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  1. Hallo Freunde. Weiß jemand von euch, ob ein DHC-2 Beaver für Ärzte ohne Grenzen in Arbeit ist? Wäre wirklich schön. Danke Hello friends. Do any of you know if a DHC-2 Beaver is in the works for Doctors Without Borders? Would be really nice. Thanks
  2. Installed this morning. 551.79 RTX 2060 Runs without problems.
  3. HI Kev. I used CCleaner to delete my corrupted Game Services and then normally through the Store uploaded again. Bang, everything is fine again. For me. I hope it works for you too. Juna
  4. Hello, I have the same problem. When starting MSFS I only get to the store page. But there I can no longer download the Game Services. Juna
  5. A good pilot has as many landings as takeoffs in his logbook.
  6. I have Skypark, FS ATC Chatter,Sky Elite FS Map Tool,MSFS Opus
  7. All is well. Although so many nations, we are one big family. The MSFS family.
  8. Thanks guys. I will try to write in English.
  9. Hallo an Alle. Ich Verfolge erst seit ein paar Tagen diesen Chat und bin Begeistert!! Danke für die vielen Super Tips und Wertvollen Hilfen,ohne die der MSFS nur Halb so schön wäre. Gruß Norbert Translated to English... Hello everyone. I've only been following this chat for a few days and I'm excited! Thanks for the many great tips and valuable help, without which MSFS would only be half as good. @Juna307, welcome to AvSim. We request that all posts are in English please. I have translated your first post.
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