runways (runway_bump.bmp). I also tried disabling the file by renaming it to and ended up with some weird texture rendering issues on wet runways. Back to the drawing board....for now.
  4. CRELLIOTT0302

    Crash To Desktop (CTD) - MSVCR100.dll

    My CTD from this issue was caused by trying to adjust/delete cameras from the camera.cfg file. Replaced what was deleted within the cameras.cfg file and viola` back to normal.
  5. CRELLIOTT0302

    Prepar3d v2.3 is AMAZing.....but the wet runways?

    I tried the Cielosim textures....I was not impressed. It was basically the same thing but a little more subtle. However, this was still not a desirable outcome as it STILL looked fake. I did happen to find the file in which it was located (runway_bump.bmp in the main p3d textures folder) but the results were...meh....hahaha.....Anyways, back to the drawing board I guess.
  6. CRELLIOTT0302

    Prepar3d v2.3 is AMAZing.....but the wet runways?

    Thanks for all the replies! I do like the look of the Cielosim feature. I am not really worried about rain on the windshield since it really goes un-noticed during approaches. (Tunnel vision..haha). Most runways have a grading on them that allow the water to drain off/run off failry quickly so you will hardly ever see standing water unless you are in a flat out downpour/microburst. That said, I am okay with the runway looking dry even when raining as that is more realistic to me rather than a "compensated" runway lake. LOL. I will give the Cielosims texture a try and report back. Thanks again, everyone!
  7. I am a real world commercial pilot and flight instructor. One thing I have to point out (with the hopes and intentions of a fix/removal/etc) is the extremely unrealistic wet runway refraction. Is there a way to remove this effect/feature? Everytime the simulator weather has BR -RA RA +RA CB +CB TS or any other type of non frozen precip occurring, the runways and taxiways lose there immersion factor. From a pilots perspective in a heavy rain, most of the time we dont even use windshield wipers because of the speeds we travel at. Even still, a look out the front windscreen during a landing, like in this video, will show you what it SHOULD look like when the runway is wet. Prepar3d makes the runways look flooded and unusable due to hydroplaning. Anyways, is there a fix/trick/tip that I can apply to remove this feature? Respectfully, Caleb Elliott CPL (SEL, MEL, IFR) CFI, CFI-I, MEI-I ERJ-145 Typed.