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    Your age?

    I'm 33. Surprisingly few people in their puberty here, with the discussions so often flat spinning out of control I thought there'd be more in that age group. :Whistle:
  2. Yup. Good news for Realair, guess it means their expectations are exceeded too
  3. Could someone post a decent A/B comparison of the VC between the versions? The "new features" webpage is clear enough, but I don' think it manages to show how much of a difference there is. Still on the fence with this one, since I like the old one as it is I'm not too sure.
  4. My VA uses flightstats.com to check if the routes flown are current. Downside of that site is that it can only go back or forth one day in time. So any routes I'll fly would have to be current. Some very good suggestions though, keep them coming! I'm sure I'm not the only VATSIM/IVAO flyer in here who can't spend that many hours in front of the computer, no matter how excellent the addons might look.
  5. Hi, I'd love to get this aircraft but I don't have time for long haul and I fly online only (so I won't use the sped up feature, however well made it might be). Does anyone use the 777 on short haul flights anymore?
  6. Well I'm glad I've got the bundle pack so I can use the button version. My computer can't understand a single word of my Norwegian accent, lol.
  7. Wonderful exterior? Say that to my 20 year old fiesta red '57 reissue beater... :dance:
  8. Hey Burt, is there a way to replace the EFIS popup with the Autopilot 2D panel, or perhaps add an Autopilot 2D popup to EG. the VSI? I'd try it out myself if I my brain was big enough to decrypt that source code...
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