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  1. ????? I did "C:\Users\James\Documents>certutil -hashfile setup_PSXT_MSFS_v31.16.4.exe MD5" The italic line is exactly what was in the CMD line. How is this different from your setup_PSXT_MSFS_v31.16.4.zip that you list above?? So I just now used an online MD5 checksum tool (https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/md5_checksum.html) --just dropped the exe file, downloaded from your website, into a window and here is what it gave me 5aabe358f3a7ea96fbefb0f31309e49a same as when I ran it using the CMD prompt on my windows machine.
  2. Thanks for your rapid response. I ran the following from CMD line, does not match what is on your website. I am not an expert, just followed directions on how to perform an MD5 checksum on windows 10, C:\Users\James\Documents>certutil -hashfile setup_PSXT_MSFS_v31.16.4.exe MD5 MD5 hash of setup_PSXT_MSFS_v31.16.4.exe: 5aabe358f3a7ea96fbefb0f31309e49a CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.
  3. Downloaded version 31.16.4 this morning and for the first time since using your program I received the following message Trojan:Win32/Bearfoos.A!ml Severe Is this a false positive?
  4. I just downloaded the update, and installed --and yes it is working again for me. Jim
  5. Same issue for me--Pilot2ATC has been working without a hitch, and for the past 5 days no weather available (NOAA). When I look at the two files under DATA, both xml files, RecentMetar.xml and RecentTAF.xml are blank. I am in SoCal, and use MSFS 2020 to mainly fly in this area. Is there anyway for us to troubleshoot?? By the way, have known about P2ATC for a long time, and just jump in the last month, and love it--thanks for producing a great product. Thanks Jim
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