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  1. In my opinion the biggest mistake was to try and make the weather engine 'fit the METAR' rather than have the 'METAR fit the weather engine' ... i.e. create sim-based METAR rather than 'real world' and then give access to 3rd party apps to this sim-based METAR through an API. End result would hopefully have been the dynamic weather engine we saw in the early days, a consistent and sim-accurate METAR available to any 3rd party application that wanted to use it. Just my opinion though!
  2. And this one: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sim-now-seems-incapable-of-rendering-overcast-using-live-weather/473591
  3. Hey Jarnie I know it's not a 172 but the JPLogistics free enhancement of the 152 is well worth checking out: https://flightsim.to/file/2246/msfs-c152-community Cheers!
  4. Sure - understood. I guess I took your stated desire to just practice 'take offs and landings' too literally!
  5. If you're just intending to do circuits you don't really need the AP ... hand fly it.
  6. Hello there Wing Nut and welcome back! It is indeed a golden age for simming and, for now, getting even better! My favourite 'freeware' GA is a mod for the standard G36 which you can find here: https://flightsim.to/file/21221/bonanza-g36-improvement-project It has so many features already (have a read of the above link), including having been updated with the new prop physics and fluid dynamic flight model. Along with so many others I'm waiting for A2A's first release and, until that time, this mod is a worthy replacement! Cheers Ads
  7. Jason, Fiorentoni, Blueshark ... thanks for taking the time to confirm. Cheers!
  8. Hello folks Quick question please ... have skimmed this topic and other but not seeing much comment on this: I really enjoyed to systems failure and persistency features with the P3D version of the Maddog ... does the MSFS version offer the same features? Thanks Ads
  9. Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment ... going to give it a little more consideration, read a few more reviews and then make a decisions, although I sort of subconsciously know what that decision may well be 🙄 !!! Desperately trying, with diminishing success, to ween myself off buying too many addons - did the same with P3D, FSX etc etc etc ... we're supposed to learn by experience, right?!
  10. I'm desperately trying to fight that urge, especially how I've written the Twotter off!
  11. Fair enough - I was sort of expecting that! Just asking on the off-chance that someone has done both.
  12. Hey Folks Quick question given both aircraft fulfill similar roles: For those of you who have used them both, how does Magraina's Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX Improvement Mod (https://flightsim.to/file/16350/cessna-208b-grand-caravan-ex-improvement-mod) stand up in comparison to the Simworks Kodiak? Not after flag-waving opinions please - just objective observations to help me decide whether to invest in the Kodiak when there's a freeware alternative. Thanks in advance! Ads
  13. Hi Bijan Thanks for the update to your great product. Similar to others I am not keen to reinstall Java, plus I would like to continue managing my addons through the Linker. QUESTION: I understand that the 'Model Assets' folder needs to be in the Community folder but what about the 'Lib' folder? Thanks Ads
  14. Start with this: https://www.avweb.com/features/pelicans-perch-18mixture-magic/ And if you're interested in further reading all his articles are on Avweb.
  15. As with bbsmitz ... my experience is that, for some reason, the sim does not like overclocking (admittedly I was not overclocking GPU, just CPU and memory) - was the cause of most of my CTD issues even though all other games and applications had no problem with similar overclock. Save yourself the heartache and don't bother! Cheers!
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