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  1. No matter what I will be sticking with P2D until the end
  2. I have the j3 cub working no problems installed it into P3Dv5 then transfered it over to v6 from the p3dv5 addons folder
  3. Well I just installed P3Dv6 all my old aircraft from P3Dv5.4 work no problems the only thing I can see that is changed is the v5.4 to v6 I just copied simobjects gauges and effects from P3Dv5.4 into P3Dv6 all good a keeper for me
  4. It always was a game and made to cater for gamers not simmers still that is were the money is
  5. I have both working 100% on my P3dv5.4 no problems to get the GPS working on the Islander I copied the one from my Aerosoft PBY so I have everything working on the BN-2 on the American Champion scout there was no need to do anything just a straight install
  6. You can turn hyperthreading on or off in the Bios I have done it on all my Gigabyte boards go into the main screen in your bios scroll down to "advanced cpu settings" enter there and disable hyperthreading
  7. And that is why I use P3Dv5.3 99.99 % of the time
  8. It will be our Christmas present this year P3Dv6 then again I could be dreaming
  9. Have you put any new addons on recently ? if so uninstall it and see how you go
  10. Trying to make a living out of flying or should say surviving
  11. That is the one I use in P3Dv5 there are just a couple of tweaks to do and it works perfect flew them in RL rely enjoyed them great to fly just a Cessna 172 with 2 engines apart from the noise
  12. Here you go mate https://www.blackboxsimulation.com/index.php/products/prepar3d-v4-2/
  13. I use my old David Clark H10-40 that I had when I was flying RW aircraft
  14. People who want to rave on about MSFS do so in the MSFS section not the P3D section
  15. Top stuff for me better clarity no loss of FPS she is a keeper for me
  16. The best case I have ever owned and best cooling https://www.thermaltake.com.au/level-20-xt.html
  17. I have had a melt down with my PC I posted here about 6-8 weeks ago about my cpu and getting the AM settings they were on this forum but now they have gone like a few of my other posts if someone can help my cpu is a i7 11700K no HT if someone could post them for me it would be much appreciated
  18. Maybe they will hang around when MSFS goes down the tube they will take it over like they did with FSX 🤣
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