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  1. I own the Aerosoft catalina and used the old hack to fix things I have cockpit sounds gps and no rumble sound after t/off she works like a dream 😁
  2. Hi Ernie I will have to wait for my account to be activated before I can download
  3. I still fly my F1 Islander in P3Dv5 works perfect also my Aerosoft Catalina and twin otter
  4. Retired pilot and still broke
  5. I didn't change anything in P3Dv5 just left it on clear weather and it all worked fine 👍
  6. 40 minutes to go finish download then we will see how it goes
  7. This is P3Dv5 with REX Sky force v5
  8. Same here no problems what so ever Skyforce works perfect in P3Dv5
  9. I am the same no issues what so ever I have a 1070 ti card and only use up to 3.2 vram with most of my sliders maxed out will never go back to 4.5 👍
  10. I had no problems at all it works fine
  11. I won't bother posting pictures from my sim here again then that was from my sim P3Dv5 +Rex Skyforce
  12. I hope this aircraft gets a update for P3Dv5
  13. I have not got a clue how to put a video on if I did I would ☹️
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