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  1. PHD emeritus of P3D!!! Thank you Professor Rob A.
  2. Sorry Bob, been flying! I'll give her a go and thanks for the link. Much appreciated!!! Greg
  3. Very nice Bob! Ain't this hobby grand? So glad your in the zone again! As you mentioned I also ditched Process Lasso. I recently installed an Asus STRIX 1080 and it came with GPU Tweak II software, always used MSI's Afterburner, it has a Gaming Booster tab that cut services and processes from 65+ to 20. Sim never ran better! Safe skies!
  4. Yeah, flying ORBUCKS Bay area has always been the benchmark for how much horsepower my PC has. Sorry for all your troubles Bob! Yeah not a big fan of some of ORBUCKS products. Even with my "Super Computer" there are airport sceneries that peg my video card depending on the direction I'm facing. Hate to get out of the VC too which ramps up the GPU load. NCA, Southern Alaska, Pacific North West and Pacific Fjords are all superb regions to fly and I hope you get some help! PC specs will be their first question I suppose! Sorry, Greg
  5. Points of interest in the north part of the state Eureka, Lassen National Forest east of KRDD, Mt. Shasta, Klamath Falls and Crater Lake!
  6. Took off 28L from Hayward towards SFO...slight dip in FPS, have my frames set for 27 they dropped to 25 but no stutters...then I flew East and followed the 580 towards Livermore..frames steady...then through the Altamont Pass with all the turbines, some animated...frames steady...then followed the 205 East on into Tracy...frames steady. Really hope you sort it out! Going back now to fly to Yosemite! Regards, Greg.
  7. Absolutely. Plus you might want to make sure that FTX Libraries are ABOVE all FTX scenery and below other add on scenery such as FlyTampa etc. in Senery libraries! I'll see if this FPS problem is repeatable in my sim, which I think it is when flying East from Hayward... P3D v3.3.5 with 374.52 Nvidia drivers.
  8. Hi Bob! Also in the FTX Central 2 Northern Caifornia CONFIGURE tab...Preformance related issues...Activate/deactivate objects that impact PC performance... Turns on and off many preformance hogs! Hope you get it sorted out as this scenery is gorgeous in some areas, especially north of the bay and the Sierras!
  9. Manny... Some Recent v3.3.5 YouTube Videos...By the way water does not look as good as FSX no matter what you try...substance vs visuals... BTW I get wave animation at any altitude! Great thread!
  10. I think my grandson would say 'sick'! Several glaciers in the sim, but reality is so...right!
  11. Hi Bob. Took your advice and flew into PAWR Whittier...Thank you. In this post I have included a YT video of my landing @ PAWR after taking off from PAMR. I've had this scenery for quite awhile and never new PAWR was here. Plan G shows PAWR but not the topography. It uses Mapquest so it's limited. Again appreciate this thread!! A one minute video of my first landing at PAWR Whittier Alaska...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwbbt3jZFEY Chas hope your HOTAS is fixed after that sour disater! Part of historic BUSH flying is the thrill of aviation, so my next landing will include a 24 knott cross wind in a snow storm as I caculate the cost of a replacement bulb for my left landing light that just went out dew to overuse! Safe skies! Greg
  12. Thank you Bob. I'll give her a go. Just east southeast of Skagway (PAGY) The White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad provide some interesting scenery if you follow. As I write, my second daughter of four, for some odd reason decided to move from San Francisco to Kenai AK to become an aircraft mechanic :-| so I guess I'll be spending a great deal of simming to that area. Another couple of fun aircraft are the Fairchild 24 and the Aeronca Champ. Safe skies...
  13. Really appreciate this post! Bush piloting is much more satisfying than flying buses. Although I'm glad I learned the FMC...Sids and Stars etc.! There is much more satisfaction navigating through the diverse scenery of Pacific North America with the sceneries you mentioned and the challenges abound..PC challenges abound too! An oldie but a goody, is the Carenado c185 Bush w/the Amphib...float...and tundra models. Watch out for that Moose.
  14. With the hardware in my signature, modified Rob A extreme in sim settings, I'm getting smooth 30 FPS! If your not getting high FPS with your current rig, don't expect to increase it by much with a 1080. The eyecandy is outa sight! A GTX 1080 for a 1920x1080 is overkill in my opinion, however 1070's are not cheap either!
  15. As I'm never going back to FSX as my major flight simulator, I'm happy with the hard limit LOD... Resolution up to 4K.
  16. In FSX you could go beyond, [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=6.500000 Worked great for all those years using tileproxy. Seems 6.5, (blurry past a few miles), is the max radius in the latest iterations of P3D. Downloading v3 of MegaSceneryEarth AZ and will see if there is some way to increase the radius...which I doubt. Safe skies
  17. The free Goose Redux is good choice! http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=633
  18. Ditto! By the by...I have a 1080 and can't make it even come close to using all the VRAM with multi monitors and the main one @ 4K! Peace!
  19. I replaced my 970 with a 1080 and I have to tell you the 10xx series of cards allow you to push your in sim graphics sliders farther to the right but do not guarantee a smoother experience! Radeon RX 480. GTX 970 is a good inexpensive yet outstanding performance choice for P3D! Future proof your system with a better power supply like Vic suggested...750W maybe, and not all of them are created equal...research...research...research!
  20. Thank you! Not thinking of myself as a REX ###### but Weather Architect plus Essentials Plus Overdrive w/ a simple weather engine...plus Texture Direct and yes even Soft Clouds (Yuk!) I say yuk as I like more defined clouds, kick proverbial behind!! Driving tubes for years and mastering FMC (sids and stars) I'm more rustic in my sim immersion, espessially @ 4K. Rex Weather Architect w/P3D v3.3.5 is a superior way to create weather for your special flight plans! Happy skies Rich.
  21. Starting in VC? Dosen't matter. Try to set your zoom using your MOUSE WHEEL while recording, (default recording key is number 2 on your keyboard number pad!). EZdok doesn't accept/record zoom settings with the traditional keyboard plus + and minus - keys. Yes, 1.187 is the latest iteration. Hope this helps!
  22. I have both REX 3 and 4 and SC also and your comment is spot on! Running in 4K though brings out all the flaws in these textures as well as there definition. Ain't experimenting grand though?
  23. You'll love it!!! If your Rockin' 3.3.5 and a 1080 Pascal card...may I suggest starting off with no tweaks and no NVI (especially 4K)! As a former tweakaholic, my paricular setup is butter compared to any iteration in the past with tweaks-a-nada! Using Rob Ainscough's Extreme Settings...well sorta as I think I like a tad more eyecandy when it comes to clouds! ;-)368.69 drivers.
  24. New build if you can. Scan craigslist and eBay for cases and video cards like the 980ti...just picked up a NZXT Phantom 530 white case new in the box for $40 US ($130 retail...small unnoticeable crack in back of case).
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