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  1. Hi Tony,, Thanks for the reply. It's given me a couple new fresh ideas to explore. Mike
  2. Hello, There are a number of Shift-xx views in XPlane 11, from Shift-1 (Linear Spot) thru Shift-9 (cockpit look). Is there a way within XPlane itself to change the default camera position for each of these views? For example, if I referred to have the Shift-4 view be more toward a tail view, rather than the side view I currently get. I know I can set up Quick Look views, and also aware of the fine X-Camera plugin, but just wondering if there is a way to change those default Shift-views. Regards, Mike
  3. Hello,, I've been considering using P2ATC recently, and have found this solution to be quite interesting, as it seems to avoid many of the complexities & costs of other solutions. However, I am a bit confused re: how it works in a PTT situation. I understand the PTT sender picks up the assigned joystick button 'press', and sends the appropriate notification over to the receiver app. But I'm not following where the physical microphone and/or headset should be connected to. I am guessing it should be the P2ATC client computer, but wondering if there are any potential issues with delays/latency from the sender app over to the P2ATC receiver computer (in my case, a notebook). Thanks for any assistance on this... much appreciated. Mike
  4. Looking at the possibility of using Pilot2ATC w a networked notebook; so that I can understand things a lil better, would I need -2- licenses of Multiplicity, one each for both computers? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hello, I just picked up DD's Miami City scenery this weekend, as it has just been moved to a 'free download' status (see Bargain Hunter's Shack forum). One question I do have before I get started,, does this scenery install via the newer P3D XML method for add-ons, or does it still use the older scenery.cfg method. Just looking for information as I get ready to begin the process. Thanks for your help, Mike
  6. Hello,,, Thanks for the info, and I'll take a look at it a bit later. Hopefully, this will help a bit. I've also given thought about the possibility of a Lua script to go directly at the sound settings, so I'll have to look that option over also. Thanks Again, Mike
  7. Hello, I haven't been able to locate any info on this, but is it possible to set up a XPlane 11 profile for a particular aircraft where sound settings/volumes would be saved, similar to keyboard/joysticks? I've got some aircraft where sounds are pretty different volume-wise, so was wondering if there is a way to auto-adjust settings where the aircraft is loaded. Thanks, mike
  8. Hi Bert,, Thanks for the reply...I think I'll stay with the Simobjects method on this one..... But another question... I noticed there is an aircraftx64.cfg file in the main C421 folder. Since I'm running P3d = 64bit, am I safe to assume I need to rename that original .cfg to something, and then rename the aircraftx64.cfg to aircraft.cfg? Thus making the x64 version the 'live' cfg version. Thanks again for the help, Mike
  9. Hello,, Just purchased the Alabeo C421 Golden Eagle, and looking to perform the install. Can this aircraft be installed using the newer P3D XML-method (P3D Add-on Aircraft folder), or must it be installed via the more classical method, i.e. directly into the P3D/SimObjects/Airplanes folder?? Thanks for any help you can provide. Mike
  10. Hello, I am considering purchasing a couple Milviz aircraft from a 3rd party site. However, I'm not clear as to how the Milviz update policy works in that regard. Does Milviz have a site page where you can obtain the updates, or are all updates handled thru the 3rd party's site? Thanks, Mike
  11. Hmmmm,, interesting perspective..... thanks for sharing. I do appreciate the feedback. Mike
  12. <Sigh> .... Was hoping we might see Traffic Global included in their BF sale. Willing to try it, but not sure about doing it at full price. Mike
  13. Does Aerosoft provide the updates to Milviz products on their site?
  14. Indeed, a very nice video, but do you know which XVision preset is being used? mike
  15. Hello, Just purchased the Hawker 4000, and noticed that it is listed in both the Airliner class -AND- the general aviation class. Tried looking in the .acf file, but couldn't find anything there. Is it possible to change this designation so that it shows in only one of the classes?? Thanks, Mike
  16. Hello, Just recently purchased AS XP, and I've completed the user manual section titled 'Using ASXP for the first time'. All went well and seems fine. However, my question is now for a normal startup sequence when starting new flights from this point forward. Do I simply start ASXP, and minimize it? Do I need to start ASXP? Once I start XPlane, do I need to go into Flight configuration section, and do the 'load Metar file' actions again? Or can I just go into the normal select aircraft, origin/departure airport, and ASXP automatically injects the weather? Just not quite certain what the normal startup procedure is from this point, Thanks, Mike
  17. Hello again,, Thanks to everyone for their quite helpful replies. Some very interesting points provided... much appreciated. Mike
  18. Hello, Just purchased this card, and thinking about the install process. I currently have a stable system with my 1060 6GB w 388.13 drivers. I like to change only 1 aspect of the system at a time to minimize possible issues and help chase problems, if necessary. Thoughts.... would it be better to upgrade the drivers first, and then ensure the system is stable with the new drivers, before putting in the new card or install the new card first, while keeping the drivers at 388.13. Hoping to heats others’ preferences & experiences. Mike
  19. Hi Joe,, Thanks for sharing this w/ us! Nice Job! Mike
  20. Along with the above settings, what are your P3D settings for Brightness, Bloom, Saturation? Were these the same P3D settings as prior to EF? If I may, what were they prior? just trying to get an understanding of your changes, for when I start the EF adventure this weekend. Mike
  21. As an idea, try turning off HDR in the Shader box in EF. Does that help? mike
  22. Is there any information re: minimum/required version of P3D?? Still v4.4 or is v4.5 now required? Mike
  23. Hello, I'd go Vertex DA-62 as my 1st choice, but if the navdata is an issue, I'd consider the stock Milviz C310, or the Alabeo C421 (if you can do the GTN 750 addon) Mike
  24. Hi Michael, Just checked my Nvidia control panel P3D settings, just to be sure. There, I found... Anisotropic filtering 16x While at it, I figured I'd check Nvidia Inspector to see what was over on that side....I found there are -2- settings for P3D.... Anisotropic filtering mode User-defined / Off Anisotropic filtering setting 16x I'm guessing you're referring to what ends up as Anisotropic Filtering setting. But, for the heck of it, if you run Nvidia Inspector, what is your setting there for mode?? Thanks, Mike
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