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  1. What about the Pitts Special S2S? the tube, Pitts
  2. Anyone with experience from both the x-plane and msfs version? How do they compare?
  3. Thanks. I belive it was Thranda that did the actual port to XP11 for JustFlight.
  4. How does the XP and P3D version compare? I think I read somewhere that the Thranda-version had the edge(?). It is now also noe comming to a sim not to be named.
  5. Will the current DHC3 Turbo Otter work in v5.3? It says v4, but in other treads I read that there has been a installer for v5. Is the installer also pulled?
  6. Are: Global TerraFlora v2 Global Buildings HD Global Trees HD ..in play when using TrueEarth, or are they just for Global..?
  7. Is there any special setting one has to consider? The link to Opentrack on the Trackhat site is for version 1.2, while the current version of Opentrack is 2.3.9. Anyone know why Trackhat link to this very old version? Regards
  8. Is there actually a plan to support TrackHat?
  9. Having same issue. Not started the sim for a while. ChasePlane will not start. All views mapped in ChasePlane is not available. I'm tired..
  10. Can someone please give the max travel for pitch, and max degrees for ailerons on the ACE 737 desktop yoke?
  11. I know.. But the manual says that ASCA+ENVTEX option is for Sky. What selection do you use for sky/clouds in ASCA and ENVTEX? All selected both in ASCA and ENVTEX?
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