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  1. Would someone be able to do this repaint for me of this aircraft please
  2. airservices


    I have been having the same problem i7 8700k and gtx 1070 ti windows 10 pro build 1803 looked on the net and found this go to start click on run type in chkdsk / R C : let it run after reboot took about 2 hours when finished everything was smooth as silk no more lag spikes or stutters hopes this will help others
  3. airservices

    CPU Upgrade

    Go for a i7 8700k cpu and a gtx 1070ti or a gtx 1080ti gpu if you can afford it I did and the performance with p3dv4 is perfect
  4. I am 69 don't say much on the forums but I do enjoy reading all the comments from other members
  5. airservices

    Dynamic Lighting Performance & 4.1

    This is one thing that I always did in FSX on the start it was one thing in the NickN bible and I have used it ever since
  6. airservices

    Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    You are correct in what you say mate deleted the said files and all was good until I started up EZDOK and bang down the creek it went so I think there lies the problem not the complete install
  7. airservices

    Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    Fixed the problem guys/gals you will have to do a full reinstall to get the steering problem fixed
  8. airservices

    Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    Same deal with the default piper cub
  9. airservices

    Where Simmers hail from

    Born in the goldfields in Western Australia and still here
  10. airservices

    P3Dv4 stops when trying to select airport.

    Hi Pete try reinstalling the scenery section again from your P3DV4 install it will more than not tell you to repair it John
  11. airservices

    Got my eye on Just Flight Piper Warrior

    Just another top notch a/c from Just Flight Fly's like a dream in p3dv4
  12. airservices

    P3D Longevity

    All you knockers should take your meds and have a lie down LM have come out with the best sim since FSX and it will continue to grow more than FSX ever did
  13. airservices

    Alabeo aircraft updated to P3DV4 (first batch)

    I have only got the v4 version the installer comes up with FSX orP3d I click on P3D and next the box keeps flicking and I click the box that is flicking and I get P3DV4 for install all goes well then when I load the a/c into the sim that is were the problem starts
  14. airservices

    Alabeo aircraft updated to P3DV4 (first batch)

    Have got the new updates but with problems in the vc I have no floor and only half a panel when engine starts a heap of smoke and no start this is with the Carenado PC-12 and the Alabeo PA-44 anyone got a solution for this problem John
  15. Hi TuFun Where can I get this repaint please John